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  1. I am loving this game. Played it pretty heavily for a period at the start of the year, then gradually lost interest due to a lack of things to do compared with other Animal Crossings, but have recently found it perfect for short 10-15 mins plays every few days. The relaxing and charming nature of its predecessors is still there. Currently I’m recovering from a particularly nasty bout of gastroenteritis and there’s nothing like just dropping in on my camp to say hi to the campers to lift the spirits.
  2. I have no idea who could watch this and prefer the one on the right. The original is so much more charming.
  3. Are you able to order games from Amazon Japan to the UK then? I know that didn't used to be the case, great if it has changed...
  4. Just got this and played it for about 40 mins yesterday with my housemate. Absolutely love the visuals and style - but found it to be a bit of a button masher's delight. Edit: just realised, is this due to us only playing using the wiimote on it's side NES style? In the options 'easy operation' was off but maybe this way it's automatically on?
  5. lau


    Wow, just noticed this thread, this looks brilliant. Love the plasticene model of poy! Look forward to seeing more of this as it develops.
  6. Yeah, I just got the new version of Logic Pro and they're all included instrument sounds for the sampler.
  7. I came back from a night out and drunkenly downloaded an acapella of 'My Love' by Justin Timberlake, thinking I wanted to do a jazz version. Woke up the next morning and my drunk version was terrible, so I did it again a bit each night and here it is. Any opinions/criticisms would be great! MyLoveLauMix.mp3 I can't remember where I downloaded the acapella, but if anybody wants it to have a go at a remix themselves let me know and I can email it to you.
  8. lau

    Christmas songs

    This is completely wrong. I don't really like most of the Christmas songs, and had a vague idea of this one's tune, but saw it on a music channel last week and it's brilliant! Love the bleeping synth chords and the held synth notes on the top, and the bit in the middle at 2:39 when it goes into full on synth solo - brilliant. http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb5hauj-U-A Check it again, you'll see I'm right.
  9. That's brilliant! Which episode is it from, don't think I've ever heard it.
  10. I would HATE to play that game, but I'm enjoying the videos!
  11. lau

    That one song

    'Lady Wants To Know' by Michael Franks. I was with the girl for four years and during a massive argument halfway through when she came to visit me at uni, we argued for so long she missed her coach, and stayed an extra night. We made up in a really good way (I remember feeling really good about the future), and fell asleep with this song accidentally on repeat. Woke up at 5 or something to get the first coach back. Really really stuck like no other song, only recently can I bear to listen to it again.
  12. lau

    Kinda Brazilian Samba stuff

    Try some Snowboy and the Latin Section. EDIT: this is for Soong's general looking. No idea what Dexter even is. SECOND EDIT: and just realised how old it was. What a great post this is.
  13. 1. Gradius 2. Outrun 2, the 4 player little car version with the in car camera on your face 3. Puzzle Bobble (the Azumanga Daioh version as it's great for VS) 4. Some form of Pop n Music 5. Time Crisis 2 6. One of the Dance Dance Revolutions, whichever one they had in Park Royal when I was 14 7. Virtua Tennis
  14. This completely reminds me of the scene in Peep Show when Super Hans is talking about the girl and he's like "she was on that 9-5 bullshit at HSBC, but now you've got your room in the center, and you're making your masks!"
  15. I couldn't remember either, so I searched, and yes it is!
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