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  1. Not in corners though eh?
  2. There has been some talk about this from the drivers and pundits who seem to think that DRS is still necessary to pass but that maybe the length of the zones could be tweaked to avoid too easy overtaking. Whilst following is easier, there is less tow.
  3. Less to do with the sprint than the weather, I'd say. If it had been wet today there would still be a more mixed grid, and if qualy had taken place today as normal, it would have been dry so we wouldn't have had the grid we had for the sprint.
  4. Nicely patient by Max, making Charles use up his battery and did well to keep it on track at the chicane after the pass.
  5. Have you remembered today?
  6. Unrest in the house of Merc with Toto and Lewis exchanging words.
  7. Great qualy, great grid. Kmag in 4th, Lando 3rd.
  8. Rain, 4 red flags, both Mercs out in Q2, you've made it for the finale.
  9. Oh well, Merc weren't looking like getting out of Q2 before the rain anyway.
  10. Wow, Mercedes are shit.
  11. Ferrari walking this so far.
  12. Thankfully for them it's looking like a dry race so they should be ok.
  13. I suspect it's a symptom of how much downforce they have in hand.
  14. Ferrari 1.5 seconds ahead of RB in the wet. Merc almost 5 seconds back.
  15. So a possible 34 points to be earned this weekend with 25+8+1 for race win, sprint win and fastest lap. Pole position, for the record books, will be awarded to the fastest in qualifying, even though the sprint race might not see them in pole position for the full race.
  16. Nasty, I hope he wasn't hurt. No doubt a pretty traumatic experience.
  17. Nice. I'm about to give the Weber its Spring clean and get it fired up. Do post pics of the brisket when done, if it's not too late already!
  18. $17M at Renault and $15M at McLaren according to Google. He'll just have to cut down on eating out and make do.
  19. Blue


    What happens next? Does it have to sit for a while? Pics when you pour it please.
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