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  1. This is awful and exhausting and just so depressing and I’m not even a woman who works in games. I can’t even imagine what it’s like trying to navigate a career and a life and a psyche around an industry that’s full of all this shit. Brutal. Not that it’s not important but this is a year old. Why are you bringing it up in here?
  2. Survival is terrific. I had a quadruple jump with Shiva last night and spent most of the action completely off the top of the screen. Was kinda hilarious. Yes it’s incredibly random once you get into the mid-20s but that’s all part of the charm I think.
  3. Aye, got the 256. Had it in cart within minutes but didn’t manage to complete checkout until 7.30 so lawd knows when I get one.
  4. I think (well, hope) it's because they put us on the free subs list when we first started working from home when Covid hit, because we obviously weren't getting office copies anymore, and they cancelled that when I left. Then I took out a sub of my own. You'd have thought they'd notice a dupe in the database but again, Future. I think my favourite thing is that they haven't updated the mag staff list they use for mailouts to lapsed subscribers, and at some point last year I got a letter from myself asking me why I left. We've had this conversation several times, Nathan.
  5. I got one saying they missed me (lol) and asking if I'd subscribe again, then another the following day thanking me for being a loyal subscriber. Future gonna Future, I'm afraid.
  6. Always Reaper, at any point. I will pretty much always take any of the major exhaust-engine cards (Feel No Pain, Corruption, Dark Embrace) because they're all powerful enough in isolation to make a difference, and if you get two or more of them you're pretty much set. I'll always take an early Rupture because it's super strong since the buff and is relatively easy to build around. I find an upgraded True Grit very hard to say no to at any point in the run, likewise Disarm+. On Silent there are fewer must-picks, I think. Burst, Nightmare and Wraith Form are automatic. I'll always look for at least one Piercing Wail, and ideally two. Sadistic Nature is fun and rare enough that I'll pretty much always take it. I struggle to say no to Catalyst. I really only know one way to play Defect and that's taking just about every power I'm offered. Echo Form's basically a master key for a Defect run, but I'm also always excited to see Electrodynamics, Capacitor, Consume, Defrag, Biased Cog (though I'll need a Core Surge too) and Seek. Oh and Glacier. Typing this up I am starting to realise why I always end up with a deck of like 35 cards, haha. I love them all!
  7. A thousand thanks to you all once again. Especially @Popo for both subscribing and maybe helping @footle to as well, haha. There is a note on my phone from February that says, simply, 'Edge does The Fiver'. Main story then news in brief, funny yet insightful, its own house style etc etc. Just a very good format.
  8. So good. Really hyped for this.
  9. If you use the Substack platform you have to use Substack for payments, and the platform is perfect for what I want to do. It’s still very early for games on Substack so I saw an opportunity there. You’re absolutely right about the podcast model, if that’s what it’s called. It’s definitely where I want to take it eventually, but equally I didn’t want to commit to doing interviews and working on longer-form stuff until I knew people were actually willing to pay for it. Starting to think about it now though. Conversion rate is a little over 5% at the mo, which I think is very good given there’s no incentives. Well on the way.
  10. First, thank you all for this. Really appreciate it. The payment issue is annoying, and upsetting. Substack only accepts credit cards through Stripe, by the looks of it. I wonder whether they'll add more in over time but for the moment it's Stripe or nothing I'm afraid. They do seem pretty legit, though I understand the reticence. This bugs me too. I really like the flexibility of three days a week — particularly while this is still young and only bringing in a few hundred quid a month, and I need to chase down consulting gigs and stuff to keep the children in shoes. But as I think I've already said, I want this to be something people maybe actually look forward to receiving, but that's not going to happen unless they know when they'll be receiving it. (I had a couple of mock-grumpy texts this week asking where Monday's was, for example.) It's difficult, honestly. I figured I'd fix it to Monday, Wednesday, Friday — but then this week the 3yo was off sick on Monday, so I pushed that to Tuesday, and then the PlayStation stuff yesterday felt so important and under-discussed that I thought, you know, why wait? So yes, hmm and argh. The sharing thing is an interesting point I hadn't considered. The vast majority of my readers have come from Twitter, which makes sense because it trains people to click on stuff that interests them. LinkedIn's been useless (possibly my fault because I don't understand it, and hate what little I do understand) and I haven't even bothered with Facebook. I've had a couple of offers to syndicate the occasional edition on established websites that I'm chewing over. Feels a bit off to me but I'm considering it. Honestly I'd feel a bit of a fanny just copy-pasting something that's a couple of clicks away. There are literally no benefits to being a paid sub at the moment, it's simply a way to support it if you like it. At this stage it's really just about seeing the extent to which people are prepared to pay for good words on the internet. In the nearish future some things will go behind the paywall, but I'm still feeling my way around that.
  11. Sorry for the bump! I really am! Now we're a few weeks in I'd like to know how people are getting on with it. Growth has naturally slowed since the first week, but all the graphs are still moving upwards, so I'm happy enough. Since not-E3 I've reduced the frequency to three times a week, which seems to be working nicely given the rather more leisurely pace of news. I'm after any and all feedback at this point, but some things I'm particularly interested in include: -Is the cadence too frequent, not frequent enough, or about right? -Is it too text-heavy? (A couple of people have suggested I add images, and embed tweets and YT videos etc, which I'm not sure about personally. It's an email) -what does it do well, and not well enough? Is there anything you'd like to see more/less of? -If you've not already taken out a subscription, what would it take for you to do so? And, yes, any other thoughts - be that on content, structure, tone, terrible quality of jokes, etc - very much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Those are a chance drop from the special chest at the end of corrupted expunge, I believe. I have a Chroma Rush with subsistence and rampage and it’s terrific. Dunno what the god roll is but, yes, good gun.
  13. Pretty much my experience on iPad just now as well (also on BT, same speeds as you except ping, which is 14ms). I loaded up Destiny and didn't even get past the character selection screen, the cursor was just miles behind my inputs. Oh well.
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