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  1. That just means that some Tangos have managed to kill your hacker or the computer. You simply have to keep them at bay for longer. Quite a tough section that, you have to concentrate on those coming from the far end, but kill the two coming out the near door as soon as they appear. Hiding behind the pillar opposite the computer (right in front of the big crate) is a good place, then count how long it is before the two come out behind you so you can greet them with a grenade of your choice. Good luck.
  2. It really is, and when you get skilled at the multiplayer it is hard to beat, but only when played with friends. I played the multiplayer daily for months and it didn't get boring at all. I'd probably still be playing if I hadn't stumbled across Rainbow 6: Vegas.
  3. I had to set my ntsc Wii's location to Brazil anyway.
  4. Who's "we", if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Blue

    EDF 2017

    ? If so it's a right bastard. Well I wish the hell someone would tell me how to do it.
  6. No doubt stupid question, but have you guys looked into getting this onto Xbox 360 arcade? Is it too big? Or is it being released on any other formats?
  7. Hmmm, all I know is they told me I now had a new 12 month warranty and I'll be holding them to it.
  8. Yep, sounds very familiar. Nah, you just have to suck it up. The pain eases when you get a nicely refurbished machine back, with a quieter disc drive and new 12 month warranty.
  9. I was afraid that would be the case. Some people do still get a free repair on their out of warranty machines...not many it seems, but good luck anyway.
  10. Four red lights is just a loose cable iirc, so give 'em a good push in and all should be well.
  11. As reported in this month's Edge, Sound Bytes: "We are re-examining our PS3 budgeting process in terms of pricing and volume. Sales assumptions change and the market is competitive. We are in the midst of revisiting our strategy for the PS3." Sony president Ryoji Chubachi. So, just maybe...
  12. Softening the blow maybe? Good for them. MS should provide free repairs to all those "out of warranty" people and replace the board with something that doesn't warp or the ?65Nm tech that doesn't overheat.
  13. ...or the repetitiveness of PoP, the deadly dull stealth and poor aiming of SC and the clunky mechanics of Hitman. Not disagreeing with you as such...I know a lot of people would love the scenario you describe, just not me.
  14. Unlucky. Real shame about that first goal very much against the run of play. Liverpool had put too much effort in before that to recover from such a blow.
  15. ...and I couldn't imagine a worse concept. *shrug*
  16. Blue


    Indeed. My thoughts exactly. Yes, who better?
  17. I was revving up to say just that. There's half a dozen or so sticking points in the realistic story mode, but apart from that it's fairly straightforward I found. And I'm shit.
  18. Three weeks post-op repair and counting. Have had a few freezes, but generally fine.
  19. After everything you've said in this thread, you expect us to believe that?
  20. Sorry, no. We're having a break from them at the mo'.
  21. It's a game that, as soon as you've got used to the controls, you can jump online and hold your own, particularly as "Terrorist Hunt" and "Co-op story mode" are just the single-player game with help from some buddies. It's a fantastic single and multiplayer game. I've only had it a month and am still very much a Noob, but please add me if you want some friendly opposition/help. Edit: Nah, get the DLC, because as well as all new maps, it features reworkings of several originals, which are very much played online. The new maps are great too and well worth the money.
  22. You have to phone UPS. As soon as you say "I've been given a pre-paid label", they'll say, "Xbox 360?"
  23. The main problem seems to be overheating, so, lots of space around the 360 and CPU is essential. I'm using the tip someone gave in the other 360 problems thread of plugging the charge and play kit in every time I power down so that the fans continue to cool the board for a while. The 360 shuts down automatically when the controller is charged so you don't need to worry about forgetting to do that...and it has the added bonus of your controller always being fully charged when you come to use it. It seems widely accepted that horizontal is less problematic, but no guarantee by any means...they screw up in all situations. The biggest thing to remember is to never, ever, move it when it's on and a disc is in the tray...unless you like very loud screeches and a perfectly circular groove in your disc.
  24. Something wrong with being 50 and having a wealth of experience?
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