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  1. Very good point! In that event I will of course refund the mexos and make a £40 donation to a charity of his choosing. It might just be the perfect ending to this season. Come on Max!
  2. What a gent, thank you, very generous.
  3. Hey @mexos, I've found a worthy charity for your £20 donation. In honour of Sir Frank, I chose Wings for Life, who are working to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. They are a not-for-profit research foundation where 100% of all donations are used for research purposes because "all administrative costs are kindly covered by the Red Bull Company." Our bets were fun this year and I hope we can do something similar next year. I'll even try to make it fairer for you.
  4. Indeed, but the guy in front has the right to take the racing line unless there's someone to his outside already, which is why passing on the outside is risky because momentum is against inside guy being able to leave space even if he wants to. So you're either alongside and force inside guy to concede, or you're a cheeky bastard who deserves to be guided off track.
  5. Because otherwise going around the outside would be a free pass as inside guy has to give up the natural racing line and speed, which isn't fair on him unless outside guy is already alongside. I think outside guy's front wing by inside guy's front wheel, or similar, is the accepted minimal standard for being alongside?
  6. I think you would get that if the RB was able to compete but the way things are looking, Merc look likely to be quicker which means Max's only chance will be to get super aggressive. Lewis needs pole, a clean getaway and staying well ahead. RB are going to have to set up for the race rather than qualifying like they did last weekend and hope it's good enough. Imo.
  7. Yes, on an almost race by race basis it seems, but traditionally, unless you're fully alongside, the guy on the inside can legally squeeze you and that's how it should be. Of course each incidence of it has to be judged on its own merits as there can be so many variables.
  8. If Lewis leaves a car width, Max would have been through with 2 wheels still on the track and probably half Lewis' wing hanging off. Lewis ain't daft.
  9. He's free to take whatever line he wants into the corner as long as Max isn't alongside imo, you RB fanboy.
  10. Nah, Max chanced his arm and got shepherded off in a totally fair move. He wasn't alongside in any controlled manner going into the corner.
  11. I don't agree actually. Ham has been doing that exact move for years and it has quite rightly been deemed fine by the FIA for years.
  12. No, Masi called Merc to say he had almost considered a black and white flag.
  13. Hamilton's Brazil engine is only 2 races old and should be plenty good enough.
  14. Interviewed on the F1 Nation podcast, Horner said Lewis was a second faster per lap than Max and seemed less than optimistic the situation would be any different in Abu Dhabi. Max will probably have to be extremely aggressive or watch Ham sail off into the distance. Wonder which one he'll go for.
  15. Vettel doesn't have the nerve for it any more. People will make their own mind up about Max and that's fine of course, but for me he's the most exciting thing to happen to F1 in a long time. I genuinely don't think being deliberately unsportsmanlike is the essence of his driving approach.
  16. It's shocking, I know, but we've all seen the evidence now so there's no point denying it. I'm a fan of Max and obviously a massive racist but it's tempered by also being a fan of Lewis, Charles, Lando, Danny Ric and Carlos, so I manage to hide under the radar.
  17. I'm sorry mate, but the case is closed. Max fans are despicable racists because... actually I'm not sure we've heard all the evidence for that yet, but they definitely are. All of them. And the evidence against Max is compelling. If a friend of a friend of morcs saying that Max doesn't exactly discourage their behaviour and that he once called notable minority figure, Lance Stroll, a mongol isn't enough for you, then I don't know what to tell you, but it's definitely enough to drag his name through the mud.
  18. His use of the word mongol was very wrong, no doubt about that.
  19. Certainly sounds like a solid case you're building there.
  20. I'm going to suggest that it wasn't the less savoury side of Senna's on-track actions that Lewis idolised but his car handling, speed and passing skills, particularly in the wet, when he wasn't cheating. Edit: Yeah, just like Max then, good point.
  21. I want Lewis to win because he hasn't won when challenged since 2008 and has done an incredible job to have hung in there this year with someone who is more than a match for him. I think he will and it will be well deserved. I want Max to win because the past 7 years have been dull as fuck under Mercedes' car dominance and he'll have done it at the first opportunity with some incredible driving skills. Next week is going to be unbelievably tense and pressure filled, I think they should just call it a draw.
  22. He braked, to try to get the DRS. That's not the same thing as brake testing Lewis. Max had been told to let Lewis past and must have been wondering why he wasn't passing him. Lewis hadn't been told that Max had been instructed to let him past so was confused as to why Max was slowing down, prior to his strong braking. If Lewis had been properly informed, he wouldn't have been directly behind Max and Max clearly didn't expect Lewis to be sat directly behind him.
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