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  1. The Verhoeven Trilogy. RoboCop Total Recall Starship Troopers All stone cold classics.
  2. Lewdle 05 6/6 I just took a stab in the dark at the end and somehow got it. I'll stick to Wordle!
  3. And if it becomes too much you can lower the difficulty in game. Which is what I've done because I'm icredibly shit at SMT when compared to Persona for some reason.
  4. This is true (I completed it). But it's a lot of implications of more being shown, with bouncing (covered) tiddies being thrown at the camera.
  5. Only just noticed the awards had begun! I echo this sentiment. Sega have had a fucking amazing year. Two games in my Top 5 of the year. And currently playing SMTV which may have made it in if I'd played it earlier. And they didn't poison it all by releasing a mainline Sonic game in 2021 which is a bonus!
  6. Regarding the latest Back Page Pod. I never had a Dreamcast when it was alive, so didn't buy any of the magazines. Were they all as batshit insane as this quote?
  7. Catherine. Picked it up on Switch and despite using the handheld on my lunch breaks at work......I'd still choose to play Tetris 99 instead for fear of some anime tiddies popping up.
  8. How wil you do big monster fights on a TV budget? Love the Monsterverse though and glad it's continuing past the original contract agreement.
  9. Bloke from The Raids next film. Looks like the kind of b movie you'd find in a bargain bin in HMV. And I mean that as a compliment!
  10. I feel like I'm hate watching this in the same way people are still watching Star Trek Discovery. Only it's not as funny.
  11. Well this thread isn't exactly a beacon of activity like most new Star Wars/Marvel stuff. I think they've proper fucked it. I was going to watch tonight but I might just watch some more JoJo instead.
  12. That's not real, right?
  13. Monica not coming across well at all. Especially after shes now a "celebrity" and Dancing With The Stars. Oof.
  14. I like both, but Hellbound is the more interesting concept so I'd go with that one.
  15. Coming January 28th. Hopefully follows Train to Busan and #Alive as some more enjoyable South Korean zombie nonsense!
  16. Just got back from seeing this. Quite enjoyed it. Only downside being the ending:
  17. Because Giant Bomb barely play games anymore.....Nextlander have gotten into the Mister game. That Mega Man!
  18. 15/01 - The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles About 4 months later, I finally wrap up this epic collection. Love the new characters, setting and the plot all came together perfectly in the final case of the second game. With that said, I feel like I'm not in a place in my life anymore where I can sit down and blast through it in the same way I was with the original Phoenix Wright stuff on DS. Hence why it's taken me ages to get through them. It's just a bit too long and meandering in places. Needed to be a bit more tighter and it would've been challenging for all my awards of last year. As it stands, it's good, and I hope there's more of this type of game....but man....it's loooooooong. 7/10
  19. The Back Page Wii Draft has happened.
  20. 14/01 - Resident Evil 3 Maybe controversial opinion....but I really want Capcom to ditch the first person and go back to third person, making a new game in this style rather than remaking their old catalogue. Started off quite frustrating, but once the Nemesis didn't chase you around constantly it became pretty great. Another controversial opinion, but I found Mr X ruined RE2 for me. I like the puzzles and regular enemies, I don't want to keep doing laps around tables in order to avoid a giant monster man. God, I hope they don't add that mechanic to the rumoured RE4 remake. Anyway, RE3. Good bit of RE nonsense from an era where it was proper B movie schlock. 8/10
  21. I had no idea this was from the directors of Ready or Not, which has made me even more interested in seeing it. As someone who never found the Scream franchise proper scary, I can't say I'll have the same (main) issue Kermode has.
  22. He has form for going off the rails. Like when Jason Schreier said Last of Us Part 2 was maybe a bit too long and he replied with a quote from Teddy Roosevelt. He should've stuck to anime.
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