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  1. They've changed the Interact button from X to O and someone needs to be arrested.
  2. 21/2 - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Some games are best left in the past. I remember loving this when it originally came out. Not just the multi-player, but the single player story I found stunning. Fast forward many years later and it's a victim of the COD formula being played out in the years since. More frustrating than fun. And the set piece gameplay has obviously been bettered as the series went on. Also, in the era we live in now I wasn't exactly thrilled at playing an "OO-RA! USA! USA!" type game. Still completed it though as it's fairly short and mindless, whic
  3. I love me some Final Chapter (though not as much as the classic Afterlife) so looks like I'm watching this then. Did it even get released over here?
  4. AllTheAnime will have the anime up for pre-order from 5th March. https://www.alltheanime.com/search?q=persona5 They very kindly have knocked it down from the extortionate £59.99 to the usual anime price tag of £34.99 at least for a limited time.
  5. 18/2 - MegaMan 11 Continuing through my backlog of games. Bought this last year and like a lot of Mega Man games, I reach the Wily/Sigma stage and realise that the inevitable boss rush is coming and give up. I did that with 11 and only just picked it back up this month. Ended up playing on an easier difficulty because I just cannot be arsed with difficult (cheap?) games these days and really enjoyed it. Interesting new double gear system, good level design, and I do like the art style. Hopefully a continuation of the X series is next.
  6. Gambit

    Edge #356

    A 5 for Strikers is a good score for a Musou game. Really interested in the making of Paradise Killer. Great game.
  7. You mean younger brother? That's a thing in the games. Original Sub Zero is a villain, but his brother (the one with the face scar) is a good guy. Could be interesting....
  8. No he's a new character who I guess is supposed to be an audience surrogate. This looks dumb as fuck and I'm here for it. My only concern is that, as people who watched Supergirl will know, the actor playing Jax is fucking terrible.
  9. As someone who despises musicals and hates it when TV shows have their "musical episode" (thanks Buffy for this tradition). Anna and the Apocalypse is the only musical I've ever actually enjoyed. Every time I've used it it always put on something that Netflix has produced. No, I do not want to watch Midnight Sky FFS.
  10. 14/02 - Concrete Genie First one from February. A delightful little game. Looks stunning (makes me wish I had a 4K TV) and a lovely story to go with it. It's on PS Plus now and I hope everyone has picked it up.
  11. Stop being a trolling cunt.
  12. I've been watching this and it's making me lose my fucking mind. The way it brings up her bipolar diagnosis and problems with mental health is quickly moved aside because it might give the viewer an actual explanation as to her "strange behaviour" in the elevator. I just had to stop watching when they compared it to Dark Water and go for a walk.
  13. I'd have preferred a Con Air sequel personally. They never did send Steve Buscemi back to prison.
  14. Branding I guess. I went down a Snyder hole (yuck) on Twitter yesterday and it's such a strange thing. I've never seen such a crazed fandom rise up for a movie before. It's a cult. And now they want to Release The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.
  15. It looks like this takes place in the "Nightmare Dream/Future" where Superman is a crazy murderer (well, more of one I suppose) and Darkseid has taken over Earth which now looks like a Mad Max movie.
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