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  1. Ah, bit of clever cross-referencing, very good.
  2. I'm missing something. Any means all, no?
  3. It's nice Toto has the Niki cap in the picture.
  4. You should have carried on, it gets even better.
  5. He's as annoying as all fuck but he's never dull.
  6. You wanna break the rules!? I'll show you how to break the rules!
  7. Ah, I guess in the lead was the last place he expected to find him.
  8. Oh, sorry if I gave that impression as I actually found it most illuminating. I felt sure Merc and the FIA would have sorted all this out over a beer by now and be best buddies again, so I had no idea there was still some tension between them.
  9. You've all got the courtroom lawyer speak down, very impressive. Don't forget "I put it to you, sir!..."
  10. The script writers should have made it a Honda powered car that crashed rather than a Mercedes powered one. Slipped up there.
  11. Considering how much drama Netflix pretends is happening when there is none, this year's series should be a humdinger.
  12. I have no clue either of course. Who will even have the best cars next year!? Let's hope there's more than one team contending at least. As far as George and Lewis go, I'm just going for an outside bet for the fun of it. I mean who thought Max would really outscore Checo by more than 100 points this year, or outqualify him so dramatically, but here we are. I think George will be hungry. Very hungry. Can see him pushing Lewis to the limit and maybe, just maybe he's got the talent to win out. Charity wins whatever happens so it's all good and gives us an extra little point of interest to rag each other about.
  13. Console yourself that at least Lewis will get best driver of the year who didn't win the championship again next year!
  14. And the award for Best driver of the year who didn't win the championship goes to...
  15. Of course I am. I feel obliged to have you support charity in any way I can.
  16. So be it, Lewis gets a deserved win, but who would bet against Max having one chance for the win in such a scenario? mexos probably. He's not very good at predicting F1.
  17. Indeed. I'd have liked to see that lap.
  18. Yes, and surely the lapped cars would have leapt out of Max's way given what was at stake and them not wanting to interfere with the result, so it could still have been an exciting last lap.
  19. It is being widely reported that Masi made it clear to the teams, and the teams were in agreement, that in the event of a late safety car, he would make every effort to not have the race end under a safety car. Martin Brundle said in an interview that it takes more time than you'd imagine to actually work out who the lapped cars are and their relative positions in the field, particularly when you're also having to monitor the recovery of a crashed vehicle and field demands from frantic team principals. In imagining this situation, with remaining laps dwindling fast, these considerations go some way to explaining, if not excusing, the reasoning behind the "solution" he came up with. This solution did of course heavily disadvantage Lewis and heavily favour Max. Perhaps a different solution would have seen Max disadvantaged, with RB throwing their toys out of the pram. If having the race not finish under safety car was seen as all important and pre agreed with the teams, it still leaves not letting any lapped cars through as a more fair solution, for Lewis, but perhaps not for Max. I'd have preferred the no cars let through option as Lewis had surely earned that much at least, but again, the more information that emerges, the slightly less bizarre or sinister Masi's decision appears.
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