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  1. Go Lando, 1st after the first turn.
  2. Are we going to start getting grid penalties for body piercings?
  3. Glad you could make it.
  4. Down to 3 DRS zones for the race now.
  5. 3 place grid penalty for Checo?
  6. Nice grid. Go Charles.
  7. I hate helmet cam.
  8. They're both too dangerous to have on an F1 track.
  9. Getting his mandatory crash out of the way nice and early.
  10. Surprised to see Latifi bin it.
  11. Let's go. Sounds like both Astons found the wall in FP3.
  12. It's the C2, 3 and 5 tyres this weekend, which should make for some interesting strategy calls and there's talk of trialing an increase in the pit lane speed.
  13. So quali 7am and race start 6am. Who's watching live? I hope to make it.
  14. The Merc certainly isn't working as designed, so far. Let's see how much of a step they've taken for Australia.
  15. It's gong to become the new Monaco, which is just as well because Monaco is on very shaky ground by all accounts with just 1 year left on its contract and F1 increasingly unhappy with the restrictions on them making money imposed by the principality. With thousands of people booking rooms overlooking the track in the likes of Caesars Palace and many others, I can easily see this becoming a longstanding arrangement.
  16. Such cynicism in one so young.
  17. It's all to be resurfaced.
  18. What do the drivers think about a Vegas race? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=800YZlS27rg
  19. According to Joe Saward, that won't be the layout.
  20. It's not looking great for you in this year's bet either. 1-1 in quali and George already ahead on points. Another few good races from Geo and it will be "Lewis, it's James" time.
  21. With only 21 races to go, it's hard to see it any other way.
  22. It's going to be a long year for Carlos.
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