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  1. I think that the S is intended to be the model to serve countries and people where 4K isn’t a thing. both companies still sell a shit ton of current Gen machines, this is an attempt to get those people into the new ecosystem in 2 years , rather than in 7. Also , I think about my sister and her 6 kids, they play their Xboxes on crappy hand me down TVs from friends, what a waste of time and money a £500 machine would be for them generally.
  2. Problem with blue stacks is that you can’t connect a controller to it via Bluetooth
  3. Master Chief, where are you?! Sir, I'm finishing the Hike
  4. I'm confident there will be titles that ran poorly enough not to make it through QA and be cleared for release- that might make it to X. Even so, I expect most of the conversation around BC to be with the additional upgrades to games that are already part of the program.
  5. Is that the same kind of delusion where people thought they were good at Smash Brothers or Halo cos they always won against their group of 6 friends, then they went online and were destroyed?
  6. "I'm not really much of an Xbox player and I don't even like Halo..."
  7. Ironically because they have to hold back when they include splitscreen. Halo 5 was rally good looking, especially at higher res, but This does highlight the lighting situation well all those lovely rocks with light and shadows all over them and between the rocks can’t achieve when you have dynamic lighting or TOD. Unless you have real-time raytracing for global illumination/ and or shadows It’s the same reasons racers don’t typically have dynamic weather, because the lighting has to take a big hit in order to ditch all the precalculated ray traced lighting baked into the textures. We don’t really have any idea if that is feasible on Xbox Series X at this point , I suspect not at up to 4K and at 60fps. that’s a big part of the disparity you seen between GT/ForzaM and ForzaH.
  8. Yeah it's mad that was signed off. It's not included in the official images of the store page though, so they have backtracked on some of the real stinkers.
  9. Yeah, Service games are simply these long supported titles. Some of paid up front, some are free with paid content, some are a mixture of both. Regular Map packs and updates in the like of Halo 2 and 3 were some of the early days of this concept. Keep users playing longer, gain additional revenue. Lots of really good examples of games that are all fantastic and are/were supported with content for a long time. There are games that are 5 years old on this list, still getting new maps , characters, engine improvements etc. Apex Rainbow 6 Siege COD Rocket League Destiny 2 Fortnite Sea of Thieves GT Sport League of Legends Overwatch
  10. They should have done what 99.99% of games do in their E3 gameplay video or as their first level. Night. Rain. Things on fire. Bam, easy peasy great graphics
  11. the brute in the cutscene is the one that is particuarly... Brutal. Chief looks great and that Guy looks...ok The trailer from last year where he barely talked and he didn't have that crazy jaw looked better. Weird stuff all round, such a poor showing.
  12. You clearly didn't watch the video AND/Or haven't play Death Stranding, which lacks dynamic lighting and TOD Same for Spider-Man and Infamous : Second Son and the other examples of older games which look great and are open world. As the video says, a GI solution would certainly help with that, but is that even possible at 60FPS on the hardware we have?
  13. That first remake was clearly made by people who were literally blind to any sense of Halo's design language. It was abysmal. That's before you even consider the random changes they made which simply upset people's nostalgia glands. As you say, by the time 2 came round that was much better.
  14. If just it's skin hadn't have looked like the surface of everything from Gears or War.. That would have gone a long way. The facial animation doesn't look good enough to be that close to screen, likewise the beardy guy who's jaw moves at an insanely high velocity every time he says anything
  15. That's a great video and really highlights how we need some Gi Solution to sorted out some of this stuff. It also talks about how the choice time of day for this video was really poor too, as it literally casts the game in a bad light.
  16. Yeah, that's not to say that this isn't how the game looks in the real world or that it's not going to look like this that release, but this time of marketing material is meticulously crafted. Even if we go just a few weeks back to the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay demo, that almost immediately went from looking like CG illustrations to looking like a.... videogame. And likewise if you think back to those most famous or most recent of gameplay demos, they are meticulously scripted and narrated in order to control both what is being seen, but how the audience interprets it. The Countless Call of Duty "live" demos from E3 shows of the past. Such as that Unreal Engine demo, which looked pretty, but in terms of structure felt like the first 15 minutes of any AAA game. Mega scripted, lots of deliberate visual framing, slow walking , basically a tutorial section without the on screen hud telling you what to do. By contrast, the 2018 engine demo, which is clearly the same game did a great job of being a showcase. Even previous Halo trailers didn't demo the game in this way, which makes it even the more mind blowing. but as I did read on twitter, this is exactly why we get "in engine" Trailers made purely of cinematics , CG trailers and bullshots. Videogame marketing will look back on this and use it as a case study.
