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  1. I think I calculated that I had spent 20 hours in Tok Human watching the death animation based upon the stats of how many times I had died
  2. Really enjoying Plague Tale. If you want a really story driven game aka Hellblade,God of War, TLOU, it is probably something you would like
  3. The current Xbox has 8GB of flash storage, has that been a known source of hardware failure?
  4. It's ok from what I've seen, there is a decent amount of dynamic range, but it has quite a dreary movie look going on, so it's perhaps a little less vivid than other things.
  5. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/devices register the device here
  6. You can do all the warranty stuff online, it has the date of manufacture and then if you have a receipt for purchase you can use that as the evidence of purchase. or take it to where you purchased it from as it is their responsibility to arrange for repair/exchange
  7. The first episode and the main executable you boot he full game from is free at the moment as of about 3 days ago . Maybe you triggered that somehow?
  8. The same sort of people that were using apps to clear out their ram whilst gaming because their memory was being USED.
  9. Only an old man actually uses the icons anyway, it's all about searches
  10. It's just the classic tropey anti-newest-version-of-windows-operating-system whining that people have been coming out with for the last 20 years. The chances are this person is 5 years either side of 40 OR is actually a 65year old man regurgitating the opinions of his son who works "in IT" Probably would see this in WHSMITH and have a flick through Windows 98-SE is the best , I'm not getting Windows Millenium! Windows Millenium is so stable and runs so much better, I'm not getting Windows XP, it's just a Fluffy pretty slower Windows ME I can't even find the Start Menu in Windows Vista. Bah bah bah I'm mentally incapable of coping with the concept of change. Windows 7, what a bag of shit, it's just a reskinned Windows Vista which was also shit. Windows 8? Why does my start menu take up the whole screen, I literally shit myself with fear at how I deal with such a preposterous notion. Windows 8.1 I've just got used to that Start Menu now they've FORCED and update on me and it's small again, you jerks. Windows 10. I think I'll just stick with Windows 7 thankyouverymuch. This is basically a nerd history of tedious complaining about Windows.
  11. Windows 7 is being discontinued in less than a year, so that support is naturally going to dwindle. It's the perfect excuse for developers to stop having to support the older versions too.
  12. EvilBoris

    Crackdown 3

    Do what Forza does, charge for a map of them all as a purchase. That'll go down real well What about making them increase in volume and sound radius the fewer you have to find?
  13. EvilBoris

    Crackdown 3

    I don't know the answer to the first bit BUT basically the game is outputting the HDR10 format by default and when HDR is set to off, it limits the peak brightness to a standard peak value (often 400nits) So you are playing with an extended dynamic range, just not a very high one.
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