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  1. I hope it includes a scene where Jesse Ventura tries to get a wrestlers union started, until Hogan found out, snitched on him to Vince and got Ventura fired. Hogan is a massive cunt in and outside of the wrestling world.
  2. The first Deadly Premonition was a sincere piece of weirdness. I worry that with the sequel they're actually trying to make the game so bad its good, much like how those god awful Sharknado films turn to the camera and go "yeah yeah we know its shit isnt that HILARIOUS!". Will wait for reviews before making a purchase.
  3. For me it's finally understanding the Yakuza series. And if I was to pick one moment from that series it would be from Yakuza Kiwami. I'll spoiler it just in case.... WHAT A SERIES.
  4. Could be a free time thing. If I was younger and wasn't tired from work most weekdays the length wouldn't bother me, but at the moment I have too many games that need finishing and television to watch.
  5. This year I moved into a new house which needed quite a bit of work doing to it (hooray for Lockdown decorating!) and one thing I'm eager to get set up in the spare bedroom is a little creative nook for myself and the fiance. Basically I want to get back into writing, not just reviews and stuff which is what I used to do, but novel writing. It's something I did when I was younger, but fell out of when I was bouncing between rented rooms. Do any of you creative types (whether it's writing, drawing or whatever) have a nice little space to work in? Post pics please so I can get some ideas and steal them!
  6. Jim Sterling did a great video yesterday (I know some people don't like him!) and he hit the nail on the head. Death is the only possible end for Joels character, so to see a bunch of basement dwelling incels upset makes me wonder if they understand narrative structure. He wasn't the hero. By the end of the first game he was the villain! After completing it last night I've had time to stew and while I have major reservations about the length, overall it was a fantastic experience. The addition of the new characters was a breath of fresh air, and I really felt for Abby, and the performances all round were the best I've ever seen in a game. If only Naughty Dog reigned the length in this would've been a 10/10 for me. As much as I loved the free riding horse section in Day One, unless you're moving the entire gameplay in that direction, that entire sequence could've gone.
  7. But the 1st also has Jon Voight in it so it's also the best and worst.
  8. Cool thanks. I know it sounds like I can't wait for this to end, but like @Harrisown says above. They could've easily trimmed 5 hours off this (maybe even 10) to make it a far tighter and better experience. It's still a 9/10 so far though for me.
  9. Desperados New Netflix comedy. Having binge watched the whole of New Girl over lockdown, I watched this solely so I could get more Lamorne Morris and Nasim Pedrad in my life. It's one of those comedies with a completely ridiculous premise (our lead has to travel to Mexico to delete an email before her new boyfriend reads it, hijinks ensue) but is held together by the likeability of its main cast. A few laughs, nothing groundbreaking, a good way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. 3/5
  10. Yep. I talked about it in the "Rate the last film you watched" thread. It's still fantastic. EDIT: They've also added Mission Impossible Fallout, the best of the MI movies in my opinion (waits for someone to say the first is the best because it's a smarter movie).
  11. Can anyone whose finished tell me how long I have left? I've got a couple of hours tonight and I hope to finish it otherwise it probably won't get done will the weekend.
  12. I'm convinced people are lying when they say this game actually ends. Really, really, really late game spoilers. Don't click if you haven't finished the game.
  13. Unfriended: Dark Web The first Unfriended was one of those films that sounds utterly shit, but was actually surprisingly decent. Dark Web is pretty much more of the same. All played out in front of a computer screen on a Skype call, it's a tight hour and a half with some decent moments and made for an okay Saturday afternoon viewing. It's now on Netflix. 3/5
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