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  1. You seem to be a bit lost. This is the F1 thread. Click link above to discuss the political and moral dimensions of cryptocurrencies. You're welcome.
  2. Whoa, sexy AF. They have their own version of the Aston Martin grills I see.
  3. It's a really good joke.
  4. I did see that. Is it relevant in some way?
  5. Seems like F1 is entirely run on crypto. Bybit is the latest in a growing line of companies from the cryptocurrency field to use F1 as a marketing platform, with several teams on the grid having already forged relationships. The highest profile so far is Crypto.com, which is a partner of F1 and title sponsor of the inaugural Miami GP in May, as well as a key backer of the Aston Martin team. Alpine recently announced the launch of a fan token via Binance, while Red Bull’s sister team AlphaTauri has extended the arrangement with Fantom that it first announced in May 2021. Mercedes signed a deal with FTX last September, while for 2022 McLaren has a new partnership with Turkish firm Bitci.com and Ferrari has aligned with Swiss-based Velas Network.
  6. I'm excited at the prospect.
  7. Confirmation that there will be 3 sprint races rather than the 6 that were mooted. They will be at Imola, Austria and Interlagos with more points awarded - from 8 points through to 1 point. No repeat of the Spa debacle with a new ruling that 2 laps of green light racing will be required for any points to be awarded.
  8. I think we can safely say he's racing, seeing as Merc' keep announcing it.
  9. Looks very basic. Time will tell I guess.
  10. I've seen talk about this and the feeling seems to be that because no skirts are used, the risk is not nearly so great with these cars. There's also talk that drivers might not be able to ride the kerbs in the way they're used to as the ground effect relies on the car being level with the surface. Would be good if a side effect is that track limits don't need to be negotiated at every track.
  11. Two of the wing elements are adjustable as I understand it.
  12. The McLaren always looks injection molded or something. Bit Fisher Price.
  13. Seems like they are mainly an aero device. This guy was a Merc aerodynamicist from 2018-2021 and he's doing analyses of each of the cars as they are revealed. It's fairly dry stuff so I've set this video to start at the grills gills.
  14. The lack of rear wing end plates must be a real headache for the aerodynamicists. Makes me queasy just looking at them.
  15. Amazing series of grills. Hope it's a solution to their troubles.
  16. Absolutely. The front wing/nose is an obvious troll.
  17. You'll be fine. It's just RB telling Masi how to let Max win and Masi saying "ok, no problem."
  18. Didn't he already have a several year contract?
  19. Who, Chrisrian? Seems like the quali 2 tyre rule might be abolished this year, which is nice.
  20. Quite possibly, but they've always made a point of letting their drivers race until one is clearly ahead before issuing team orders and I'm pretty sure George will be doing his utmost to prevent it.
  21. He'll be a team player as and when he has to be, sure. If he manages to stay close or ahead in points to Lewis, he won't be deferring.
  22. Oh he'll be fired up. George don't care though.
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