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  1. LOvely stuff - the frogger one is excellent. Now those carts were 30 quid each back in 1982? THat would be at least 100 quid in today's money!!!
  2. Forget about running Goldeneye on a low spec machine - unless the emulator has radically improved since PJ64 (about 18 months ago) then even 1ghz will struggle to run it. Mario 64 will definitely run on a P3 with absolutely no problems.
  3. Isn't the most likely source some old vhs recording?
  4. Next-generation terrorists? One for all the Manics fans.
  5. Does Final Burn Alpha not emulate Raizing games? - could well be wrong but I had a vague notion it did!
  6. Got a boxed pair of wireless joysticks which are supposed to be compatible with Atari and Commodore machines amongst others. These are boxed - any1 got a clue how much they are worth?
  7. Any1 remember seeing this around 1985? It charted the demise of Imagine software - with the never released Bandersnatch being the straw that broke the company's back. More importantly any1 have it on tape?
  8. Phelan - did u ever go to the Barras midweek computer club that Joe Egan and his mate Bob set up? It was a piraters paradise. Don't know why he did it cause it must have have cost him a fortune in lost sales! Basically it was a room with table round the perimeter and everyone had xcopypro setup - u toured from person to person taking everything u wanted - happy days. This was around Summer '90.
  9. Glad to see Im not the first to name............... Starforce. Possibly the best shmup ever. It has a truly perfect learning curve and lovely graphics. 1942 and 1943 must also be mentioned for greatness. Of the 'current' gen Dreamcast provides virtually all the thrills - Mars Matrix is excellent - a testing game. Gigawing 2 - absolutely delightful - a visual and aural feast. The final burn alpha shmups for the xbox are almost all splendid with Dodonpachi getting my A1 vote.
  10. Only one for me in the c64/amiga days was Kempston comp pro. A really tough b*****d! This tag one looks pretty cool though.
  11. Rainbow Islands, Rodland, Lotus Esprit Turbo, Monkey Island, Battle Squadron, Gods, Speedball 2, Xenon 2, Walker, D-Generation, Silkworm , Lemmings, Populous, Megalomania. Nuff said - probably the best system ever.
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