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  1. Which 5 did you have in mind?
  2. I don't care a jot about any driver's personality, only what they can do on track and in that regard I think, George, Lewis, Max and Charles are in a league of their own. How brilliant then that we might well get to see them all duking it out for the rest of the season. That's all I care about and may the best driver win, arsehole or not.
  3. Yeah, he's a bit of a dick for sure. Curious to know which 4 drivers you find less likeable.
  4. He's arrogant, ruthless, aggressive, pathologically ambitious and supremely selfish. So the full-house of top qualities in the best drivers then, why don't you like him?
  5. Such a shame for Charles, but what a class act. Great race that had everything. George showing that he's made of the right stuff and a great fight back from Lewis and Mercedes. It's going to be great to have them messing with RB and Ferrari's plans at the front. Sainz very disappointing yet again and Ric' still all washed up. It's going to be a great season-long fight and it's not too late for Merc to add to the excitement. Can't wait.
  6. Pity George can't keep up here, he's a bit of a sitting duck.
  7. Max takes himself and both Ferraris out at turn 1. Merc one two. I loved the bull fighting intro!
  8. It's less of a problem at the moment as they have both been somewhat under the radar. If Merc start being able to challenge at the front, as looks likely, tensions are going to rise sharply if Lewis is unable to keep up. He likes a challenge and he definitely has one so it should add interest to the season.
  9. Not a dig, just pointing out a reality which appeared to have escaped you, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  10. Amazing lap under pressure from Charles. RB's reliability issues continue as does George's domination of Lewis this season.
  11. Aston have done a great job of completely independently developing their car with Vettel going fastest so far in FP2.
  12. That should fix the porpoising.
  13. Hankering after some F1? These 2022 historical car races have been great. Seems you can pass at Monaco, you just have to make the cars smaller. 1973-76 cars race just about to start. The drivers take it pretty seriously too, which is nice.
  14. They brought a small update but a much bigger one planned for Spain.
  15. George maintains his only driver to finish all races in the top 5.
  16. Great drive by Max. Race had its moments.
  17. Let's see if Charles can keep up.
  18. It's utterly crazy allowing all these people on the grid.
  19. He and Lewis both 7 time world champions and friends. Connecting F1 and American heroes, time filler, etc.
  20. Go Charles, class act.
  21. Unbelievable as it seems, we're going to have to accept that Danny Ric is finished.
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