  17. I don't think and HDR version would have saved it, but what happens if the person in charge doesn't have a critical eye for this? I can tell you, you get this as an official screenshot. Outside of that hugely expensive CG trailer directed by the guy who did the Westworld ones and the cool key-art, this drop of material is pretty awful. Companies literally employ "capture artists" to create this kind of content, how have we got something that looks like by 10 year old nephew hit the screenshot button? Funnily enough, this is not the only game to have suffered from poor marketing materials, presumably due to Covid and home working. I posted a video of Crysis Remastered that has 250k views on youtube of people laughing at it. It looked atrocious, but i have no doubt in my mind that the actual product looks totally great, yet somehow they released a incredibly bad piece of trailer work, that not only was poor quality visually, but also was simply poorly made.
  18. It's in linear space, but engines like Unreal and Unity even support ACES colour spaces and whatnot now. Lots of games are still made in SDR and then given a secondary pass for HDR. This was how it had to be with Ori. The issue with even old games that that, unless you are building physically based materials that emit or reflect back the correct amount of light for HDR (bearing in mind all of those assets will have been made on an SDR display) then it's quite easy to end up with things that look bizarre when you flip a switch. So if you are working with sliders that say control emission or saturation, but you are working in a linear space then a value of 1.0 or 100% may look fine, but remove the veil of SDR or convert that value to a different colour space, then all of a sudden you are providing a value that is now equal to a value 8x brighter or to a level of saturation that didn't exist in the original colour space. So the content itself needs to be made in HDR with these full ranges exposed, then essential clamping down values for the SDR displays. A bit like putting a dark pair of sunglasses on on a bright day. For Mirrors edge, I don't think they actually made changes to code or assets, they took what existed in the game a re-graded or re-fit it to work with HDR10 and a WCG colour space. There were some of the familiar hue shifts and whatnot of an automated conversion - the sky is a little lilac in the BC variant. It provides that HDR effect and whilst they can retrieve some additional "in-between" colours from a higher bit depth bit depth by forcing a 10bit/12bit output (and reduce the chance of posterization re-tonemapping will produce), there may not necessarily be any additional data at the bright end of things, so white that are clipped in games anyway, will still be clipped - just now they might be 1000nits. ^this is what they are implementing across the board for BC titles.
  19. It could have done, but then all of the viewers 3.1m so far . Would essentially have to watch a compromised version if they aren't on a HDR display. Even mobile phones with HDR handle it poorly.
  20. Yeah that's it. The only HDR game trailer on youtube I have seen was for Hellblade. Because HDR and SDR are so entirely different, you can't simply convert one to another without a degree of difference. Combine that with learning curve to both work with HDR content in a production environment and the typical profile of the person who will be running a social channel and you immediately have a recipe of stuff that is just too technical to work with for many outfits. Even now in games, the HDR stuff is often entirely handled by engineers, rather than being something controlled by artists.
  21. not based upon this! as it’s actually pretty awful in the scheme of things. Each title does need a little bit of tuning and I didn’t do it here (there are some hue shifts and some weirdness in certain shades of red which are a bit OTT) I did work on the HDR grade for Ori WOTW’s HDR update, and supported the production of the trailer that was in the showcase the other day. The HDR in infinite is going to be very good and they are putting a lot of effort into both HDR asset creation and user setup , it’s a shame they haven’t issued any assets.
  22. For anybody interested I ran the trailer through a tool I have made which moves SDR to HDR. It’s based upon the same process that is being used natively in the series X, but has a few limitations which aren’t present there. You’ll need to view on a HDR Tv or On a device with HDR enabled for it to look right. I’ve not bothered adding In anything to undo the conversion for SDR viewers
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