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  1. As soon as I read the topic title I thought of this. Don't think it ever left the house but I remember having one of these cases. Was always a massive faff getting all the wires in. Probably still have this in a cupboard somewhere.
  2. If Rare/Microsoft are happy with yooka laylee then Sony can get over this. Sad that PS4 wipeout launch game got cancelled. This may make up for it.
  3. Every now and then I see another glowing review for Roki. I know it's out on Steam, but is there any news on the Switch release? The last thing I saw just said it was 'soon'.
  4. There are a load of smaller top down racers that have all been flawed in one way since. Even the people that did mashed made a new spiritual successor but messed it up. Mantis burn racing from current gen (switch, PS4, xbone, pc) is probably the best/most feature complete but it doesn't have weapons and is more of a straight racer. Controls are great though. Toybox turbos was only just ok. The game was well made but lacking in options/structure and felt slow. Codemasters did F1 race stars around the same time, which was similar in being well made but quite shallow. There was a micro machines only a couple of years ago that was current gen. Got bad reviews and never played it. Think it is supposed to be worse than toybox turbos though.
  5. Sounds interesting. Hopefully when this makes it to other formats it is less choppy. Again it's a bad sign there are no walkthroughs but I guess that makes more authentic to the original. I think it must have come out around 1993/4? Definitely before gamefaqs anyway. You'll have to let us know how the rest of the game is. If the plot is good/the scope of it etc.. I think I want this to come to switch the most. Broken sword 5 was their last game. Probably the best game they had done since 3, but way off the days of BS1 + BASS when they were one of the most profilic developers around. Was hoping this would be another step forward.
  6. Yeah another bad month for me too. Basketball game I wouldn't even want to try. The non core design tomb raiders aren't really my thing (I prefer when they were adventure/exploration games rather than uncharted rip offs/over dramatic shooting people games). I already own Erica (because it was sub £5 last year). Erica is a good psplus game because it will give it a bigger audience. The concept was good and it was well made if slight. Would like to see the same developers have another go on ps5. If they got a proper budget/more time could be a good next gen until dawn style success.
  7. Surprised there are is literally no coverage on this game. Seems to have been stealth released, despite being a brand new game from revolution and supposedly a flagship game for the apple arcade. Hope it's not because it's bad but don't even know.
  8. I remember mr driller on the psone. It was a good concept but I was rubbish at it. Then on GameCube I remember being excited about the Mr driller game but it was never localised. I have the psone Mr driller on my vita but again haven't got very far. Saw the demo on the switch yesterday. Enjoyed it more than the previous version. The full game is only £15 thought it would be worth it. It's great. There are a bunch of different game modes that expand on the concept, they all have multiple levels. I think the game does a good job of explaining what to do in each level type. Feels very smooth esp with framerate and clarity on the lite. I'm pretty sure this is just the GameCube game but ported. It's from 2002; it could pass as a brand new entry and makes it even more annoying that we missed out on this 18 years ago! In terms of puzzle games I've not been as hooked since Tetris effect. No reason this isn't on PS4 and shame that it's switch and pc only. Maybe they didn't want to have to add achievements.
  9. I agree. Ended up buying this anyway despite the fact every codemasters game that starts as £50+ is £24 two weeks later. I also got Grid autosport for switch when it came out too :/ Impressions so far.. This is defo made on the cheap and is lesser scale than the first grid and the old toca games (esp the race driver series). It keeps itself relevant though as we have been so starved of this particular type of racer since driveclub. It also makes up for the lack of production value vs the old games by being 60fps and the graphics being better for being a generation later (ps4pro) than autosport which was made for ps3/360. Once you mess around with the handling assists this is the best controlling grid game but not as good as driveclub/f1/dirt etc.. I was expecting a barebones campaign but this is broadly similar to autosport. Feels more acadey and bright than the old games. Think the handling, pack racing and quality of the racing itself is the highlight. I think I like this more than dirt 2.0 Annoying things so far.. It has a what feels like a thousand different track effects and point scores for various things (which is fine), but there are no sound effects for any of it. Which makes them feel a bit flat. when you are on the last lap, LAST LAP, shows up so big it fills the whole screen, has no sound effect so totally throws you off and more annoyingly is in a plain font that doesn't match any of the rest of the visual design of the game.
  10. Fire stingray. Although the first f-zero is pretty basic, I like it more than the GBA f zero games (which were simular engine but more fleshed out). It was one of the first games we got with our snes. At the time snes games weren't cheap so had hardly any and as I was a kid was rubbish at it. Must have played the first four tracks at least 20,000 times so always feel super nostalgic for this game. F-zero was prob the first game I ever emulated on my pc when it first became a thing and was the first thing I got on 3ds virtual console. Fire stingray is the best vehicle but what's the best track? 
