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  1. I don't doubt the purity of their intentions, and if it came across like I was saying they intentionally stoked the fires of etc and so on then I apologise. But part of the reason they've been this successful is that they provide ammunition for people who want to score points about this stuff. They're providing a very useful service to a lot of people — myself included! — but unfortunately a chunk of those people are just really awful pricks.
  2. In an awkward sort of spot with this now, where I'm starting to think about actual builds rather than just making the best of what I'm offered, but not knowing how to successfully change tack when RNG doesn't give me the stuff I'm looking for. I seem to remember a similar thing happening with Slay The Spire, where I knew X number of winning strategies but didn't know what to do when said strategies didn't become available. Unlike StS, I'm not sure I'm enjoying the runs where it doesn't go to plan quite enough to keep plugging away at it. I'm not sure I'm actually learning much fro
  3. PS4 Pro-Life Checks and balance patches And, you know, so on.
  4. I feel bad for John as he seems like a good bloke, he really knows his stuff and his DF Retro work is terrific. Rich Leadbetter's an OG. And yes, capital-G gamerz are the pits. But DF has done more to stoke the fires of the console wars over the last five years than anyone. I'm not aware of any professional-level film outlet that's doing Netflix vs Amazon face-offs twice a week, eh. What I do find fascinating (read: morbidly upsetting) about this is that the toxicity has gone through the roof precisely because the two consoles are effectively functionally identical at launch. When
  5. FFS. Ten minutes after Demon’s Souls arrives too.
  6. I have the same. You're Bristol as well, right? Annoyingly the Demon's Souls I ordered from Amazon shortly after getting the PS4 yesterday is already out for delivery. Guess I'll stare at it while waiting for the email telling me the console's been delayed or turned into an air fryer.
  7. They're obviously at the point now where they have so much data and can just look at which cards aren't being taken, and buff them up. Shows what a stable spot the game is in. Don't really see any game changers there (though Hemo seemed like a big buff they've already walked it back, I think). Speeding up Rupture's all good. I don't think I've ever taken Phantasmal Killer and have only ever got it from transforms or the whale, but the 2 cost just made it too much of an investment given how situational it is. I still play this game every day. Doing nice breezy Silent A1
  8. Yeah I've got two John Lewis buttons going. The website won't even load in another tab so it's clearly down. Come on buddy, you can do it.
  9. I use the 1 Thing drum track in just about everything. Love it.
  10. Is there a quick way of telling which purples to keep/shard?
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