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  1. Yeah, same for everyone.
  2. Seems Max has been running on the C2 tyre while all the frontrunners have been on the C3, which might go some way to explain why he's lagging behind.
  3. I know times don't mean much at this stage but, 80 laps in, Verstappen is 2 seconds off the pace of Merc, McLaren and Ferrari.
  4. Good points, well made.
  5. Oh the design looks interesting enough, it's just that it looks a bit held together with duct tape. I wonder if they're a bit rushed in getting it ready.
  6. The RB looks like it was put together with too much airfix glue. Messy.
  7. With so much diversity in the designs, some team has to be a clear frontrunner at the start of the season I'd have thought. Should be great, can't wait.
  8. Interesting. Looks a bit patched together underneath the sidepod there, and bits of tape stuck on.
  9. Have now seen potato cam footage and it looks like... there's no back to the upper car No shark fin, just a big gap where the engine should be. Maybe you have to pedal it.
  10. Just 2 days until the test shakedown in Barcelona now isn't it? I take it we'll get some decent pictures from the journos there despite the attempts at media shutdown?
  11. Pretty sure the rules of engagement will be clarified this year.
  12. It's absolutely stunning and Binotto seems to be quietly confident about how it will fare. Would love to see Charles and Carlos fighting at the front.
  13. Handy! Thank goodness Max won't need to have them then.
  14. What are the fairings over the inner front wheels for anyway? They're very ugly and distracting on all the cars.
  15. Looks a mess but no one will care if it's fast.
  16. "Take the helmet off and say that to me again, I fucking dare you."
  17. "The one on the right makes it go faster."
  18. While Masi undoubtedly fucked it, he looked like a man struggling with his mental health at times during the season. Someone should have recognised that and offered practical assistance. It's also too big a role for one person, as demonstrated by the increase in staff taking on the role for 2022 and the race director alternating race by race. I also have to wonder to what extent Liberty or the FIA pressured him to make sure the last race provided maximum excitement, and if that played a role in the fiasco, then he is somewhat of a patsy in the whole affair. That said, yes, he fucked it and his position was untenable, I just doubt he was the only one at fault
  19. Just perfect, hopefully it takes Charles to his first title.
  20. Yeah, and more ashamed than all the other teams involved, because it's ok as long as your deal isn't as big as RB's.
  21. Mate, as always, he came in to have a cheap did at RB. It's dull as fuck. When it was pointed out that almost the entirety of F1 runs on crypto, he decided to double down by saying that RB were the worst offenders because their deal was the biggest. It's pathetic.
  22. You've spelled that wrongly, so I'll help again. It's go fuck yourself. You're welcome.
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