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  1. Got a win in my fourth game. Feels like I should probably retire there.
  2. Not doubting this was the play, but for the second time this summer they’ve trailed a big event as being about something it wasn’t really about. Game Pass being amazing has been the message for a few years now and I get it, I agree, and I’m subbed up for three years like most people here. What I wanted last night was to have my balls blown off by something that felt like a generational leap from what’s already under my TV, and I didn’t get it. I can’t remember ever being this apathetic about a new console generation. I see no reason to buy either of them at launch.
  3. Nate Dogg III


    I don’t really see how he can stay in post, no. He’s done an amazing job building that company but he’s 59 and loaded and I don’t see a way back. Might as well just slip away into the shadows and enjoy his money. Replacing Hascoet is the bigger, and imo far more difficult question. He’s their Miyamoto.
  4. Nate Dogg III


    This is so fucked up. I was within a whisker of moving to Paris to work for them a couple of years ago. HR threatening to resign is very worrying and quite telling. I don't think it's a department trying to absolve itself of blame so much as pointing out that its hands were tied. As someone said upthread, HR exists primarily to protect the company, prevent it from getting sued. I don't think they'd have been habitually shuffling sex pests around the studio network were they not working to order. From what I've learned about Ubi over the years it's clear that, whether you work in Montreal or Singapore or Malmo or wherever, what Paris says goes, and Serge is king. Evidently that extends well beyond the boundaries of the kinds of games they make. Horrible stuff. I think it would be a tremendous mistake to go ahead with the livestream tomorrow. I know they've got a marketing plan to roll out and a gang of shareholders to appease but there's surely no way any good press comes out of it with all this going on.
  5. I think I've only done it once, as Silent with a Nightmare/Catalyst combo. Have come close with Ironclad though. You need to get really specific hands for it to work, unless you get an infinite going obviously.
  6. Yeah Necronomicon is a real good time. I always go heavy on question marks when routing Act 2 because it's so powerful. I got my 6yo playing this on Switch, partly because I'm fed up of him talking about Pokemon all the time but also because it's basically a big maths quiz in which you also get to hit things and thus sits in the centre of the Venn diagram of things he enjoys. He normally dies on Act 2 – he avoids elites and rests at pretty much every campfire, which is fair enough given his age and experience but I'm writing him out of the will anyway. He's only made it to Act 3 once, but got all the way to Awakened One. Quite proud honestly. He's also got me back into it a bit, climbing ascensions with Silent on iPad. I know I moaned about the iPhone version but it's a treat on a tablet screen, apart from a persistent (and probably user-error) problem with playing cards at the far left of a big hand. Often picks up the wrong one for me. I got bored of Monster Train after 30 hours or so, got my money's worth but it never got its hooks in to anywhere near the same extent as this, which I'm pretty sure I'll be playing for the rest of my life.
  7. I don't think I've ever built a deck around dark orbs. Defect to me is lightning and frost orbs and that's it, really. I've never bothered with the Claw stuff either, though it seems kinda fun.
  8. You should be able to buy a single issue through the iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/edge-magazine/id451410596 If you’re on Android I believe Pocketmags is the way to go.
  9. Quite cross the topic title isn't Klei The Spire.
  10. Just did the double Dropkick infinite on the Champ so I'm ready to proclaim this the best version yet (on iPad anyway). Annoying really, I've never managed it on PC and the achievement for playing 25 cards in a single turn is one of the few I still haven't got.
  11. Just checked this and I think mine must have been on by default, as the only thing in the menu that I'd touched was Fast Mode.
  12. Was worried this would be too fiddly to play on an iPhone and yeah, it's not ideal. Could at least have thrown in some UI scaling options to offset the tiny text but nope. Really needs a pinch-to-zoom on the map too. I can coast along well enough because I know the game already but even then some stuff is just really awkward. Using potions especially.
  13. It's not chat about settings ffs, we've moved on to RGB cooling
  14. Shoot the men and don’t die. Unless they’ve vaulted that as well, at least.
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