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  1. Sous Vide

    It was probably about 1.5kg. I think the temperature was too low, seems unlikely the connective tissue would breakdown at 56 degrees. I'll stick to steaks for the time being (have had some success there).
  2. Sous Vide

    A bit of silverside beef for 8 hours at 56c, was disappointingly chewy. Temperature too low? Not long enough? A bit of both?
  3. Making Pizzas

    Yes, I've had one since they came out. It's a marvellous little thing.
  4. Sous Vide

    Picked up a Wancle - love the name. Anyone done any Sunday roast type joints of meat? Any tips? Considering a bit of beef on Sunday.
  5. Making Pizzas

    Consider a Roccbox (I have one, it's lovely, but can only do one pizza at a time if that's am issue).
  6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Grabbed, thanks.
  7. Apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but I had a quick look last night and my upgraded PS+ version had a countdown (to tomorrow) on it. Can I really not play it yet despite having paid?
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Perhaps your PS4 can't be woken up over the internet? Mine can't - which also means that remoteplay only works locally, and seems to be caused by my BT Home Hub. Do you have a BT Home Hub?
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Ports opened, PS4 in DMZ, upnp enabled, but no luck across the internet (outside of my home network). Otherwise (direct connection, over the internet on the same network) no problems. Are on a BT homehub?
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Re: remote play over the internet- Still not working. The PS4 very nearly turns on - the light turns blue, a fan makes a noise, but crucially I suppose there's no beep, and after 30 seconds it goes back to standby and the Vita says it's unable to connect. Might be a homehub issue I suppose?
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Cheers, will give that a go later.
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Anyone with a BT Home Hub (v2 I think?) got remote play to work over the internet (and outside of the home network)? Was trying over the weekend, but it just wouldn't wake the PS4 from standby. Otherwise though, remote play is flipping brilliant.
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Did anyone here buy the ps3 AC4 from amazon US and successfully upgrade to the PS4 version? I redeemed the code on my PS3, but after adding the $9.99 upgrade to my cart I can't add funds to my US account (via the SEN website, PS4 on its way today). Concerned.
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Yep, and I submitted the form. Just didn't get any kind of notification.
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Any idea when Amazon will confirm a switch to a bundle? My order's still got the original PS4 showing.

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