  11. Ni no kuni - Beautiful artstyle, was hoping to explore and see everything to offer... Then you spend about an hour learning that pushing forward makes you move forward.. in a basic town. The tutorial goes on forever, does one thing at a time and doesn't let you skip. Even though I haven't played it in a few years it is the thing I remember most about the game.
  12. I've been really enjoying this magazine. I subscribed not too long after gamestm ended (although that magazine had been a cost-cutted shell of its former self for years). I like the enthusiasm and that it really does have a different voice and perspective compared to other games media. It takes advantage of its format in a way no other magazine has in years. The pico 8 stuff in the last issue was great, the one before sold me on heavens vault which I wouldn't gave given a look at otherwise. New copy arrived today, looking forward to reading.
  13. The PC games market is traditionally much stronger in Germany vs consoles. A lot of their games companies started off in pc-centric genres like strategy and adventure games. I feel like they started making tonnes of their own 2d point and click adventures as lucas arts/seirra/everyone else moved away from them.
  14. Just finished this. The last episode was really something. More than half of it felt like parts of the earlier episodes; random parts, playing in a random order. I felt like I was watching the trailer for the series as a whole. They jumbled the interviews at the end so much it was just gibberish. Despite that, I felt it did a good job of building anticipation for the new season and adding more insight to the last. Stroll and Horner come off as villains. The HAAS/Renault stuff was interesting. All of the swearing was great.
  15. Game of the Year A1. Tokyo Xanadu This one really sunk it's hooks into me, my most played game of the year and by far my favourite. The episodic structure made it feel like an anime series. The battle system was great, the dungeons just right. The plot is interesting enough but a little generic but any shortfall is made up for in its character development. The clichéd plot makes sense and fits in with the rest of the game. The Vita remains my favourite system and I find the format helps RPG's shine. A2. Aven Colony The most underrated game of the year. I love strategy games and tend to buy all the ones released on console. This year I was most anticipating Cities Skylines coming to PS4 and just before that released Aven Colony came out and I ended up mostly ignoring Cities in favour of this. It is the most finely balanced strategy game in years. The campaign is the perfect length. The trophies are spot on, I rarely bother with platinum trophies but with Aven they added to the experience. The plot is absolutely terrible but it doesn't get in the way of things. The game has the perfect learning curve, introducing concepts and growing in scale. I would compare this to something like Theme Hospital where it is campaign based and finely tuned. A3. Persona 5 The second best RPG of the year. It feels fresh, cool and has a strong identity. After three games in the series with a similar gameplay system it introduces recycled concepts and ideas too slowly which drags the start down. The phantom thief plot does keep things interesting and suits the game well. This is a better game than Persona 4 but it is quite similar and recycles too many plot details. It is still addictive and enjoyable. The change to designed rather than random dungeons is great. Nearly everything about the game is the best currently available in an RPG but Tokyo Xanadu does a similar thing with more heart. A4. F1 2017 I love racing games and this was the best of the year. For the last three versions Codemasters have been getting F1 right. F1 games used to be a little bit thin on content but this series has grown into having more content, options and game modes than most other racing titles. This was the deepest racing game of the year, it has the best racing, biggest races, most options, best handling and is the most exciting. A5. Gran Turismo Sport It is really hard just picking five games this year. After reading previews about this being online only, light on content, no campaign etc.. There was no way I was going near this. Then the demo came out. The magic at the heart of the series is still there. I bought the game, loved it and like FFXV and Driveclub all the missing things have started to appear in the game. I can't go back to GT6 anymore it looks and plays rough compared to this. Most Disappointing Game of the Year Z1. DIRT 4 Probably my favourite game series ever. This version is not bad but it is the worst new release in the series since Dirt Showdown. It feels cheap, rushed and basic. Z2. Crash Bandicoot Insane Triology Ugh so much effort went into painstakingly recreating these games but then it is undone in other areas and loses some of the magic. The PSN original versions are better/more fun. The game takes too long to start up with bad load times and terrible unskippable logo sequences. The whole thing looks washed out and the jumping is off. Z3. Hellblade The gameplay is a step back from DMC, the world building is not up to scratch compared to Enslaved. It's filled with terrible rune puzzles. A missed opportunity. Z4. PaRappa Remastered Adds nothing extra or new, the chicken level is still too hard. I feel the controls/response time could have been improved but it hasn't been. Z5. Snake Pass I feel evil listing this a disappointment as it is a good game but the gameplay doesn't quite live up to the visuals and the whole thing could have been better. It reminds be of Billy Hatcher on the GC when it could have been Super Monkey Ball. Sound Design of the Year S1. Wipeout Omega Collection S2. Persona 5 S3. Night in the Woods Visual Design of the Year V1. Horizon Zero Dawn V2. Polybius V3. Cuphead Writing of the Year W1. What Remains of Edith Finch W2. Tales of Beseria W3. Statik Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PS4 Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. SIEE Best Supported Game (from pre 2017) of the Year B1. No Man's Sky
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