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  1. I liked Toto's statement when asked if he would be talking to George. Something like "I've told George he can be in a Mercedes at some point if he's good, or he can be in a Renault Clio if he's not. Right now he's in a Renault Clio."
  2. They wouldn't necessarily know they were about to be lapped without blue flags, unless their team radioed them, in which case, you might as well have blue flags. And if they're not allowed to defend, what would be the purpose of not having blue flags?
  3. Drivers always say they have huge difficulty getting the car into reverse. Why is that?
  4. I think Lewis could have won that. Ominous signs that Merc are still favourites.
  5. Oh dear, what a shame Sergio, never mind.
  6. Should be fun watching Lewis demonstrating to Bottas how to pass slower cars.
  7. Again, you're assuming he wasn't. He may well have been doing just that.
  8. But what response? Was it a take the weakest slap to the helmet in history or an "ok mate, I can see you're upset but take a friendly pat on the back type gesture?"
  9. I'm not convinced, as yet, that that's what happened. On first look, I thought George was just giving him a friendly pat on the back as it were, but time will tell.
  10. We need a wider angle on that one I think
  11. Max needs to slow down a bit. fastest lap after fastest lap, in danger of binning it
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