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  1. The ease of cleaning them is one of their biggest plus points. They have a good non-stick coating so a quick swish in dishwater is all it takes.
  2. I pray to God that Merc' have a good car next year. The mass hysteria tantrums of the Lewis fanboys have been unbearable this season.
  3. Remember the big reveal of the no sidepods, when Merc reckoned it was going to gain them a second a lap? Maybe it did!
  4. I think there is very, very little chance that Checo crashed deliberately at Monaco and precisely zero chance that he admitted as much to the team. The video proves nothing as the hybrid era cars have always been notorious for peaky torque coming out of slow corners. Max may well have it in his head that Checo binned it deliberately though. I wouldn't be surprised if Checo's contract runs out prematurely next season, Max having shot himself in the foot on this one by losing the trust, respect and compliance of the perfect wingman.
  5. Pleased for George and a nice little consolation for Merc's miserable season.
  6. Another safety car and we might get a race.
  7. Lewis's fault all the way.
  8. I so hope KMag is leading into and out of the first corner.
  9. Let's not forget, 8 cars got a dry lap in and KMag was the quickest.
  10. "Am I the only car on inters?" "Um, yes."
  11. Blue


    You are now my soul brother. I think you'll like Brazilian bourbon. It's a jacked up Santos.
  12. Not me. There is much to play out yet. Alpine/McLaren, Checo/Charles, Ferrari/Merc, good tracks and hopefully good races.
  13. This is a straight golf sim.
  14. I'm certainly enjoying this now although it is barely a step forward from 2k21 and is a step backwards in some regards. I've grown to appreciate the increase in difficulty of bunker shots and chipping which is the only significant difference from its predecessor as far as I can tell. There remain some rather large problems with it though. The menus are both unfathomable and broken. Incredibly, there seems to be no way of removing accessories like sunglasses/hats etc unless you replace them and items of clothing you already own have to be paid for again if you want to re equip them. But by far the biggest problem with the game is that it doesn't manage the simple task of keeping score. For example, if you are 1 up in an online match and have a putt to tie the last hole, the game doesn't let you take the putt, instead dictating a playoff. It's truly bizarre and annoying. Hopefully some of the more annoying bugs will be sorted soon.
  15. It's not an option available to the FIA, yet.
  16. Could there be a worse place to watch F1 than the stadium section in Mexico?
  17. Dunno, it's a pretty severe penalty for such a minor infraction.
  18. Apparently the FIA found that RB had not taken up a tax subsidy that they were allowed which would have cut 1.4M off the overspend, making it a 0.37% overspend, which has figured into their consideration of the penalty. The FIA statement reads "There is no accusation or evidence that RB racing has sought at any time to act in bad faith, dishonestly or in a fraudulent manner, nor has it willfully concealed any information from the cost cap administration."
  19. Lewis Hamilton has revealed he plans to sign a new "multi-year" contract with Mercedes that will see the seven-time world champion race into his forties. The 37-year-old said earlier in his career that he did not envisage racing to such an age, but after losing out to Red Bull's Max Verstappen on two successive drivers' titles, insists Mercedes "have a championship that we need to get back". Let's hope it doesn't end in a vettel-style slide in performance.
  20. Alonso receives 10 second stop go penalty, converted to a 30 second time penalty as stewards determine his car was sent out on track in an unsafe condition. He drops to 15th. Stroll receives a 3 place grid penalty for causing a collision.
  21. Good race. Lewis cruelly denied that elusive first win of the season with Max putting on a show.
  22. Ok, I'm a bit happier with this now. Chatted with an opponent today as all the moving his ball out of the bunker on to the fairway, taking away putts he had made, putting the ball on the green from having landed a mile away etc wasn't happening on his screen like it was on mine so I guess that makes it some kind of server issue rather than a problem with the game itself? I've also adjusted to the control method now and playing a lot better. There are still a lot of bugs like the swing cancelling and losing items etc but hopefully they'll sort them out soon. I'm at least able to start enjoying the game now that I don't think it's cheating me.
  23. Yep, it's not your controller. Yet another bizarre bug. They've got some fixing to do.
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