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  1. It really is a fantastic set, and with an RGB set-up, Xbox and GameCube games look utterly stunning. It has great sound also. Dying to see what the 360 does with this. Unlighty, be sure to set digital NR to on as this gets rid of the ghosting. It seems to take a day or so for the set to "settle" after transporting so don't be alarmed at a less than perfect picture on day one.
  2. Snap! It's a fantastic gaming t.v and I can't wait to get the 360 running on it.
  3. I'm naive enough to wonder why people bother to cheat. You can't cheat yourself therefore you can never feel proud of your accomplishments while cheating. Cheaters really need to get a life.
  4. Care to elaborate? The only thing I can see holding publishers back from bringing P.C-type gaming to future consoles is their continued condescension towards the attention span and preferences of console gamers, given that keyboard/mouse peripherals could easily be made available for such consoles.
  5. Yes, I appreciate that, but how much further can it go really and are the consoles not in danger of closing the gap considerably especially with hi-def T.V on the rise?
  6. I'll never really understand how some people find moving forward/backwards/strafing/reloading/jumping/crouching etc etc easier, never mind intuitive, with a keyboard as opposed to a controller. I must lack the necessary coordination. Could it be that consoles such as the 360 and PS3 (or their successors), hooked up to high definition televisions, will negate the benefits of P.C gaming altogether? There must come a time surely where the consoles are powerful enough that P.C's can't outclass them visually. Then all we need is for publishers to stop patronising console gamers with watered-down versions of "deep" P.C games.
  7. I've never been too bothered at not having a decent gaming P.C. After all I have every home and handheld console for handy, hassle-free gaming at the drop of a hat, I generally can't stand trying to control a character with a keyboard (though I love mouse-aiming) and P.C controllers are a bit shit aren't they?......but......just sometimes....when I read a review of Battlefield 2 or imagine just how wonderful Half-Life 2 really is, I wish I had a Radeon 9600 (or whatever ) monster to hook up to my nice new 32 inch lcd t.v. Do you think I should just console (sorry) myself with Xbox live etc, or am I missing more than I think? Am I an incomplete gamer? Do you ever wish you had a gaming-monster P.C?
  8. Blue

    End Of An Era

    Jings! I've got a backlog of unplayed games that would keep me going until the next gen even if I didn't buy any more before then. Seems a little premature to me.....I predict you will deeply regret it within a month. Keep us posted eh?
  9. I'm itching to get hold of the 360 because I took delivery of a 32 inch LCD Hi Def ready tv yesterday and can't wait to see something like PGR3 running on it.
  10. It's not like he has revealed anything is it? Halo 2 and the outside shape of the 360?
  11. What's the world coming to? When I were a lad of 14 you worked 18 hours a day down t'mines.....no time to rape your teacher....no teacher. Computers, t.v's and books? Pah! Too much free time. Put 'em to work I say.
  12. Got this as people compared it favourably to Metal Arms which is one of my favourite games this gen. I'd say, so far, that it isn't quite up to that calibre, but still very fun, if a little hard in places. That sounds a little negative but actually I'm enjoying it a lot, just a bit stuck at the mo.
  13. May have missed it already, but what question did you ask? Great read btw, thanks.
  14. Yep, Metroid Prime certainly fits the bill. I'd add Goldeneye (N64), Metal Arms: Glitch In The System and Resident Evil 4 among others. Edit: Ooh ooh....Half-Life of course. Amazing opening, then the rest of the game delivered on the promise.
  15. It's not starchy, as it's not a root veg but part of the cabbage family. You can treat it a bit like fennel. Slice finely and sweat in butter with salt and pepper until tender. Or cut into matchsticks and blanch, run under the cold tap, drain and toss in salad dressing with other ingredients (sort of coleslaw like) Just to start....other people will have more glamorous ideas hopefully
  16. Rubbish today but got mint Pikmin for £2.50.
  17. Blue


    A grid of different animals, you have to swap an animal with its neighbour so that 3 or more of the same animal line up horizontally or vertically, whereupon they disappear. What makes it great? The fact that you realise that you have been playing it for 4 hours whilst thinking 'this is a bit simple, think I'll stop playing'.
  18. Bottle o' coke and cauliflower cheese.
  19. I have all 3 plus SP and DS but haven't played the 'Cube since the U.S RE4 and haven't played the PS2 .......no, that's all really.....bit of Gitaroo Man. Had played everything the 'Cube had to offer before getting an Xbox mind but LIVE has been a big draw for me. Could happily live without the PS2 and probably won't get PS3, at launch anyway. Could never let Nintendo hardware go past me though as they always have something utterly unmissable to play on it. I feel for those who haven't played RE4 or Metroid Prime.
  20. A noble sentiment, good luck. Oh. That's never a good sign in a woman as it relates to letting you get involved in any sport or games playing, as time goes by. Have to say.....it's not looking good. Nah, she'll have to go.
  21. It's a fairly simple system.... ?/10. j/k
  22. So. Your man or woman..... how do they rate out of ten from a gamer's perspective? My ex missus was a complete pain in the arse when it came to anything gaming related. She wouldn't even look at a game never mind play one and frowned upon every penny spent on games/consoles etc. 0/10. Now I have a partner who is not only very beautiful, but is heavily into gaming herself. She (seriously) buys an average of 2 games per day, loves her handhelds best though she has all consoles and ALWAYS positively encourages me to buy any game/console I'm interested in. What a gal. 10/10. What about you?
  23. How could it be worse?
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