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  1. Blue


    Yes they do, although I've read they also allow the desirable oils through that the filter papers don't. I'm with you though, the less sludge the better.
  2. Baked potatoes? I have never heard the term refridgeriser.
  3. Blue


    I wonder if this little gadget is any use with the Aeropress. Anyone tried it? I've used the metal filters occasionally but invariably they end up being inadvertently thrown away with the coffee grounds. I can highly recommend using these natural, non-bleached filter papers. I do think they improve the flavour.
  4. Blue


    They really are great, I'm a big fan. As long as you put great coffee in, you get a great coffee out. Enjoy!
  5. That's all I could think while watching the first couple of episodes. Playing it straight was a bizarre decision. The film at least tries to capture the atmosphere of the book and actually does a pretty decent job of it. The humour is there is flashes, as are the surrealism and head-fucking frustration of it all. Certainly worth a watch for fans of the book.
  6. Blue


    Forty seconds? Who has forty seconds to wait for coffee? I think the instructions call for a 10 second push, which works perfectly fine. I once saw a video of some kind of Aeropress championships where people were employing all kinds of bizarre methods to impress the judges, when really, pouring water up to the 1 cup mark, stirring for 10 seconds then pressing for 10 seconds, produces a perfect and fuss-free cup of coffee.
  7. Blue


    Oh, not sure I've tried these. What with the high standards of most M&S foodhall products, I was a bit incredulous at how undrinkable all of their coffees were. I'll give these a shot sometime, thanks.
  8. Blue


    I found the M&S coffees to be universally awful. Just completed my monthly order of S. American single origin coffees from the Algerian Coffee Stores. Their high roasts are beyond amazing.
  9. Sorely disappointing. The film was many times better than this and managed to capture the surreal essence of the book, where this failed massively in that respect. Almost every character was poorly cast and acted and the script missed the point completely.
  10. Blue


    I read that 85 degrees is ideal, so that's what I go with. Seems good.
  11. Could be your big opportunity.
  12. Yeah, it's amazing how rubbish drivers get seats in F1.
  13. I'm starting to think that Gasly is driving the Red Bull to its expected potential - to the potential and position on the grid that most drivers would get out of it - and that Max's skill is just so special that he is taking it beyond where the car would be expected to place in practice/qualifying/race.
  14. An even better race than Austria, I'd say. That was probably Bottas' last (very slim) chance at the title, so bad luck for him.
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