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  1. Gambit


    It's back! First episode was a bit too serious for my liking. I really hope they're not planning on keeping Sam and Dean apart for too much longer. I need my comedy filler episodes.
  2. Gambit

    The Flash - TV series

    Nothing will ever be as good as Arrow Season 2 will it?
  3. Gambit

    The Flash - TV series

    I actually thought last season was an improvement over the previous one. Though still not enough to maintain much of my interest.
  4. Gambit

    The Flash - TV series

    It's back then! Not watched the first episode but the news sites are saying that ratings wise The Flash and Black Lightning both suffered quite a sharp decline from last seasons premiere. Maybe people are starting to get tired of the CW DCVerse.
  5. Gambit

    The Walking Dead!

    It's hardly been a secret. They've practically been advertising this season with that particular bit of news.
  6. Part 4 is now up!!!
  7. Gambit

    The Walking Dead!

    Sad news. He was always one of my favourite actors on the show.
  8. After finishing Kiwami 2 I'm all Yakuza'd out for the time being. I feel like I need a break before jumping into the next one. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas.
  9. This has already been renewed for a second season.
  10. Because in some cases it can be used to give a game that didn't set the world on fire on its first release a second attempt at an audience. Though with Bulletstorm they seemed to have failed twice.
  11. I actually preferred Kiwami to 0. But only because it continued the relationship of Kiryu and Nishiki and it was amazing. But yeah, if you don't build up that story in 0 then the Kiwami story may not have the emotional heft it was aiming for.
  12. Gambit

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    5 years ago! Fuck we're all going to get old and die. And thought Id check his twitter feed again. He's retweeting "Remake The Last Jedi" accounts and blaming SJW's for ruining Star Wars. So it's all going well for him it seems.
  13. This has been picked up by Netflix in the UK. So like all terrible looking Netflix things, I'll probably watch it just because it's there.
  14. Gambit

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    And also why they refuse to portray Mystique as a villain anymore.

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