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  1. ^ Another child in the home, or a being that has adapted to be the perfect hider. Take your pick. I like that the episode has left it all up to the viewers own interpretation. What was confusing?
  2. Agreed. Couldn't fault that, it was amazing! Makes the fact that he didn't get his own series rankle all the more.
  3. Rab wasn't exactly some naive teen when he was making CV. Maybe it's more of a case of him re-inventing himself as whichever 'character' will gain him the most exposure. He certainly comes across as more than a little disingenuous. People like that really aren't worth anyones time.
  4. Ooft! Microsoft just got their arses felt! Preordering a PS4 later on today. Outstanding.
  5. Apparently not. I just know they'll announce it for sale the minute I purchase the EU Assassin's Creed bundle. Gonna hold off for the time being. See if anything is announced for Christmas.
  6. Talk about spectacularly misreading your audience. Probably should have included the option to delete the icon to negate all the moaning fuckers. Some of those comments are amazing, though!
  7. ^Have you got the fast disk load option enabled? A few folk have reported problems with FFVII & FFVIII whilst this is on.
  8. Wouldn't hold my breath. The euro Assassins Creed packshot doesn't show a memory card. It would also appear we're not getting a nice white Vita either. Black one on the box. Fuck's sake! I want a white one. Back to waiting, I guess.
  9. Yeah, i've got three different accounts on my PS3. Can't remember which ones I got from each region, though. Think i made sure to get the free games for my UK, US and JAP accounts! What about an EU Vita with an EU account? Can you transfer PSP games from any region onto a machine with a EU account? I'd rather just stick with my main PS3 account when I purchase one.
  10. What's this? I've got it sitting on my XMB from the hacking giveaway. Was going to transfer it, LBP and Half Minute Hero over when I get a Vita. Does this mean it won't run on a EU Vita?
  11. Which makes it all the more strange that Sony has removed the 4GB card from the Assassins Creed and Madden bundles. I reckon I could come up with a better marketing plan for the Vita. Sony seem like they couldn't care less if it crashes and burns.
  12. Isn't it being held hostage by Microsoft? Same as Retro City Rampage. Soon after Summer of Arcade is finished would be my guess.
  13. Anyone know if Sony are planning on selling the white Vita on it's own in the UK? Someone on GAF posted a picture of the Madden bundle and it looks like it no longer includes a memory card. No doubt the Assassins Creed one will be the same. Was going to buy it for Christmas, but reckon I could probably source the console and game for cheaper than the price of the bundle. Really want a white one, but don't want to get shafted on the price either!
  14. ^ If you believe any of the shite spewed by that comic, then i've got a bag of magic beans to sell to you! Won't happen.
  15. Is this an american thing? I see this on NeoGaf all the time. Pisses me right off.
  16. Nope. I did receive the mega limited edition, though. The one that looks like it has been sat on and kicked around the floor! The lady I spoke to from zavvi said that they've had quite a lot of people phoning to complain about damaged sets. Still, at least they've sent out a new one today, and given me 15% of my next order.
  17. ^Doesn't it just! Some incredibly evocative imagery on display. Not an Alien movie, my foot!
  18. Need to get a wireless headset for a friend for Christmas. Could any of you guys recommend one for £20? Don't want to end up with a duffer!
  19. Yeah, it's a damn site better than the piss poor cover of the steel book! Yuck!
  20. The limited edition (with snazzy artbook) is back up to pre-order on Zavvi's site! Just snagged a PS3 copy. Just thought i'd post a heads-up.
  21. ^This. Would like the version the US is getting with the hardback, decent-sized artbook.
  22. Didn't realise you could unlock a couple of tapes by talking to in the church. Finished New Game+ today and I think i'm done with it for a while. Fantastic game, but I think I need a wee break. I'll go back to the challenges later on. Got an extra 70s skin to trade. Looking to swap it for the Earth One skin. Drop us a PM if interested.
  23. Thanksfor the tips. Pulled out of the dive and then pushed forward again until I was almost on the water, then back on the stick. Finally managed it with a distance of 40.6 meters! Thank feck. The run i did it on I was hugging the surface of the water with my feet skimming all the way. Onto NG+!
  24. ^No, you're fine. It won't overwrite your original save. Anyone have any tips for the glide 30 meters over water Riddler challenge? Been trying for hours and its starting to piss me off. Don't know what i'm doing wrong. Its the only one left to do. Ugh!
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