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  1. Sounds great. Hoping this comes to switch or at least the other consoles.
  2. Normally I don't care for need for speed. Even the good ones Ive never really got into. Two things this has going for it though.. 1. Criterion, whatever condition they are in now are the only UK developer to successfully navigate the internal workings of EA, they've survived multiple generations of hardware and cycles of boom and bust. I'm interested to see what they come up with and their work on the star wars games gives promise towards their current form. 2. Codemasters Cheshire, AKA the remnants of Evolution studios were merged with criterion and put onto this. I'm hoping that it means we'll get the next version of their future of racing games from this. Thought driveclub was their strongest game... that onrush was a destruction all-stars/bleeding edge style, made to fit a demographic that doesn't exist horror show: but that had a redeeming solid core of gameplay (that those two games didn't have). Dirt 5 was pretty great (I play it still and the dirt branding was the only thing holding it back). I'm excited to see what they do next and hope they've done another good job here.
  3. f2097


    Surprised to see a mention of Char of Winchester. They aren't cheap but are easily the best tea company I've ever found. Been using them for years. Discovered them as a teenager, ended up working only a few doors down from their shop a few years ago which turned me into a fanboy of theirs as opposed to an occasional customer. Moved away and still order it online. Top picks from Char being: Himalayan Gold & Honey - this is their ultimate best tea. The owner raves about it and for good reason, won an award for being the world's best tea in 2015. Delicate, complex sweetness. Best drunk black. Assam Halmari Gold - this is my fave. Love a strong Assam and this is their best. Malty, deep, strong without being overly tannin or dark. Is served in some of the best hotels in India. Most of their other teas are very good. Their peppermint tea bags are the best I've had. Only criticism is that some of their bagged black teas aren't cut fine enough, the bags are overstuffed and then you end up with a weak brew. .. Outside of Char agree with the other comments. Clipper is the best general tea (their loose leaf earl grey is great also). Dragonfly tea specialises in mostly Green and White tea, are more on the unusual side but the quality is exceptional and they are v.authentic.
  4. This looks like when ninja theory made bleeding edge. Hope it works out for them but that trailer was baaaad. Looks generic, trend chasing rather than setting.
  5. Bought the physical for this on series X and it arrived today (is 49.99 at Smyth's and also at game). Normally prefer digital but like others have mentioned I'm not paying £70-80 for it (especially where the dark pictures games all launched at £25). Liking it so far. Up to chapter 2 and going to play more later. Love the animated tutorials. Seems business as usual for a supermassive game. The character work and script seem stronger so far, but also feels less physical. In their other games you pick things up, hold the button down, turn them over etc.. where this is literally press a. My ranking of their games is: Until dawn > house of ashes > man of Medan > little hope > the others This is already on a par with until dawn. Might prefer it by the end.
  6. The first Colin McRae Rally is my favourite racing game of all time. Think it still holds up. The handling is great; the structure and the balance of everything is spot on. Lots of the later games on the series are great too but I don't think they ever topped this. Nor did they ever make one like it again, the sequels riffed off CMR 2.0 instead. The first game has a better sense of place, each track and car feels unique. Still have my original copy and play it from time to time. This game also sings on vita emulation. Have played literally thousands of racers over the years has always been one of my fave genres. A lot of my absolute faves are from the PS1 gen: Wipeout 2097, Ridge Racer Type 4, TOCA 2. Think PGR2 was the best of the Microsoft exclusive racers. GT3 the best Gran Turismo. Last gen was Driveclub.
  7. My main take from this is that the premium tier, that costs the most has the retro content which they claim is 340* games but won't say a single one of them and it launches in two months. The fact they can't even name a single game, even from their own back catalogue doesn't inspire hope.
  8. Something is horribly wrong with this game on series X. The frame rate is unplayably awful whenever there is rain or lots of cars on track. This has really bad pop up all of the time. The colours are over bright and washed out. It plays worse than any other codemasters game (including the super choppy project cars 3) and I'm not sure why. Is a big shame. I'm a huge fan of Grid 2019. Would go as far as saying it is my favourite racer of the last gen (this and Wipeout omega). Grid 2019 I enjoyed on PS4, bought on Xbox X when I got that, the performance is a notable upgrade on the PS4 version. 2019 looks better and plays better than grid legends. Grid legends looks like a psvr game and gives the same motion sickness vibes. The menus and general presentation is a downgrade too. Shame as it seems to solve the content/variety issues that the 2019 game had. I'm hoping that they fix this in a patch. I'm not sure the other formats are suffering as bad as the Xbox. We've already had the first patch and it's made no difference. Uninstalled.
  9. Civ vi on switch is awesome. Doesn't lose any features compared to the other versions, loading is longer but is made up for by portability. Is actually my top played switch game.
  10. It's been so long since the last entry that I think a remake is nessesary and this does seem faithful to the original material: they seem passionate about it. However these are the same two games we've been playing and replaying for literally decades that a new game may make more sense. I actually still have my gba micro (and it still has charge!), I also went through these again on emulation on vita (inc. days of ruin which is not included here). Will buy this but hope that it does ok and leads to more.
