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  1. McLaren's livery for Singapore and Japan.
  2. Does it still have One man Army + Noob Tubes?
  3. de Vries maybe? If he doesn't get the Alpine seat, which seems unlikely.
  4. Cripes. That will be de Vries up again then. Hope Alex is ok, that's a bit nasty.
  5. They should make that a rule for SC with less than 10 laps to go.
  6. Heartbreaking for Charles. Ferrari have got nothing to fight Max with.
  7. RB running more downforce aren't they, with resultant reduced deg.
  8. That's a lot to make up for Charles
  9. Now they're saying 7th for Max.
  10. So Max qualifies 2nd, takes a 5 place grid penalty and starts 4th. Crazy penalty system that really needs revised. Bottas takes a 15 place grid penalty and starts 15th. Lewis starts 19th and Carlos 18th. Provisionally.
  11. Sometimes you just have to blast out a great feel-good tune and jump around.
  12. Morrisons have been better than the others for me too, and at a weirdly low price point compared to their other lamb prices. The only downside has been the joints are quite small. Again, not always available, but way better than (my local) Tesco, for example, who haven't had shoulder joints regularly for ther past two years.
  13. Thank you. I can and do get lamb shoulder from my local butcher and farm shops. This thread is due to a very odd perceived lack of lamb shoulder in supermarkets over an extended period. I'm curious to know if anyone else has found this.
  14. But are there any lamb shoulder joints in your supermarkets?
  15. I eat a lot of lamb. Last year I started to have difficulty finding (unadulterated) whole lamb shoulder joints. The first few times I didn't think much about it. Shops run out of stock after all, but as time went by I became more and more perplexed and frustrated that none of the supermarkets seemed to be stocking shoulders of lamb. Always plenty of lamb legs which are a poor substitute and often diced shoulder, but no whole shoulders. And I live in a big lamb-producing part of the country! What the hell are they doing with the shoulders of lamb? What is the lamb shoulder situation with you?
  16. This seems to be a link to the front page of Rllmuk for me.
  17. Karun just said "Checo in the sister Red Bull." Freudian slip much.
  18. You say it like it's not his, and his side of the garage's job to do the best for himself
  19. This track and pit lane aren't suitable for F1.
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