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  1. At some point in the near future, I think we're going to see Ferrari, RB and Merc all battling for wins and we will hopefully see a close fight between them in both championships.
  2. The safety car didn't help RB, quite the opposite. Having pitted for a third time, they were banking on being able to catch Charles on new softs by the end of the race but the safety car allowed Leclerc a free pit stop and fresh tyres. Jolyon Palmer analysed the data, which showed that, without the safety car, Max would have caught Charles on the last lap (fuel pump problems notwithstanding) and also that he did potentially have the pace to perform the undercut but was lifting and coasting into corners as per the team's instructions.
  3. They had plenty of fuel but there was a fault with the fuel pump on both cars not supplying fuel at lower levels.
  4. So happy for Charles, he deserves the chance.
  5. Nice one Ferrari. Go Charles!
  6. Mate, that's all you get in here.
  7. We only need one racing lap
  8. Exactly. Upping their game all over the place
  9. Slick Ferrari stops
  10. You know not much is happening when you're waiting on Bottas to pass someone.
  11. We've had to wait too long for Charles and Max to go at it
  12. It's a button on Checo's steering wheel.
  13. Unbelievable how poorly McLaren are doing after looking so promising in Spain.
  14. Fully expecting turn 1 mayhem.
  15. Why was Naomi down there with all the big nobs? Yes and it gets worse during the race.
  16. One, haven't seen them named, driver did lose a lap time over it, apparently.
  17. It does have an on demand feature but I haven't tested it to see how comprehensive it is. Looking at it now, it has all the testing and all the practice and quali sessions from this year. Edit: Ooh, it seems to have all sessions and full races from last year so that bodes well.
  18. As well as those, I like the Missed Apex podcast. Entertaining despite most of the regulars and guests being Lewis fan boys.
  19. Aren't you going to introduce us?
  20. George is going to be just fine. He lost a second at T1.
  21. Charles WDC would be so so good.
  22. Fantastic, Charles! Merc 5th & 9th, you love to see it.
  23. Tragedy if Kmag doesn't get out
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