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  1. And that's just in here.
  2. That's what they have set themselves up for it seems. I think the incident in question wasn't quite as clear cut as it first appears but going on previous decisions, they should have at least made Max give back the place or preferably given a 5 second penalty. Doing so after the race would be a mistake imo. I think they'll probably have a word with the drivers and make it clear what's allowed in the next 3 races or things might get silly.
  3. A wise decision. As Brundle and others said, the onboard footage didn't tell us anything we didn't already know.
  4. I wonder what gains Alpha more points, a more talented driver who, let's say for the sake of the exercise comes in with paltry sponsorship, or Zhou with what Vasseur says is enough moolah to enable them to reach the cost cap that they were previously working well below. So you can have a better driver and less money to develop the car or a lesser driver with the chance to optimise the car's performance throughout the year. Which scenario gains most points?
  5. Yeah sadly you won't see Vettel either. He'd be great but he told Brundle in an interview that he wouldn't be interested.
  6. Yes I'm a big fan of that podcast as well as the F1 Nation podcast with TC, Pinks and Damon Hill and also the Missed Apex podcast. Sky really needs to do a quick swap between PDR and Jolyon.
  7. Yeah his analyses are great.
  8. They got word early that there was no further action so he didn't have to. Pity really, as it might have spiced up the end of the race a little.
  9. I doubt it would have, but it's a possibility. Max eased right off knowing he couldn't get back past lewis.
  10. No argument from me. Maybe it is a form of triage system to prevent overloading the stewards? I don't know.
  11. Of course, it's ridiculous that they didn't refer it to the stewards and have made a rod for their own back for upcoming races. Expect to see a lot of cars off track, not least Lewis and Max, possibly accompanied by a wall. Should be fun.
  12. I think that's mixing its words a bit. My understanding is that the race director and his team decide if an incident (noted by them) warrants being referred to the stewards. If the matter is not referred to them, the stewards don't investigate it. If it is referred to them, the stewards then decide whether it needs action taken or not and proceed accordingly. As the noted incident wasn't referred to the stewards, it is a moot point to claim that they did not have all the evidence to examine, as they didn't have any evidence to examine, in an official capacity at least.
  13. Hard to appeal a stewards' decision when there was none. That's the problem with the decision not to refer it to them.
  14. Ah, the footage that would never see the light of day, which they "found" in the same way they find all the footage every week.
  15. I doubt he's that bad.
  16. I can't understand why you keep stating the obvious. Nobody needs the onboard to confirm that. Doesn't necessarily mean it should be a penalty (see above) but who cares? A penalty wouldn't have changed the outcome.
  17. It's interesting. The incident itself looks more dramatic than it was because Lewis decided, quite rightly, to drive himself into the next postcode. We have indeed seen this manoeuvre penalised (inconsistently) the past couple of seasons, but should we? Peter Windsor did an interesting video piece about how such situations have been policed historically and how it should be policed. Nico's move was indeed ridiculous, but primarily because it was at a much slower corner. It's quite telling to have a look at Lewis' take on the matter.
  18. Of course we will and of course it will show Max deliberately running Lewis wide. Lewis has never and would never do such a thing.
  19. They were saying at the start of the Sky F1 weekend show that the average difference between the RB and Merc for the entire season was 0.1 seconds. Then this happened. RB must be in total shock today.
  20. Lewis gave Max an 8 place head start and breezed past him in his new, not suspicious at all, rocket ship. It's highly doubtful Max can compete with it, but we'll see.
  21. No onboards are available until the car's data is downloaded.
  22. We've had everything this season, great stuff.
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