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  1. I will gladly pay double that. This is the best news. Some footage of it being played badly by the man on the box, and also Jack Black, with bonus old men on skateboards:
  2. Honestly that's how I've been playing the game for weeks now. I'm still notionally climbing ascensions with Watcher and Silent but I barely play them and instead prefer to just alternate between Ironclad and Defect on A1. It becomes a very chill game all of a sudden and I do think you learn a lot still – while climbing all you're focused on is the thing that's going to get you the win, but in A1 chill mode you become a lot more willing to step out of the comfort zone and let your deck take you where it wants, rather than trying to force it into a winning strategy. I'm quite sure that's what you're supposed to do on A20 as well, but I was always too tightly clenched to even consider it.
  3. I also ordered on the 24th and it arrived today, so should be almost with you. Great issue. Lovely smell to it. Assume all those involved in its creation are pleasantly attractive.
  4. So can we have negs back now, or
  5. For those into the soundtrack, the whole thing's up on Bandcamp, which coincidentally is waiving its fees today so artists get all the sales proceeds. SOR4 is available for as little as $9.99: https://olivierderiviere.bandcamp.com/album/streets-of-rage-4
  6. His turn feels like a single frame as well. Crowd control is a delight. I wonder whether they even tried to balance him (and the other retro bods) or just thought, fuck it, and chucked them in there.
  7. SOR1 Axel is busted to fuck, you can pretty much just mash attack and the bosses have no idea what's going on. S ranks all over the shop. I also like this game. Still struggling to look past Cherry at the moment, her blitz comboes out of everything and also in to loads of stuff, has terrific screen carry as well which is great for getting out of trouble. And headstomp shenanigans are just too fun. I've barely used specials so far (to my shame I didn't even notice the regain mechanic at first, too busy punching stuff) but they're next on the list.
  8. Just sing it yourself. It's why god gave us all lungs. This is just lovely. Looks delightful and the soundtrack is a dream. I was a bit cross about the amount of super-armour around but you have so many more tools now I guess it's only fair the bad guys get a bit of a leg up in places. Cherry feels like the pick of the starting four for me, she can do some lovely side-switching stuff off the jumping down attack that completely wrecks the riot shield guys. And clearly loads of juggle/wall-bounce shenanigans just waiting to be optimised. Beautiful.
  9. It’s been four hours and I’m still thinking about that really freaky yang non-side-switch. What a wonderful game.
  10. Hahaha. My version of that is a hand full of three-cost strikes. Snecko hates me I swear.
  11. He’s also been in every Destiny review. It’s the only reason he puts up with me I think
  12. There's hope for humanity yet, my brothers.
  13. All the people that drove that are gone, pretty much. Of those that are left Yoshida's been sidelined, and as we all learned (or were reminded of) today Mark Cerny ain't no messaging expert.
  14. I don't mind the hard drive size. I think however big it was, it still wouldn't be big enough, if that makes sense. Give me a 2TB drive and I'll still be deleting old things to make way for the new, it'll just take me another couple of months to get there. The more I think about this the more colossal a mistake it seems. As annoying as it is to read people calling it the worst console reveal ever when that's not what Cerny was doing, Sony should have realised that's what people *expected* it to be and tweaked the plan accordingly the minute GDC was cancelled. It's like the Stadia thing from GDC last year that was clearly meant as a pitch to developers but was also streamed to millions of consumers around the world, who naturally figured it was a coming-out party for the platform as a whole. If you're going to change the venue you have to tailor the message accordingly.
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