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  1. My Gameplay copy arrived first thing this morning, and didn't require a signature. It's just a shame I'm trapped at work until 4:30
  2. Commander Riker should do it, he is familiar with space after all.
  3. I watched this on Wednesday night for the first time, and I'd just like to say how good it is. Except I can't, as it is utter horse shit. Ford looked like he'd been woken up from a pensioners slumber, and taken straight on set to read his lines. There was no spark at all in him. Maybe he realised that the story was a complete turd, who knows. 4/10
  4. I made this last night, and it was fucking amazing. My stomach thanks you for sharing this recipe.
  5. The last few minutes of Philadelphia got me going.
  6. What is the show about? Genuine question.
  7. I'm just over half way through Stalingrad by Antony Beevor. The Russians have launched Operation Uranus, and their attempt to encircle the Sixth Army - it's fascinating stuff. Once that's finished, I've got Berlin to read, also by Beevor.
  8. I'm now inspired to go with an Asian theme, I'm thinking: Salt and spicy prawns to start, or go with teriyaki, and I saw a recipe for teppanyaki steak on Videojug. Decisions!
  9. That's an idea, we both love teriyaki. I've never used mirin before, but I'm guessing it's just like using rice wine?
  10. I'm planning on going the surf and turf route. The last time I did this it was a winner - I left the prawns to marinate in some soy sauce, tabasco, worcestor sauce and garlic, then fried them up in the juices of the steaks. I was thinking of doing something along the same lines, but using soy and rice wine vinegar for the marinade. That should give them quite a sweet flavour, which I hope would complement the nicely seasoned steak.
  11. Me and Mortis have played our games, 1-1 and then a 3-0 win for me. I just couldn't cope with Landzaat in the first game, so I thought I'd switch from 4-4-2 to my custom 3-5-2 in the second game. It paid dividends, as I was a lot quicker on the break. Cheers for the games mate.
  12. The controls for this are dire. I find that trying to get a precise aim on a target is quite a difficult task. I've upped the sensitivity, but it makes no difference. So far, it's a case of pre-order cancelled.
  13. Me and Mike. are playing at 1pm on Saturday, and I hope to play Mortis on Sunday.
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