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  1. Yes, you can transfer characters from PS4 to PC (or vice versa etc). Free version comes out on October 1 alongside Shadowkeep, it'll have a tonne of stuff though obviously if you want the real progression game you'll need to buy the new stuff. There's a good couple of months' worth of stuff in there though. Made the switch to PC last night. Only got about half an hour in before the servers shat the bed but my word, those frames are nice.
  2. Just coincidence. Star Wars we didn’t do one because there was hardly any art about (and Disney’s approval process doesn’t really fit with our habit of telling PRs at E3 that we want to put their game on the cover and please show us all the art you have immediately) and we felt the text lifted the image. Without it, it just looked like something was missing. This month is one of those occasions where we’ve gone so nuts on the treatments for the newsstand cover that anything different we did for subs would have felt inferior to it. We want subs to have the most beautiful version, not just a different one. Sometimes that will mean you get the same as the newsagent. But only rarely. Normal service will resume in due course (hopefully this month but I’ve been on hols the last two weeks and am blissfully ignorant of what’s going on).
  3. I lost a run last night with Corruption and Dead Branch. The shame is deep.
  4. Do we have to use spoiler tags given the immeasurably more sociable scheduling? I’m on mobile (as I imagine most of us are) and it’s such a faff.
  5. I think you’ll find that was me.
  6. I might be, depends on when it was put together. I don’t register in advance because a) I’m disorganised, b) I don’t want randos pitching me stuff I’m not interested in weeks before I’ve even opened my schedule, c) it’s quicker and easier for print to register on site because you just need an issue and a business card rather than fannying about with pdfs, and d) I really am disorganised, I can’t stress that enough. If I am on it it’s just using information from the credits page in the mag which is just business address and phone number, which is all obviously easily available. Our business cards just have the logo and our email addresses on it because we’re wankers. But yeah I should probably look into it. Horrific oversight and I suspect it’s going to hurt them quite a lot, especially if EU-based lawyers get involved.
  7. Congrats man. Unfortunately you’ve made a huge mistake, SFV finals start at 8pm UK time this year. All that work for nothing
  8. I feel attacked, but also understood. Amazing post, thank you.
  9. I know I had lots of the well-known strong cards there, but a special shout out to Go For The Eyes, which really helped paper over some cracks (especially early on, I didn’t get a frost orb until the second half of Act 2). After all I said about balance earlier it has occurred to me that Apotheosis being one cost when upgraded is mayyyybe a bit nuts.
  10. And just like that! Thanks for the advice you lot. It’s great to know I’ve now finished this game and can go play other things. *cough*
  11. Oh that's really cool! Thank you. I am in awe of how finely balanced this game is. There's madly OP stuff in here, sure, and you get the odd run where nothing comes together at all. But almost all of my deaths are close-run things decided by a few points of health. Have had some amazing comebacks too. They've got so much of the maths just right, it's very clever.
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