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  1. Gambit


    That accent is certainly a choice...
  2. I feel like I'm at least locked in till Crisis on Infinite Earths. Then once I've seen ma boy Welling suit up I may bow out for a bit and catch up once the seasons done.
  3. Batwoman has 3254 user reviews. Lets compare. The Walking Dead is pretty popular. How many user reviews does that have? Oh, 124. America Horror Story has 316. The Flash season 6 only has 28. Yeah, that Batwoman score is completely normal and nothing to do with fact shes an openly lesbian superhero.
  4. First episode of new season watched.
  5. Arrows final season starts soon. Its a shorter season leading up to Crisis. Flash started last night. Hopefully Iris dies in the first episode.
  6. Watching it now and so far I'm enjoying Ruby Roses performance a lot more than in the crossover. Also lol at Dougray Scott being in this. Remember when he had to turn down Wolverine for Mission Impossible 2? I hope he fired his agent.
  7. Gambit


    Just don't Google Adam Baldwin...
  8. I was laughing my ass off during the second half of In The Tall Grass. Probably not the directors intent.
  9. Watched this at the weekend and loved it. So glad I went in completly blind, made the last half absolutely brilliant. As for Shudder. If before your weeks free trial ends, if you go to cancel it they give you a free month to try and convince you to stay.
  10. He was in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2. And does a good amount of voice work for animated stuff. And as someone also mentioned he has a very good podcast called Inside of You. Just because he's not in every big AAA movie or TV event doesn't mean the man ain't working.
  11. Bastion. The mechanics of Transistor never grabbed me and I never ended up finishing it. Bastion in the other hand is brilliant from start to finish.
  12. Mine was when I hated this season with a passion.
  13. Erica Durance is also reprising her role as Lois Lane. I'm just thankful we don't get Lana Lang.
  14. Peacock is a terrible name for a streaming platform.
  15. Less than a month from the beginning of the end.
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