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  1. Larry is a comedy god. I 'L-O-L'd' so many times during that episode ;-)
  2. Although this has been a disappointing series as far as quirky characters go, Jim's Jedi trick in the boardroom is probably my all-time favourite moment on the show. When they put the cloak on him in that scene on the You're Hired show I nearly wet myself. The blarney force is definitely strong in him.
  3. I got the impression Margaret was finding her degree hard to reconcile with some of her answers to financial questions rather than dissing the degree itself.
  4. Disagree - I never stopped smiling throughout and thought all the threads hilariously tied up. The best endings are always those quick cuts that require no dialogue. The scene with the other 3 ripping it out of Lewis in the diner was premium Curb. "I think.... all computers look the same!"
  5. Really enjoyed last night's episode. Major lol with the cut to guy on toilet. I think too many folk on here are overanalysing what is a light entertainment car show - it's not fucking Bergman or Hitchcock!!
  6. I always judge a Curb by the cringe factor frequency. This episode was very high - loved it!
  7. There is a killing 2 kicking around the web with decent home-made subs. I just couldn't wait till autumn!
  8. What's the change in viewing figures?
  9. Superb - loved his comment re the age of his red nose !
  10. A fine actress. She was in one of my favourite films - Tunes of Glory - playing Alec Guinness's daughter. :-(
  11. I used a concept car that I won for winning one of the other events. Can't mind make and model but it was from 1978! I think it came from the next series up so keep going and u can prob go back. :-)
  12. Quite enjoyin the US show - a very healthy focus on performance cars and it is technically very impressive as well. None of the presenters r as annoying as the prick that Hammond has become.
  13. Just a pity they never came close to repeating it :-(
  14. The Conversation - So haunting - a film that never leaves you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DogQt0WJJkI&feature=related
  15. Perhaps the best? ORiginal Taking of Pelham by DAvid Shire
  16. KLute soundtrack is perfect for a perfect movie
  17. A well kent face. IIRC he was always a bit of a scene stealer. :-(
  18. His games gave me a lot of pleasure :-(
  19. HI - can any1 tell me if an asian copy used in the uk will in anyway be hampered online compared to a UK copy?
  20. Went to a tribute act t'other night by a guy called Keith James - simply brilliant authentic interpretations of Martyn and Drakes' work. :-)
  21. What could Nintendo have reasonably done? On the basis of your attitude then only Doom would have existed as an fps cause everyone thereafter ripped of the style and genre. I would say it's more of an homage than a ripoff. After all there was nothing to stop Nintendo doing the same thing - they just didn't have the creativity to see the opportunity to do such a thing or decided it wasn't economically worthwhile. :-)
  22. No Matchday or Match Point? :-) Daley Thompson's DEcathlon?
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