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  1. All I know is the script is writing itself for the best F1 movie ever. Will there be a Hollywood schmaltz fairytale ending with Ham indisputably cemented as the GOAT or will it signal the start of a new challenger for the title? I just hope we can have as much drama as we've had so far right up until the last race with more wheel to wheel incidents and skulduggery.
  2. Or to Max's tyre blowout in Baku while cruising to victory, in fairness. It was good that events in Baku evened out for them both.
  3. Toto confirming this would have seen him finish higher. Lewis should have trusted the hundreds of people analysing the situation on his behalf on this occasion.
  4. Jenson was spot on with all of his insights during the whole race.
  5. Yep, it's slipping away from Max.
  6. Yep, 5th either way, unless his first set had a blowout leaving him nowhere.
  7. Here we go. Can Checo do anything useful this season?
  8. It is. Presumably Alonso is going to get the same for taking Schu out.
  9. I suspect this will be known as the day Bottas took Max out.
  10. Much as he looks like a bit of a dick in some of his outfits, I applaud him for it. I take it he is showcasing young designers' creations as well as some of his own ideas (?) and that takes balls in a setting where everyone else is dressed so blandly. Lewis has been exuding an incredible inner calm this season. He seems to be in a very good place in his head, which is always nice to see. It's very reminiscent of someone who meditates, I wonder if he does. Looking forward to tomorrow's race and fully expect Lewis to be on the podium, with a high chance of the top step.
  11. My gran used to dress just like that. Brings back fond memories.
  12. Not easy though. If track selection was based on ethics and moral considerations, there'd be no tracks. None.
  13. I like Pinkham. Someone that really grates with me is this guy: What about Anthony Davidson? I don't mind PDR but as LowCostMonkey points out, his command of the English language is embarrassing.
  14. Blue


    Sony TV here but we recently started to get problems with Netflix which required unplugging the TV. We switched to the Netflix app on xbox and it is so much quicker, more stable and even has a much improved UI.
  15. I was watching this video yesterday and thought Martin didn't look particularly well. I hope that's not the case but might explain him stepping back a bit.
  16. You're not missing anything, it was shit.
  17. My understanding is that he suffered the same type of brain injury as Jules Bianchi. A severe Diffuse Axonal Injury, the outcome of which is usually persistent vegetative state. "Over 90% of patients with severe DAI never regain consciousness. Those who do wake up often remain significantly impaired."
  18. It seems that the very puzzling inability of pit crews to press a button on a wheel gun might actually be down to the guns being calibrated for what the FIA thinks should be the quickest possible human reaction time, i.e, the crews are able to press the button sooner than the gun will allow a press to be registered. Edit: And apparently you can't just press the button again without first reactivating the sequence.
  19. I think it rained for all of them. Some teams and drivers made good calls, some made terrible calls. Some made the right decisions at the right time and benefited. Lucky for some that it rained, certainly, but what happened after that wasn't all down to luck.
  20. And Valencia Street circuit and Circuit de Nevers, France.
  21. I think it's there next year too. RB the biggest winners today.
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