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  1. You should have it back in a week or so, although they say "up to 15 days."
  2. Mine was out of warranty. Don't know what happens with those still in warranty, sorry.
  3. I know what you mean, although they have said that they now have a much greater commitment to getting people's original 360 back to them rather than someone else's refurb. I certainly got my own machine back, with a new 12 month warranty, and they even fitted a new disc drive even though the original one seemed fine.
  4. God yes, phone them up and report the problem before it's too late and you get landed with an £85 repair bill. Tell them it's unacceptable and you want a new one or speedy repair. If they don't agree why don't you see if you can't abuse it enough to get the three reds before your warranty is up.
  5. Ah right, thanks. Do we plebs get everything that's available on Partnernet at some point then?
  6. What is Partnernet? Please don't kill me.
  7. You need to be registered there to read it. Can you copy the relevant info to here? Although "an alleged inherent design flaw" is what has been widely believed to be the problem since the early days of the machine, surely?
  8. I'm enjoying it a lot when I can actually get a game...about once every 40 minutes currently.
  9. "Halo 3 Beta is either currently unavailable or expired" Just me?
  10. Nah, those that take people's money in exchange for goods they don't have still ranks the lowest.
  11. Some FPS games in recent years have raised the bar very high haven't they? Not this. It's limbo dancing under the bar with its arms above its head, and not even having to lean backwards. Or perhaps it's just a very poor demo and the final game will have fixed the overly fast and floaty character movement, atrocious framerate, the annoying PDZ-style shiny everything syndrome, the poor visual feedback when shooting the creatures which makes you wonder if you're actually hitting them or not, a plastic environment and even heavy rain bouncing ferociously off your gun but not off any other horizontal surface in the area. It feels like a 5 year old game to me.
  12. Certainly keep a note of the serial number to see if they send you someone else's refurb, or genuinely fix yours as they should.
  13. On the upside, they send it back in a great box that you can keep for next time. But seriously, sorry you've had to join the ever expanding club.
  14. Blue


    It's very telling that we've come to saying things like this without blinking ane eye isn't it? :lol:
  15. I think you should definitely complain to his head office when you get your replacement sorted out. I'd be furious if someone hung up on me in such a situation. Don't be shy about sorting out the replacement I'd say...get head office's number and sort out your replacement through them. You are totally within your rights and they should not be making this difficult at all.
  16. What an ass. Do you have an Uzi?
  17. I played mine almost daily for several hours, but treated it as carefully as is possible. It was trouble-free from launch untill the 3 reds appeared a couple of weeks ago. I had to pay for repair but it looks like they also replaced the disc drive which is now a lot quieter. That also got me a further 12 month warranty. I'm now plugging the charge and play kit in every time I power down to allow the fans to continue cooling for a bit to see if that helps.
  18. Oh dear...that does sound very bad. Are you sure it isn't chewing your discs? I'd take it back for sure.
  19. Yeah, good luck with that. Where do you think people's frustration is stemming from? Microsoft's call centre staff have clearly been given absolute instructions on what responses to give, and they will keep throwing the same stock phrases at you until you give up. "It's out of warranty, you must pay for the repair" was thrown at me on a dozen separate occasions in response to my arguments.
  20. I don't know, do you? The statement you claim was false was: I said only time will tell...there's certainly plenty of anecdotal evidence that you can't feel secure about your trouble-free machine staying that way. Many agree that there is a basic design fault. Who is to say it definitely won't affect all current machines in time?
  21. You don't know if it's false. Only time will tell. There is a perception that the 360 is a "time bomb"...that if you have one it is only a matter of time before it breaks, and many people are finding this to be the case. You don't claim to have accurate figures on the failure rate so are surely in no position to refute the notion.
  22. No, they aren't...and you can quote all the laws you like at them, they're not listening. As far as I can ascertain, those laws apply to the retailer rather than the manufacturer anyway, but many of them aren't listening either it would seem.
  23. But can you get rid of it and keep the rest? I've been quite impressed with the tweeks MS bring to the 360's functionality.
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