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  1. It's the same animation studio that did the gorgeous looking and incredible fight sequences of Castlevania.
  2. Yeah the new voice is terrible. Also it's hard to hear him at times because the sound mix is fucking atrocious.
  3. I think this is putting me off playing this game more. It might seem petty (and it probably is), but after playing other PS5 games where loading is almost non existent, it's a complete pain in the ass. What I have played though I've enjoyed. Even if the only character I'm getting any semblance of decent with is I-No.
  4. 18/07/21 - Catherine: Full Body I originally played through the first few levels of Catherine back on the PS3. And didn't like it. The difficulty ramped up so much it was just no fun. But now with time gone by, a newer edition of the game, I thought I'd give it another try considering how much I love the Persona team. I still don't like it. I put the game on easy and for a couple of the block pushing puzzles I just put it on Auto and let the game do it for me. None were more frustrating than when it gave you an AI partner who just got in the way. The story hardly kept me interested either as every supposed plot development I guessed about an hour before. It was supposed to be a big reveal but I just shrugged my shoulders. There was one point too where the game swung dangerously towards, "women! am i rite?!", but thankfully it veered back towards a better route. That said, I would be SHOCKED if a single woman worked on any aspect of the story. In the end I got the Katherine True Ending, according to a guide I looked at. I appear to have missed a lot with the new character Rin, sadly. The stuff with her sounds fucking bizarre. Would've been nice to experience some of that, especially as Vincent's (player character) last ineraction with her was.....problematic to say the least. How this game got such good review scores continues to baffle me. 3.5/10
  5. Crawl, a really enjoyable crocodile on the loose b movie horror is now up. Well worth a watch. 4/5.
  6. If anyone's looking for a police procedural that is easy to turn your brain off too, then the new SWAT series is alright. The theme is still an absolute banger.
  7. 14/07/21 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Really enjoyable platformer this, and a showcase for the PS5's fast loading times. Unlike a lot of games you can safely that this would not work on a last gen console, what with the teleporting seamlessly between different environments. Not without the game chugging along. I enjoyed the story, art style and characters. Now so much the little Clank puzzler that they would occasionally throw in. I didn't even notice till the last one that I could've just paused the game and skipped these puzzles entirely. Interested to see what Insomniac do next with the series. 8/10
  8. It's real I assume because it's on IGNs page. Since when did they add Stormtroopers to the series?
  9. I really want to replay Ocarina of Time, but currently don't have any platforms or handhelds that I can get it on. I'm impatientily waiting (and hoping) for a Switch re-release, with Majoras Mask as well please.
  10. When I first saw this box in the local GAME it automatically reminded me of Deadly Premonition so instantly thought it was something like that. Then I listened to a podcast that described it as "anime as hell" and being "like Persona". U wot?
  11. Is anybody still watching there stuff? I dip in on occasion, but not having a "Coming Up" box like they would on Giantbomb makes it hard to plan when to watch. I also personally don't think the trio of Vinny, Brad and Alex has quite gelled for me. Alex's disdain for most things is a bit grating on the podcast. I mean, Jeff does it, but he has a way with words that still makes it entertaining even when he's shitting on something I like. I watched their E3 stuff (after I watched the Giantbomb stuff live) and it was a the group of Vinny, Austin and Patrick that I found the best grouping. They were funny and actually followed what was going on with the press conferences. Unlike Brad who would ask "what is this?" two minutes after they first revealed the name. And a final thought. I find it very odd that a reason they left giantbomb was so they could do the stuff they wanted to do. Because so far we have FMVinny, the return of Sea Beasts and a bunch of, let's face it, Vinny + Brad games. Very odd. I fully expect an Alex drum stream sometime soon. Anyway, their latest show with some Tia Carrera game was good!
  12. You're talking about the 4 part cgi anime thing, which having watched the first episode, is dogshit. This is for the OTHER Netflix Resident Evil project. Which will certainly be better because Lance Reddick.
  13. Haha. I remember watching the first episode of Zoo when it was on Sky. It was so preposterous I was laughing throughout.
  14. 04/07/21 - Astro's Playroom What a delightful little game this is. Amazing that it's free. A nice little tribute to the previous generations of Sony consoles (and handhelds), I ended up completing the game and finding all the collectibles. Might dip back in later to do some of the speed runs. Hopefully this isn't the end of Astro and this sort of nostalgie baiting adventure. 8/10
  15. Mentioned this in in the Netflix thread. It's good! It feels very much like an adult Goosebumps. (I haven't read the books it's based on so have no idea if that's it's thing).
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