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  1. Until Dawn, as well as the sony backing, was in development for years (at one point was a PS3 move title). Got a lot more time in the oven whereas these get a year between installments. I think everyone likes until dawn best. I thought man of Medan was better than little hope and was worried the series had gone off track. Glad to see this is reviewing well.
  2. I'm riding this wave. Always liked sunshine the best out of the 3D Mario games and did not get on with galaxy at all. Sunshine has higher highs and controls better.
  3. The Last Stop: I loved the whole thing. These people made Virginia, bought that in a sale years ago and thought it was total shit. This however was great. Most engaging game of its type since Everybody has gone to the rapture. Playing back through the chapters to mop up the trophies. Real sense of place, felt pretty unique, very London, nothing like it in games but felt like a UK TV show. Now I've finished it think I liked all three stories equally. I get you aren't supposed to like the cheating lady, it's played from her perspective and she hates herself, quite brave of them to go with a story like that for a third of the game. I think it paid off. The last chapter was a bit out there but fine by the end. Been re-playing though the codemasters games added to game pass/ea. They all seem to run smoother on Xbox sx than PS4 pro. Love Grid think it was v.underrated. dirt rally 1 and 4 are a bit aged now. Dirt 2.0 shines. Kinda telling they added their whole line up but forgot about onrush.
  4. I'm playing through Fable anniversary at the moment. All the opening stuff looks like garbage and somehow worse than the original version of the game but once you get past that it's pretty great. I voted 2 though. It's got a lot more going on, was Lionhead at their absolute peak. 3 is good and holds up. For everything it improves on it falls back in some other way. The whole last bit of the game is a cool idea but was rushed. The whole series feels refreshing to play in 2021. Hope the new one lives up to it.
  5. Love two point hospital (got it on PS4, switch and now Xbox thanks to gamepass). It was great how long they supported the game and the sheer volume of extra content. Felt like a 90s PC strategy title with all it's add ons. Not 100% sure how they will do the concept with this but looks good from the screenshots and is probably better they are doing something totally new.
  6. f2097

    Until Dawn

    Oh no didn't know that could happen. I must have not been as bad at it as you are. Still I think it is more accessible than a full action game. The timed stuff it does have does suit/enhance the story whereas some games are held back by action systems that feel totally different to the story part of the game.
  7. f2097

