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  1. I think this is simply a numbers game. Amiga had around 4000 officially released games.

    Megadrive and SNES only had around 800 each.

    GIven the ability to monitor quality control on the proprietary console formats then it's a no-brainer that far more dodgy games would be released on the Amiga. I would wager that the Amiga also had more great games than either console.

    I really don't think the top 50 games on each platform would show the Amiga to be inferior. Just different.

    The Amiga version of Rodland was an exquisite platformer.


  2. New stuff incoming.

    I fuckin' love this guy....

    What prick said that about 'Jim'? It's become one of my favourite albums of the last few years.

    lol - Exactly why I'm loathe to offer an opinion on music I haven't heard about 5 or 6 times over a couple of weeks period. I've had too many 'about-turns' in the past. :-)

  3. I've downloaded it 3 times now (via NZB Matrix) and every time I get "Invalid Checksum Cannot Be Recovered" in MacPar Deluxe. The first Par File is missing when trying to download via Virgin or Astraweb's severs.

    I bet this is a Mac thing. I fucking hate Macs.

    I had same issue - on an imac. Previous two episodes caused problems. For those I downloaded par files again and recovered each. I couldn't get that to work with s0808, so, resorted to..... isohunt!

  4. I've been arguing this point for years with others. The irony of the Roy displaying more humanity than Deckard (in saving his life) is, in my opinion, one of the film's key themes. It is totally void if Deckard is a replicant.

  5. I'm enjoying it but I think Lordcookie has hit on an unnecessary plot element. A focus on the day to day newsroom activities could've been more effective. Still, it's quality drama with top production values and good acting so...... mustn't grumble.


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