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  1. No way they’ll nerf it before the end of the season surely. Not with all these SMG Artifact perks.
  2. You can do it! Unless you’ve lost already.
  3. They’ve already said that’s only a temp thing to show off new maps. Bigger rotation from tomorrow evening
  4. I love the quest. Instead of thinking ‘fucking fusion rifle prick’ like I would have done in the old days, it’s more like ‘ah you’re doing the quest, I’m a couple of steps ahead, good luck buddy’. Obviously they’re still a prick for killing me but the quest makes me like them, good design imo I don’t expect New Light to work at all honestly, seems it’s very ‘will this do’ in terms of structure and just about every other decision they’ve made has been tailored towards hardcore players. I think launching it alongside Shadowkeep was absolutely daft, they should either have done it over the summer when it could have its own news cycle, or held it back until spring or Christmas or even Stadia launch when the team weren’t so focused on Shadowkeep. Feels like they’ve sunk their own ship to an extent.
  5. Yeah I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Last night was the most fun I’ve ever had in Iron Banner (even before I got recluse). Despite the fact I barely got two games in a row because one of my kids is sick, I ended the evening with the quest finished, three of four bounties done, and the last one on 96%. I like the structure of that new quest and the way it nudges you out of your loadout comfort zone for a couple of games. I actually really like the zone lockout too. Didn’t understand it at first but then I realised they’ve effectively redesigned the mode around the way matchmade teams have always played control, running around madly and flipping spawns. It’s good stuff and speeds matches up considerably. Recluse is fucking nuts. Can’t wait to take it into PvE. It surely can’t be long for this world though.
  6. Fellow Recluse chasers, Iron Banner gives 5% progress per win.
  7. Crucible rank-ups are a bit weird, yeah. Normally dings when you go back to orbit but I've had a few pop up pretty randomly.
  8. Comp wins are +2 I think. I'm in a similar situation, was on 40-something per cent by the time I hit Fabled and then had to win 25-odd matches against people who were also Fabled. I've found there are certain times of day that are much better than others. Sweet spot was 2-3pm. I'm still only on 69% I think (nice). Will be playing Iron Banner for the first time in ages (and probably getting Fighting Lion out because I might as well go for Mountaintop while I'm at it).
  9. I watched Jorbs’ recent vid of a dead branch / corruption run on ironclad. I haven’t had one for ages so noted down the seed and fired it up. It’s not quite the same. I get the same rare card off the whale, the map is the same, the hallway fights and card choices are too. But the relics aren’t. I get oddly smooth stone from the chest (he gets whetstone i think) and at the moment he gets dead branch, I get sundial. I double checked the seed and I definitely got it right. So: 1. I’m on the beta branch. I assume he would be too for Watcher and buffs/nerfs etc. Regardless, should it make a difference? 2. Oh for fuck’s sake it’s an unlock isn’t it. Which I don’t have yet because I didn’t copy my save over to the beta folder. Ignore me. I shall leave this here as a mark of my idiocy. Good game, this.
  10. First go with the new one. Figured I was toast as I'm not sure I've ever beaten these guys without Corpse Explosion haha. But I just managed to pull it together, though as you can see from the paltry relic count I played it pretty safe throughout. Watcher is absolutely fascinating, and makes it v clear why they're so comparatively slow at adding new characters. So much going on and that's before any unlocks complicate things even further. I already agree with what imp says above about the importance of getting out of wrath, but I suppose that's what the Retain mechanic is there for. After act one I figured she was the glassiest cannon so far, but act 2 was a good bit slower and act 3 took me an absolute age, requiring a level of patience and thought I didn't think, from the first act, she was going to need. Anyway, really good fun. What a game!
  11. You have a total allowance across quests and bounties. 63 I think. It’s bigger than it was I think? But still not enough.
  12. Yeah I did contemplate that briefly. I like it when destiny encourages me to play differently — a bounty pushing me out of my normal loadout, stuff like that — but not when it forces me to do so for a very long time. My quest tab is generously stocked with pinnacle grinds with about 30 kills. Plus I’m enjoying sniping too much. I want to message everyone I one-shot to tell them I’m on controller.
  13. I loved the old Trials mechanic where heavy ammo only comes up on the Nth round and everyone gets some. I got some strong Trials vibes yesterday, I dearly hope they bring it back as was.
  14. Just wanted to say thanks for this. Knocked out Fabled from a standing start in about half a day yesterday. Still only on 47% wins required for the Triumph and Recluse, but that'll come soon enough. Solo queue is indeed a godsend. I made life particularly hard for myself – playing PC on controller, Dawnblade the only objectionable part of my arsenal – but more than held my own, at least until the schools kicked out and all the hyperactive children showed up. Was a good time, though it doesn't half show up the more, erm, problematic parts of the sandbox. A good few things need another balance pass.
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