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  1. If they're on a temporary contract then sure (I was on one myself when doing QA work). You complete the project then your contract expires. But from what I'm reading here these are permanent staff members they're letting go after promises of a pay rise.
  2. *Look over here everyone* Full on divert mode from Geoff.
  3. Of course hes cowering to Activision. He's a fucking hack.
  4. I believe it is here - https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com
  5. I've been playing this for about a week (review copy gloating ahoy!) and it's really great fun. Just flying about doing side quests for people is a proper time sink. Looks gorgeous and handles well. Only downside is the difficulty is a little unbalanced (had it bump it down to easy). But other than that.....it's the surprise of the year!
  6. I can see why they jumped a year forward what with Will Robinson's growth spurt and all!
  7. The scene between Keaton and Poulter was phenomenal. Best show of the year.
  8. Seems like with every new video they post they always tweet out a "sorry if we get DMCA'd and taken down". I rarely watch their twitch live so no idea if it has ever happened, but it must be a shock to go from their own video service to relying on the shite that is twitch and YouTube.
  9. Really enjoying this as well. That said, I feel like it still could've had an extra month or two to iron out the bugs. Characters getting stuck and glitching is an all too common occurrence. And one time I was unable to shoot till I paused the game and unpaused it again
  10. Oh boy you're in for treat. A movie that sets up a million things for sequels and crossovers and collapses face first in a ditch.
  11. A few episodes in and it's nice and intriguing. I could really do without the shouty neon social media man though. It's such tonal whiplash when everything is deathly serious then all of a sudden it becomes a cartoon.
  12. Bobby Kotick is an evil piece of shit who deserves to get the shit kicked out of him. I assume Alex said something along those lines? (I've not listened to the latest podcast yet).
  13. I'm really not looking forward to the discourse around who ends up playing Shepard.... Femshep players will be up in arms if they are male, Gamergater types will be pissed if he's anything but straight and white. I would not like to be in the casting directors shoes.
  14. And we have arrived at another Back Page Podcast draft! Xbox Vs GameCube.
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