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  1. I think they did away with the rule that you had to take your quali 2 tyres into the race, or did I imagine it?
  2. Top time is 3 seconds slower than best at the test. Can't wait until quali to see what everyone has.
  3. I've only seen it bounce on the bumpy bit at the end of the main straight.
  4. As expected, no sign of porpoising on the Merc this week.
  5. Has there been any news on Danny Ric?
  6. Wasn't he even sitting in 3rd on one of his sub races... was it the wet Germany race... and binned it in the wall?
  7. Ha ha, no. Just let some kid get some experience.
  8. Christ, I wish they'd find someone else for a change. Are they just going to keep dragging him out for an eternity of proving he can't get a podium? Give someone else a chance.
  9. Looks that way. I'm sure Ted or someone said very recently that media day would be on Fridays instead of Thursdays now so I guess that's what's left of it. Bit odd though as it was supposed to compensate for an increase in the number of races
  10. Weren't we supposed to be having shorter race weekends this year? The schedule looks the same as ever.
  11. As much as it allowed me to go through the process with apparent success, I've had no confirmation email and no indication in my account that anything has changed, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what they charge me next month. They're a shower of asshats.
  12. Wow, the ultimate catch.
  13. Having already subscribed prior to testing at £34, I thought I'd missed out on any offers, but thought I'd give it a go and they seem to have accepted it, charging me £0, although I'm not sure I trust it. Correction, I am sure I don't trust it.
  14. Ha ha, yep, and that's what I find a bit jarring, but I guess they have no choice if it's a rights issue.
  15. Yeah for sure, I'll be interested to hear how you find it.
  16. That's interesting, thanks. No, he sounds very natural, as if it was indeed live. The problem is that what he says just happens to fit the narrative of the only two drivers or teams that episode is focused on and so is clearly scripted and contrived. He delivers the lines with appropriate enthusiasm and does a good job in that respect, it's that the situation exists that grates.
  17. I find the worst thing about DTS is that guy (is it Alex Jacqes, the F2 commentator?) whose lines are obviously recorded post season but portrayed as being commentary from the live events. I have my suspicions about Will Buxton's contributions in that regard also. Anyway, they managed to make a very dull series out of the most exciting season in many years. Quite the achievement.
  18. Max awarded all 3 podium places to cement his relationship with the new race directors.
  19. Can't wait, it feels like there might be some surprises in the starting grid.
  20. I'd be happy if every season was that exciting, minus the last race.
  21. I expect they'll have that sorted out by next week and therefore able to turn the engine up without shaking the car and drivers to bits.
  22. That does look like the current pecking order at least. That Ferrari are definitely going to be in the mix is a pretty exciting prospect for the season..
  23. And more importantly, looking like by far the most driveable car at the moment. Merc are definitely struggling in that regard so they have some work to do before next week. Agreed about the cars looking extremely ponderous in the slower corners. Quite painful to watch. I think it's going to make for a very different form of racing this year.
  24. A new Red Bull appears. It is effective.
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