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  1. I wouldn't take a Heavy Blade without already having some strength to back it up. Heavy Blade on its own gets you nowhere, eh. Without strength it's pretty much two Strikes that you have to play at the same time. Generally speaking your priority starting out is just getting through act one, so your focus is largely on getting more damage in your deck. To keep it on Ironclad that normally involves stuff like Wild Strike, Twin Strike, Hemokinesis, Iron Wave etc. For Silent it's Blade Dance, Quick Slash, even Sucker Punch; on Defect I'm looking for Ball Lightning, Defrag, something t
  2. But you can still find Resin when you're not at full health, can't you? I'm sure I remember cursing my luck when all I wanted was a heal.
  3. You're entirely correct, of course, but one of my favourite moments in the entire game was essentially door-scumming the first automaton I came across in the third level. Legged it to the previous room, backed away far enough for the door to close on him, then just inched forward until the door opened, fired a rocket at the fucker and immediately backed away again. Have that you big bastard. Turned into quite an effective strategy after that, until a Severed in another area teleported into the safe room and melee'd me to death.
  4. I did exactly this too. Was kinda furious, like, how the fuck could the algorithm produce a layout with a killroom in it. Would soon learn that chamber is always in the starting room, and yes, there's a grapple point. Mad to hear about all these crashes and interact glitches and stuff, was none of that in the review build. Must be the day-one patch that's caused it.
  5. Castle was never staff on Edge but he’s written for it plenty down the years. Think staff-wise he did NGamer, ONM, OXM and Rock Paper Shotgun. They’re both pretty much the same height I’m afraid, six foot or thereabouts. Think Castle might even be the taller.
  6. Yeah my favourite parasite was obolites take 1.5 seconds longer to disappear, with greatly increased melee and dash cooldowns. I’m good pal thanks
  7. Yeah it took me 40 hours to realise that if you stop thinking of it as a roguelike, and instead as an arcade game with pick-ups, it becomes a lot less frustrating.
  8. I found it easier to backdash the melee, gives you a bit more time to resettle yourself to dodge the laser ring. It’s a big arena so you might as well use it. And yes I didn’t ADS at all after a couple of hours. Not only because I kept accidentally trying to altfire when things got tense, but also because I found I wanted as wide a view of the action as possible.
  9. From memory you should be fine. You're missing out on some story but all the critical gear is on the critical path IIRC. Very pleased to see this thread pan out how I'd hoped/thought it would. Amazing first impression and then err, hang on. It's a game of peaks and troughs that's for sure. Stick with it! You can do it!
  10. I can only assume the save system got broken late on so they had to hoick it for launch, there's no reason for it not to be there. Leaderboards are only for dailies so there's no way they're protecting those, and quite frankly if people want to save-scum your very difficult singleplayer game after they've given you £70 then you should just let them.
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