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  1. Perhaps, perhaps not, but as always, failure to plan is planning to fail.
  2. Summer break moved from Jul/Aug to Mar/Apr and from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. Which I guess is to leave the typical Summer break weeks potentially available for rescheduled races.
  3. I highly doubt that the DAS system is responsible in any significant way for Mercedes performance so far. In fact, as far as I can see, Valtteri didn't pull or push the steering wheel once during the fastest lap of the week.
  4. Oh well. Max is just going to have to win a few then and Red Bull do sound quietly confident. They gave Merc a good run for their money in the second half of last season so hopefully they can get out of the gate a bit quicker this year and make things a little more interesting.
  5. If Valtteri and Lewis share the wins equally and Max gets all the 2nd place finishes, can he still win the championship?
  6. How utterly tedious are Autosport's videos? Their presenters have some of the most boring voices I've ever heard. There's never any shred of enthusiasm on display and the content is laborious in the extreme. I've lost count of the times I've failed to make it all the way through their videos. Fuckin hell.
  7. I'm sure it'll be ready in time, but there sure seems like a lot of work to be done at the Zandvoort circuit over the next 2 months. Quite interesting to see how it's coming along anyway.
  8. Bottas 3.0 means business for real this time.
  9. Blue


    This has to be seen as good news, as it signifies the possibility that it may not have been your apparent incompetence resulting in poor coffee, but a problem with the machine itself. Hope lives on.
  10. Blue


    Might over-tamping be part of the problem @milko? Or tamping very lightly be part of the solution?
  11. Blue


    Paging @milko to the thread.
  12. Blue


    Did you work out how to make a cup of coffee yet, @milko?
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