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  1. Thanks for that revelation. I thought it was one guy who did everything.
  2. I'd prefer them to focus on making the car faster rather than prettier.
  3. Pretty sure they said last season that you only need 8 races for a championship.
  4. I bet this season would have been more exciting if George was alongside Lewis. Its a real shame he isn't.
  5. I think he's a done deal because they have been nurturing him for the role for many years. They have been assessing him of course and will continue to do so, but he has done nothing but impress except when he tried to kill Valtteri, including almost winning with his one chance in the top car that they had to use a crow bar to get him into and he had only driven for two days. If anything, I'd say they've already delayed a year too long.
  6. Bottas is still working under the preposterous belief that he can win a championship. Tragic really.
  7. Why is Ted not there this weekend?
  8. 3:1 & 48 points @mexos. Candy from a baby.
  9. Is there anything more cringe-worthy than a post race Bottas interview?
  10. RB should have pitted Max the lap after Lewis and gave him a fighting chance.
  11. Great drive by Lewis but stolen from Max.
  12. We're talking about Max and Lewis, though, not some lamer.
  13. No, Merc strategists schooled RB's strategists. Max did everything he could.
  14. Depressing, Max didn't put a foot wrong.
  15. You are not fighting for the win Valtteri
  16. There was George schooling Valtteri in the same car last year of course, until the pit crew and a puncture screwed him over.
  17. Looking for some aggressive defence here Max.
  18. How badly did Ferrari mess up to leave Charles so far behind Bottas?
  19. How many tyres do we need?
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