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  1. Impressive stuff. JUst the sound of the tech made me feel about 12 again! :-)
  2. Speedball 2 over sb xenon2 over x Jet set willy over manic miner
  3. Difficult preaching is posdnuos' pleasure Pleasure and preaching starts in the heart Something that stimulates the music in my measure Measure in my music, raised in three parts Casually see but don't do like the soul 'cause seein' and doin' are actions for monkeys Doin' hip hop hustle, no rock and roll Unless your name's brewster, 'cause brewster's a punky Parents let go 'cause there's magic in the air Criticising rap shows you're out of order Stop look and listen to the phrasin' fred astaires And don't get offended while mase do-se-do's your daughter
  4. Wasn't it used for Assassin's Creed? I thought it made the excellent trailer look even more awesome. Forced me to get the album out and had it in my car for about 3 months!!
  5. The more I think of this the more I suspect its Daft Punk themselves.
  6. Quite amazing - but I can't believe the person wasn't told the track to use by some1 on the inside so to speak. The original betrays nothing of the sampled version. Even with that suspicion I'm flabbergasted. :0
  7. The Korean war was so small compared to WW2 (which was less than a decade earlier) and predated the media explosion (i.e. television that had happened by Vietnam) Those are the 2 main reasons for Korean war being relatively ignored IMO.
  8. This one's a belter and seen as ur avatar comes from one of my fave movies we may share the same taste http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rosebud-Story-Well...0796&sr=1-1 1p on marketplace too!
  9. stefmcd


    7 and the ragged tiger is also a great album.
  10. There's only 2 ways to get a sore neck? Anyone else get majorly aroused at thought of Cheryl being eaten out?
  11. Any1 else just start giggling about half way through speculating how all the threads are gonna come together for a great pay off? JUst superb.
  12. What would in your opinion be appropriate?
  13. lol - wot u mean? That's every episode!
  14. stefmcd


    so desperate to hear the new album - van occupanther is in my all time top 10.
  15. This still rules all music performances
  16. Loved Black Dahlia, LA Confidential, White Jazz and Brown's requiem. Couldn't get into Cold 6000 but didn't try too hard. This likely to be similar to Cold 6000?
  17. Leon and Larry's scenes are reminiscient of those with Crazy eyes Killah, the rapper, from earler season. Dont ya think?
  18. just seeing the set was enough for me!
  19. Very funny. Here's my fave http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xfAB6BRnMQ...feature=related
  20. Just superb he's back. Funniest moment ever in this show is when he pretends to be handicapped to put off the prospective buyer of the office next door. I nearly wet myself.
  21. Agreed. The love album can only be fully appreciated when you are familiar with originals. I think it is a work of genius if partially inspired by 2manydjs, dj shadow, freelance hellraiser etc. Easily in my top five of the decade. Along with Shins, Midlake, DJ Shadow and ?
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