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  1. The Robotics class is kicking my ass. My robot just keeps getting pushed by the opponents and your AI teammates are fucking hopeless.
  2. There are 22 episodes in season 10!?!? What is this, the fucking CW?!
  3. Outlaw Star was better than Cowboy Bebop anyway. Also had a banger of a theme - And it's where Joss Whedon basically stole a scene from and put in Firefly.
  4. I literally went to the bar and tried to go up to his room (it wouldn't let me)
  5. Mortal Kombat is great (but I already played it). Not played a serious golf game in what feels like 20 years so will give it a go. After looking up Hell Let Loose it seems to be just your usual multiplayer game with no single player content, so may give that one a miss.
  6. 13 hours in. Still on chapter 4. I think the school club stuff might be the best side content the Yakuza team has ever produced. There's so much of it.
  7. Last night I made it up to the part where everything seemingly opens up, so naturally since then I've been doing nothing but side stuff. Club Sega, baseball, VR, lots of side stuff. Early side mission stuff from Chapter 3.
  8. So for last night's UPF they didn't play a game for half of it and instead made a music list with some guy I've never heard of. First UPF I've stopped watching in quite a while.
  9. Why does everyone keep dropping in fucking Fragment?!?!
  10. I know there's going to be challenges or trophies related to using different fight styles. But fuck it, snake style all the way! And the first side case file it gives you
  11. I think I'm about to get into the bit with beating up school age bullys that the most negative review of this was up in arms over. I have no problem with it. I find it satisfying to beat the shit out of these utter scumbags. I guess it's different if you've had bullying experiences in your life.
  12. Nah, he'll just be doing Yoshi noises.
  13. My copy was dispatched this morning from The Game Collection! Fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow. I have 4 days off work and all I'll be doing in that time is doing detective shit with ma boy Yagami.
  14. Gambit

    Squid Game

    Jesus Christ Episode 6......
  15. Gambit

    Squid Game

    Yeah im watching this too and enjoying it. I'm a few episodes in. Alice in Borderlands is another show in a similar style, though that one is Japanese.
  16. Squid Game, new Korean series is now up. Bunch of people volunteer to play a bunch of kids games for money. Turns out its all a bit "Battle Royale". First episode was good. Nice premise. Hopefully it's another Alice In Borderlands style surprise.
  17. Almost finished season 9. Good god Alpha is shite. I hope these Whisperers don't survive past this season because fucking hell it's painful.
  18. Saul, Doc Brown and the fucking RZA is a team I had no idea I wanted but holy fuck. Absolutely loved this. Hope it gets a load of sequels.
  19. First two seasons of The Orville have been added. I remember hearing it's one of those shows that starts abysmally but gets better. How much shit do I have to put up with before I get to the good stuff?
  20. Was Twisted Metal mainly a thing in America? Because I remember one E3 press conference where a new game was announced and while Americans were losing their shit, Europe just did a partridgeshrug.gif.
  21. As someone who read Marvel Zombies back in the day I gave this one a try. I kinda liked it. Certainly better than the first episode which is the only other one I've watched. Mainly because of Paul Rudd. Not quite sure why people are confused about the ending.
  22. I love the amount of podcasts out there. There's something for everyone, whether it's Games Club style ones, more serious stuff, ones with jokes and proper bantz. And it's even better when you find an awesome, relatively small one that you can help champion. And from a more games dev position - I will play anything the Yakuza and Persona teams put out.
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