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  1. Nothing for me. I still have Yakuza 7 to look forward to this November on PS4 so that'll be where my time is spent. I need a new TV as well, so might get that this year then a new console next year when they actually have games.
  2. Works fine for me in Pocketcasts. The latest Beastcast brought up something regarding the sale that stupidly I didn't actually think of. They're going have to move offices again (if they ever get back in one). Must suck when they spent all that time getting the studio space just right only for them to have to do it all over again.
  3. I must be the only person in the world who can't stand Sarah Paulsen. Her many different performances in American Horror Story were excruciating, and seeing as this is from the same team I think I'll give it a miss.
  4. How come? If this generation has taught us anything it's that it doesn't matter if its digital or physical, they will still be the same price.
  5. I wonder if Royal coming out this year meant they weren't willing to just throw it on as free. Still, if it gets more people into Persona then yay.
  6. I could've done that, but every game these days has an Invert axis option so I never bothered. I think Fall Guys is the only game I can think of this gen that didn't have an invert camera option at launch. Thankfully I'm not COMPLETELY cack handed when I have to use non-inverted controls, but its not ideal.
  7. Not being able to invert the Y axis is seriously going to hamper my enjoyment of this game. Fucks sake Nintendo.
  8. They've sent a patch into Nintendo to address the issue. They're just waiting for it to pass Nintendo cert.
  9. I finished this last week. I didn't find everything though as I felt I had enough information and wanted to see what the trial is like. I have another save from before I started the trial, so may go back and find everything. Great, great game.
  10. Angel Has Fallen I know these films are nonsense, but I kinda enjoy their brand of nonsense. It's incredibly cliche (honestly, if you don't guess who the mastermind is right from the start this is your first action movie). This one, unlike the previous two, seems to be having a lot more fun with its concept. A lot of Gerard Butler muttering "fuck" as stuff inevitably goes wrong. The real star of the show is Nick Nolte as Gerards dad. A Vietnam veteran hermit who lives out in the woods and has boobytrapped everything with explosives leading to the best action sequence in the film. it does have some of the worst CGI I've ever seen in a theatrically released film though. Some proper fog effects that could be done with a free program, and a hilarious shot where they CGI in Morgan Freeman into a G20 summit standing next to Vladamir Putin and Angela Merkel. 3/5 Demolition Man I've never been bungee jumping before, but if I ever do you can guarantee I will be shouting "PHOOOOENIXX!!!!" as I jump. 5 seashells/5
  11. Merrit K has a history of abuse allegations from what I can tell. Didn't know anything about it tell people mentioned it in the comments. It's not Abby's fault, somehow Meritt still mingles with all the journalists (think she was still regularly appearing on Waypoint radio) and is twitter followed by Alex Navarro. Wouldn't surprise me if she saw that and thought "nothing wrong here" and just booked them. It's games journalism looking after their own.
  12. I didn't know they were still making Wii games.
  13. I keep forgetting that the first book has been split into two movies (I don't think they bothered filming the second part yet - that would be financial suicide if this doesn't bring in the money). And having read Dune last year, I'm not sure if I could pinpoint a part where you could naturaly end the first part.
  14. Found that last night. Game changer! Finally made my way to Henry and had a chat with him. If there's one thing I don't like about this, it's the map. Am I being thick or is there no way to zoom in on the Map screen? I was trying to get to the Barracks last night to investigate, but kept bouncing between the Apartment blocks, such is my shit sense of direction.
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