    Until Dawn

    Was excited to view the forum and see until dawn up the top. I would agree that the later dark pictures collection games had more accessibility options and can thus negate any QTE frustrations. But I would counter argue that the QTE in until dawn is pretty well balanced. I find it preferable and more suitable than the jarring combat or (even worse) stealth that you often get in games of this genre. As a game mechanic it does suit and it is better made, with less brick walls in difficulty than you get in other games. If you go wrong you might lose a character, but in another game you'd either be totally stuck or have to redo the same section repeatively until you get it right. Until dawn is unquestionably the best game supermassive made. I would argue it is one of the best playstation exclusives of the PS4 and also one of the best horror games we've had.
  8. Until Dawn had the benefit of longer in the oven. It was meant to be a PS3 game. Everything else in this genre they have done was either made in under a year or alongside three other projects they were making at the same time spreading themselves too thin. Anyway I'm nearly done with Little Hope, I've found it tougher going than their other games. I think it definitely is a better game than Man of Medan but I have enjoyed it less. My biggest annoyance is how unlikeable the characters are. It is mainly from the script being so bad. There isn't much humour or charm to it which is a shame. Until Dawn was pretty perfectly balanced. The game engine and the idea is great I just wish these were more interesting stories.
  9. Great list (although my No1 is only at 25). The entry for FFVIIR has sold me on it after the demo put me off. I had forgotten murder by numbers was a thing too
  10. I'm ok with them doing this once a year but it does feel lazy of them. Almost like they couldn't be bothered to write a proper magazine. The article subjects in this could have made a good issue but every article is barely more than a few paragraphs. I think they've done it because of the success the last time they did it. It would have worked better if they picked half as many things and wrote twice as much (and had more than one image for each thing). It feels like an months worth of a newspaper games section from the 90s.
  11. Game of the Year A1. A Short Hike - I think this is the best game this year. It is the one that resonated the most. Perfectly balanced, the actual gameplay loop worked, the story wasn't too much. Just the right length, enjoyable to work through and memorable afterwards. Heartwarming. A2. Two Point Hospital - This has been out on PC a while now but the console conversions were this year. The port is perfect. Strategy games have a long history of compromised ports that aren't quite up to it. This not only nails it, I think the game works better. Bought this on PS4 at release and then later in the year on Switch. Faithful sequel that also expands on the concept and has been well supported with additional content with more to come. A3. Roki - Think this is the most overlooked game of the year. Very well made. A new take on the point and click genre. It gets all the things right that games like Broken Age tried to and missed the mark on. Has enough depth and content but never feels too hard or unfair. A4. Pacer - It got a lot of average reviews but think it deserved better. Wipeout Omega Collection is one of my favourite games this generation but it is re-release of a re-release. Pacer is a breath of fresh air. It gives us a look at what could have been if they'd continued the series. Pacer has more content and plays better than Wipeout 2048. The handling isn't quite as tight as Omega however it makes up for it by feeling like a current gen game. A5. Hades - I don't normally go for blockbuster/popular/mainstream games so much. I do enjoy and play most of the important ones but they are rarely my favourite games. In a year with all sorts of stuff from Animal Crossing to The Last of Us II, Hades stands out above that. This feels the best made and most enjoyable of the critically acclaimed games of the year. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Next Gen Consoles - Being permanently sold out. Some gens we've had one console being hard to find for a while but nothing like this. The Vita never had this problem! Z2. Spelunky 2 - The sequel to one of the most finely tuned and balanced games just felt off. The controls felt wrong, too many new elements added that made the whole thing feel unfair and random to the point they had to update it but it doesn't fix it. In hindsight I would rather the developers had left it alone and used what they learned to make something totally new. Z3. Dreams - I feel bad calling this a disapointment but this bombed in so many different ways. They made a tool and didn't make a game, a campaign or enough content to have alongside. Art's Dream is actually pretty great but so cut down and short that it barely does anything before moving on. There was no hook to draw people in. I think Playstation VR Worlds does a better job at showcasing and has more depth. The tutorials are genuniely terrible. Too babyish, slow and boring. The worst way of introducing something. The actual development tools themselves are made worse by strange controls (which they have updated and made better but are still not exactly user friendly). This would have been the perfect thing to have a custom controller, even just a playstation/dreams branded keyboard and mouse. The fact that everyone was locked in this year and still hardly anyone bothered with it shows how this failed. Format of the Year F1. Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo - Had a lowkey winning year. No Zelda or big game that stole the show but lots of varied experiences. 51 worldwide games was a nice surprise. Super Mario 3D Allstars gave Super Mario Sunshine a new lease of life and made me want every gamecube game on switch. Things like Super Mario 35 were cool new spins on old games. The release of the NES Fire Emblem in December was great too.
  12. This is sad. Codemasters survived almost going bust a whole bunch of times, they outlived almost every other games company in the world. Although some other UK developers have risen to approach it in size over the last gen (frontier, sumo etc..), they are the actual last of our historical publishers. Being bought out almost never works out. Even more so when it comes to publishers. They will get asset stripped, lose their identity and eventually get closed down when the existing brands fade. Following in the footsteps of gremlin, ocean, psygnosis, eidos etc.. The deal is almost an all share thing with take2 putting very little money on the table for them despite being cash rich. If I was on their board that would scare me on off. I wonder if anyone will counter bid.
  13. Until dawn is one of my games of the generation. I actually enjoyed man of Medan too. The character development and writing was below their previous best, but was perfectly fine for what it was. The setting was fun and it didn't outstay it's welcome. Looking forward to getting this. Maybe a bit sad that it's not next gen or switch.
  14. Ha. You posted as I was writing my post. It is a tad annoying they got the hard bit right (as in getting the game ported over and running smooth) and then messed it up on the controls. Making them reconfigurable won't even help because of them splitting what one button could do over multiple buttons. Hopefully it gets an update that has alternative control setups. The switch has enough buttons to make this work. This type of game can have a lot of waiting around. To research, to build cash etc.. not a problem in RCT3 switch because you'll still be wrestling the controls. Still like it though and find it less annoying than trying to play the first games on my phone with just the touchscreen.
  15. Own this on pc already first through the original disc release and then on gog. Not too annoyed that it was going free. Just bought the switch version. RCT1+2 I've played a lot they are two of my favourite games of all time and I still think they are the best of their genre. Despite owning it multiple times I've never got that far with RCT3 until now. This is pretty great. It has everything of the first two games but full 3D, making it way more expansive and immersive. It doesn't lose that much in the transition to 3D and stacks up well against current games in its genre. The switch conversation is impressive. The whole game and all the expansions are here with no features being cut back. It runs great. Looks great on the small screen. Frontier made an equally exact RCT1 port on the first Xbox which controlled great. This is fine when you get used to it and it will only take a level or two for it to become second nature.. however some of the choices they made with the button mapping go against their own earlier port and how every other game like this works on console. Using the sticks for the radial menus is great but it some reason you have to hold another button down too. Then to go back instead of pressing b (which is what you use elsewhere in the game). You have to hold the button down, use the stick to make the middle select and then press b. There are a few other button choices that make it more fiddly than it needed to be. A is select/confirm, but it switches to Y when you are building or selecing a building. They use both sticks and the triggers just for camera control which means they can't be used for other things. Two point hospital, tropico etc.. use the sticks to better effect and utilise the L and R for tabbing or bringing up menus, which this doesn't. None of it is bad enough to spoil the experience. Feels genuinely amazing playing this on a handheld laying on the sofa.
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