  11. Ugh why'd they have to ruin it. Doesn't work with my phone anymore, the enter button is below the bottom of the screen and I can't resize it or move it up. Not sure if it's their sloppy coding with the new site itself or compatibility issues with Firefox or android.
  12. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Tales of Arise The best JRPG of the year, probably the high point of the tales series. The story and characters are typical of the genre but are elevated by the production values. This is a well made game, it has depth to the systems and the combat. Feels satisfying to play. The best all out adventure of the year. Feels like a real next gen spin on the formula. A2. The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes In Man of Madan the characters were irredeemably unlikable. The setting worked but that was about it. In Little Hope there was very little depth to the writing and a lot of the things the characters did just didn’t make sense. With this game they’ve finally nailed the writing and most of the technical problems are gone too. I found it engaging throughout and at times looks fantastic. A3. The Last Stop Not my most played game but one of the ones that stuck with me the most. The feel of London, of modern Britian, it felt authentic and gave us something we haven’t really had in games before. Refreshing and although the ending was silly, it fits the genre. A4. Eastward Nothing this year has come close to the density of the art, style and beauty of Eastward. The actual game behind it lives up to expectations too. It does take a while to get going and does have it’s difficulty spikes but the atmosphere keeps you playing. I worked for me in the ways that Metroid Dread and Sable fell short on. Substance. A5. Overboard Everything here is perfectly made, perfectly structured. It’s funny, addictive for the time you spend with it. Another brilliant concept by Inkle and probably the first game they’ve made where the cracks don’t show. With each game they are getting stronger, I think they aren’t far off making something truly amazing. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Tetris Effect Connected I enjoyed but did not love this game on PSVR, then PS4 .. This year on Xbox and Switch it has finally connected! Very much into it now. May have even made it my game of the year (if it hadn’t come out already). The depth, the quality of the design, the atmosphere and the music. Might even prefer it to Rez. B2. Beyond A Steel Sky Revolution Software. I’m glad that they are still going. The performance on the Switch is not great, you are stuck outside the city for too long, but despite that, this is a well written, warm and very well crafted adventure. Lives up to their legacy titles. B3. Dragon Quest Builders 2 The first game was full of frustrating boss battles which felt at odds with the slow pace elsewhere. I hit a brick wall on it and gave up. Tried the demo of this on PS4 on release, but found it poorly paced. However with the arrival on Xbox (and gamepass) I gave it another go. It is pretty awesome. Basically the first game but more of everything. Those annoying button mashing bosses are back but this time everything else makes up for it. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Metroid Dread I stupidly got sucked into the hype and paid full price on release for this. Ended up giving it away. I thought it was too hard to start with, it felt mean, it felt cheaply made, very bland, repetitive. I know that a lot of people like the game but I hated just about everything to do with it. In the Metroid series, I liked the GBA games and the Prime titles so thought I would like this. I would say that the Shadow of the Beast remake from a few years ago does a better job with its own respective series. Z2. Sable This had such an air of mystery and potential about it for years that it would always have trouble living up to it. Found it pretentious, boring and overly scripted. Just too many conversations that were just bullshitting and not getting on with the actual game. Z3. Psychonauts 2 I wanted to like this but it suffered from everything bad about the first game. Like Sable it wants to waffle on about all sorts of things for what feels like hours without actually letting you play and then when it does it feels like an old PSX platformer. Although it has some great scenes and inventive designs, the actual platforming hasn’t moved on and for every fantastically creepy section there are two more that are featureless and generic. Writing of the Year W1. Overboard Exactly spot on. Perfect for this type of game. W2. Beyond A Steel Sky The sheer amount of script and the consistent quality of the writing is one of the best things about the game. W3. The Last Stop Human, funny, realistic (as long as you forget about the last portion of the game!) Format of the Year F1. Switch OLED Was hard to decide as this year I’ve gone back to Xbox, while still having my PS4 and have got back ino PC again (and I still use my Vita); but the Switch is definitely my most played. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Bandai Namco Didn't think they would end up my top but when I narrow down games released this year that I played/enjoyed, no other publisher comes anywhere near close.. Tales of Arise, Scarlet Nexus, Dark Pictures, Pac Man 99 and the non-switch versions of Mr Driller all came out in 2021.
  13. Ooh I kinda agree with this. Thought about posting earlier on when into the breach was mentioned multiple times. I love strategy games. Tiny metal (advance wars knockoff) I not only platiumed on PS4, but is one of my most played switch games (alongside it's psuedo sequel). Xcom was one of my fave vita games. Still play warzone 2100 and classic C&C on retro. Also love puzzle games. Anyway I wanted to love into the breach. It was one of my first switch purchases. Have tried to get into it at least three times. Always bounced off of it thinking it is shallow, minimally structured and poorly balanced. Maybe one of those days it will click... but I'm not there. Think it's awful and one of the most overrated things going
  14. Just adding my two pence ahead of voting (which I'm glad the deadline is not today, the recent switch sale has changed how I would vote. Esp in the case of overboard which I absolutely love)... Anyway think the clarification and talk about games released/re-released this year adds a new element. Agree with what was decided.
  15. Glad to hear it holds up on ps5. Hopefully one day they'll make a new one.
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