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  1. Ha, it's quite dinky really but does look massive there. You keeping alright?
  2. Hey milko, good to see you. I'm tip top thank you for asking. Yeah I'm doing it mainly for the taste too, but I figure the more shit I filter out of it, the better it will taste. My Berkey arrived today and, much as it looks like a tea urn, the water is utterly fantastic. Supposedly the filters last up to 11 years which makes it the cheapest filtration system in the long run despite the steep initial outlay.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has delved much into purification and/or filtration of their tap water and how they go about it. I've used a Brita filter system but it seems they're a bit rubbish really. Have got a Berkey system on the way, which claims to remove everything nasty, yet retain the mineral content, which seems a little implausible, but who knows. Not me. Are there are any simple home water-testing kits beyond the TDS/EC meters that address mineral content rather than just non-specific dissolved solids? Also, if mineral replacement is required, can anyone recommend a good product/method? Ta.
  4. Probably, 2 year olds can be hellish noisy.
  5. Not bad for a mistake. Mercedes should be fighting at the front for 2 of those years at least I'd think.
  6. Is there a language Nico doesn't speak?
  7. Indeed. Never been so glad to be wrong. Race on!
  8. Lewis has had lightning starts so far this year. Wouldn't be surprised if he's ahead by the first corner.
  9. It really is quite a radical redesign.
  10. Came across this number plate the other day. For some reason I just kept thinking it should belong to Alonso.
  11. Wasn't the guy in the bar in Chicago and the the lawyer offices in Albuquerque?
  12. I just loved it. The whole series. No more "doing the right thing." Can't wait for the next one, any word on when that might be?
  13. Good luck chaps. Here's hoping for some excitement.
  14. Ramped all the way up to outstanding this week. Fantastic stuff. Could go either way for Chuck, but I'm betting he is
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