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  1. Looks way better than the insanely ugly wheel covers, imo. Can't see Merc taking this any further as article 5.13 or whatever it was stating that the race director can do whatever the fuck he wants with the safety car pretty much has it covered. I can't see that they can, or would even want to, have any influence on whether Masi remains in post.
  2. Yes but not before they've been refueled and had the jet packs/wheel spikes removed.
  3. I'd be happy for that to be the set in stone rule where a safety car event looks like it risks the race finishing under safety car. Maybe 10 laps or less to go? It at least lets the leader pit and have fresh tyres without losing track position.
  4. It does happen and is well within the rules and at the discretion of the race director. Decision usually according to track safety considerations.
  5. It would have undoubtedly have been better for all concerned if Masi had stuck to convention but I do have some sympathy towards him for wanting the last race of such a momentous season to finish as a race rather than behind the safety car. He could have achieved that without controversy by not allowing any lapped cars to pass as he originally decreed, yes? Why he changed that plan is where things become... confusing.
  6. Surely there must be a bank of qualified people out there, no? A senior steward perhaps?
  7. I said previously that Max was a worthy winner over the season but that's wrong actually. Mercedes and Hamilton had to pull out all the stops to overcome the challenge set by RB and Max this year, and they succeeded against all odds in taking it to the last race. Mercedes and Lewis were the worthy winners this year but RB and particularly Max did give them a good run for their money. Lewis has every right to feel aggrieved and its a mark of his character that he handled the post race with dignity. Much respect to him.
  8. We're accustomed to having Sky pundits go over controversies in great detail at the next race, but will there be any more Sky F1 broadcasts this year? It would be a shame not to get interviews with Masi et al.
  9. I genuinely think Masi has shown signs of extreme stress and inability to cope over the past few months. I think it might have been after the Silverstone incident where he was visibly shaking and twitching during an interview. I don't think his mental health is in a good place at all and I feel sorry for him in that regard, but he needs to see that himself, or be advised of it and step down.
  10. There's a video of Ham/Bono's radio from after the safety car came out. Pretty certain he said engineered rather than manipulated, but same difference.
  11. I'm struggling to see any justification for the principals to be able to speak to the race director unless asked to do so by the director. In general it should be the race director telling the teams how it is going to be, with no discussion on the matter. Although that does require a race director who can be trusted.
  12. Nicely put @kiroquai I do think they'll sort it out for next year because of this fiasco because it was too blatant to sweep under the carpet.
  13. It's a shame that due to the unfairness of it all that we can't fully appreciate what was an incredible last lap. Incredible mainly because despite being a sitting duck, Lewis put up a fight that was truly astonishing and a mark of just what a legend of a driver he is. It was in many ways some of the best driving I have seen from him. Max had by far the easier task but he still had to execute and he did so extremely well, but I'd have loved to see Lewis hanging on.
  14. A fair and accurate summary there I'd say, McCoy.
  15. Yes it would have been more interesting to see if he could win having to pass the lapped cars. They'd have dived out of the way pretty smartish but it would have cost him a few seconds. Doubtful he'd have made it and high chance it ends with a Carlos win and a lot of wreckage. Shambles all round.
  16. Lewis is the GOAT as far as I'm concerned. What he achieved this year was truly incredible. He has no weaknesses as far as I can see.
  17. Always. There will be ramifications from this. Some good will come out of this.
  18. You don't know anything about me.
  19. I have no doubt whatsoever that there will be major changes for next year. Track limits will be the white line for all tracks, the rules of overtaking will be clarified. There will be no communication between team principles and race director, except in one direction etc etc. Whether Masi will be there or not I don't know but he'll be working under more strict guidlines if he is.
  20. I both agree and disagree. Masi's mistake, as it has been all year was in being too slow to make a decision. If he had decided right away to let all cars unlap themselves, as is normally the case, then we probably would have had the same result. In delaying that decision, I can actually see why he decided to compromise and allow the championship contenders to fight it out by allowing only those cars interfering to go past. It was quite ridiculous that he wasted time in not allowing all cars past so I think he was trying to make up for that mistake. Lewis was very unfortunate to be on old tyres and max on new ones, but that's not Masi's fault nor something he can take into consideration. Of course, if he had allowed all cars through, having delayed the decision, the race would have ended under the safety car, which wouldn't have been very satisfactory either, but I'm not saying he shouldn't have. Lewis was robbed, but more by the safety car than by Masi.
  21. That's how full safety cars work. They allow the field to bunch up, which does indeed disadvantage the car at the front, but all drivers have won out and lost out to this. Virtual safety cars, where everyone maintains the same distance to the car in front were introduced to alleviate this situation but when track conditions dictate, a full safety car is required. No-one would argue that this was one such situation.
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