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  1. The Destiny 2 Legacy Collection is also on sale at the mo and has the other expansions (Beyond Light, Shadowkeep and Forsaken) for £16-odd. But yeah, Witch Queen is more than enough to be getting on with I'd have thought.
  2. Covid! Forgive me! Finally tested positive on Friday after feeling like shit all week, hoping to be back in a few days but depends, obviously.
  3. Oh you’re laughing then. It’s basically VS in portrait mode with Archero’s gear system. Enjoy!
  4. there’s a game called Survivor.io that’s pretty much a clone of it, it’s by the Archero guys if that means anything. It’s pretty shameless but every bit as compulsive and I’ve played more of it than VS (primarily convenience but also runs are shorter). In my defence, VS is itself a clone of an Android game. Worth a squirt imo
  5. Thank you, thank you. I'm going to link it though, and run away https://hitpoints.substack.com/p/160-all-connected
  6. The scout and sidearm with Voltshot on are absolutely brilliant for Arc 3.0, I've crafted a scout with Voltshot/Demo and it's just bonkers. This is the first season I've played properly for a while and yeah, Ketchcrash and Expeditions lost their appeal weeks ago. I've no interest in titles or any of that guff and they've made it very easy to walk away from, with no pinnacles on offer unless you run Master with a team, and no high-stat armour source either. Think I need one or two more red-bar sidearms for the pattern and then I can ditch them forever. The pinnacle climb is very weird for a solo player. There's so much game there these days yet as soon as you hit hard cap it's pretty much just strikes, gambit, crucible, 100k nightfall and preservation. I feel like an f2p player almost, with all these walls up everywhere dictating what I can and can't do. Obviously I understand they'd want to encourage people to form teams but they've turned the dial a bit too far at the moment. That quest step the other week where you had to kill 50 champions, but kills in Master Ketchcrash counted for four kills... ugh. Stop it.
  7. Hey, I got the popup again! And this time clicked on 'learn more'. Takes me here: https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/8946512015892 TLDR version is I can send paid subscribers three one-month sub codes to give to pals. Not something I'm interested in turning on right now — you could just read all the paid-exclusive stuff in a few hours then forget about it forever — but there may be changes coming soon (eyes emoji) that would make this a good idea. Thank you for reminding me about it!
  8. Thank you @Sarlaccfood! It's nice to be back in the chair but still shaking off some of the rust I think. Not quite at full speed yet. Working on a couple of things that are very exciting, should have at least one of them out next week. Please look forward to it, etc @Len I have absolutely no idea, sorry. I did see a popup with the word 'referral' in when I was checking some stats the other day but I closed it on autopilot and then thought, huh, what was that all about. Haven't had any comms from Substack about it either so I assume that was a glitch on their side, sorry for the bother. I'll look into it.
  9. Fractionally less excited for this now Dee Jay is in. My kryptonite. It looks so, so good though. The confident Capcom of Monster Hunter and Resi, rather than the politely clueless one of SFV.
  10. first thing I thought of when I saw the topic title. It’s so good!
  11. I don't imagine them to focus too much on the new player experience until the start of the next saga honestly, they're so far down the road and there are great big chunks of story you can't even access anymore. The new Guardian ranks thing will help a bit but it's at best a halfway measure (and looks imo like more of a player-sorting tool for the LFG system). It's funny in a way, I remember interviewing Bungie bods before Destiny 2 came out and they justified the whole reset thing by saying they didn't want Destiny to become this Dota-ish sort of thing that you needed a degree course in before you could play. Think the line was something like 'you shouldn't need to go to reddit to work out how to play our game'. I do agree it's inevitable with any live-service game that sticks around this long, but the decisions they've taken along the way — sunsetting, crossbuy, pricing structures etc — have definitely made it worse rather than better. I really really hope that they work hard on this stuff for the launch of the next saga. It needs to be a lot easier to get into, and to come back to as well.
  12. Don't like SFV (I promise not to say that again) but just stuck it on and saw Ultrachen and thought sure, why not. Old time's sake and all that. James just explained what V-Shift is which I appreciated.
  13. Got it, cheers. From my experience with support so far they'll say something along the lines of 'haha yes sorry, that's the way it works' and not do anything about it, but one can always hope.
  14. Well that's annoying. Sorry, man. I've got another reader with weird billing problems too, I'll take them both up with support. Could you DM me the email address you signed up with?
  15. well this is excellent. Could do a new section on the coolest/weirdest/sexiest places people have read Hit Points. Must have been nice for you that the Jake story has a happy ending (sorry)
  16. Sorry for the bump. Really. Sort of like bowling into a dinner party unannounced and just talking slightly too loudly about yourself. THAT SAID I JUST PUBLISHED A NEW MAX HP FOR PAID SUBSCRIBERS sorry, sorry, shouting. https://hitpoints.substack.com/p/max-hp-jake-kazdal-17-bit Proper banger of a story, this, my favourite one so far though I sure did need a lot of words to tell it all. I tried cutting it back but it's all so interconnected that I couldn't take something out without breaking something else, etc. Hope it's worth the time investment for people. Jake's a lovely man and I am very grateful to him for being so generous with his time. Took three hours to get through it all. I gave him a 20% discount code to share around by way of thanks (actually that's not true, I did it in the hope of getting some more paid subscribers, which is obviously why I'm going to post it here).
  17. Japanese GBA for me. So dinky and clean and gorgeous.
  18. With apologies for the flex, I went up to London to play this for a couple of hours today. Words will be in that silly newsletter I write tomorrow.
  19. so this link died. How did you find it?
  20. Nostalgic for 1910s Sicily, is it
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