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  1. Have to disagree as a BEatles fan for 27 years with every album on every format , i was blown away by Love. It was just magnificent - a celebration of the best band ever.
  2. stefmcd

    Stone Roses

    Just had a couple of listens to the remaster and the bass is far more powerful than the original. Not sure about the 10th aniversary remaster version. I suspect I've never heard that so not sure if there's a leap in sound from that version. I've had it in my car and at volume 8 on my system (i think it goes to 20 or so) it is very powerful. The original issue needs to be set at about 11 or 12 to get the same sound levels. Ironically this change might not suit everyone as the jangly, trebly sound of the original release seemed to suit the style of music.
  3. Ok re the unicorn. It's not beyond the pail to think that psych profile tests are done on cops. If this is a recurring dream its possible he has revealed this and its somewhere in his personnel file. Perhaps a bit clutching at straws but just about plausable.
  4. One of the factors that stops me wholeheartedly believing Deckard is a replicant is one of the film's central themes i.e. that the replicants are more capable of showing traditionally human qualities (such as mercy, pity, compassion) than the humans themselves, who have no qualms about ending the replicants lives. Deckard being a replicant negates this point. When Rachel asks if Deckard ever took the Voigt Kampf test himself I don't take any literal suggestion that he is a replicant, merely that she is angry at his cold, heartless attitude.
  5. Love ur avatar lordcookie - coolest character ever!
  6. Thanks - will be listening to this today!
  7. stefmcd

    dire straits

    Your latest trick is mellow heaven
  8. Brainfeeze is just one of the best recordings ever. Hard Sell is well worth perservering with its a real grower takes till about the 6th or 7th listen mind you but pays off. That gaslamp guy sounds good - gonna check out some more - thanks
  9. "DEstroy him my robots!" "Daytona yeh!"
  10. Medic is from a far earlier 'war game' on the c64. Another visitor is also c64 Letsa go is more Italian sounding if ya know what I mean Spot on with the rest!
  11. "Ice cream! Ice cream!" "We're runnin out of elements" "Medic!" "Letsa go!" "Another visitor. Stay a while, stay forever!" "On your marks, set [bang]" "Will you join me?"
  12. KY - Lemon Jelly Moon Safari - Air Bladerunner _ VAngelis Adventures beyond the ultraworld - The Orb UFOrb - The Orb Oxygene - Jean Michel Jarre Selected ambient works 85-92 - Aphex twin Chill out -KLF Ladies and gentlemen - Spiritualized
  13. Specifically is Need for speed carbon? - but anyone have a link to a definitive list of 360 region free games?
  14. Blue Velvet Lost HIghway Leaving Las Vegas Memento Angel Heart The Shining 2001 The Conversation The Parallax View
  15. So true! Prob best album in English by foreign language speakers!
  16. For fans of Zoot Woman try the Phoenix album called 'United'.
  17. The article is fine. You make valid and thought-provoking points but don't come across as being arsey or preachy thanks to the conversational tone. Start the presses!
  18. Oblivious is an alltime great - try this version - lovely - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WKlVabL24fw&...feature=related
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