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  1. Both great, and totally depressing to read. Totally means half life 3 is dead. and part of me hates gabe newell for it.
  2. love uncharted 4. properly my favourite PS4 game and just replaying now. I'm definitely buying this - naughty dog understand narrative in games better than anyone else. and i find these games interactive entertainment at their PUREST.
  3. my experience of that would be just getting killed every 10 secs... must be nice to be that good. i know I'm a minority, but I'm all about the single player with call of duty.
  4. i have put in over 15 hours to this and I'm still none the wiser about the upgrades etc. Its so unclear. some people seem to be able to be invisible as squids - as well as be un-harmable - and its f**king maddening. whats the deal? where do i get these abilities? Putting me off the game currently.
  5. So I have owned this console since launch way back in March. It arrived on the Friday and I had to be on a plane to Sydney first thing the next morning. It was a blessing and a curse...That flight is usually so loooonnnggg... but it flew by (!). Zelda had me utterly transfixed for the entire journey - both there and coming back. And as someone that has never really got into Elder Scrolls - I became totally obsessed with exploring and mastering it. I have NEVER put as many hours into a game as I did that one. All told, 160 of them, and I'm still playing... And as many have said the jump to having a full, uncompromised game with you where ever you are... completely changed the way I play. Giving me gaming time back that would have been impossible before. The downside to this, is I figured that would be it. The Switch would be a one game system for a very long time. Maybe always. Then Mario Kart launched and despite owning the Wii U version - I was utterly addicted all over again. It gets everything sooo right. And my boys are the perfect age to join in. And now Splatoon (which never appealed to me at all). I dont like online shooters and the art style turned me off from what I saw on the Wii U. How wrong I was though - its totally sublime and is the first game to show me the huge appeal of online warfare. I literally can't stop playing - and am always "one more go" 'ing it. Its taken up every night for the last week. In summary I have spent more time playing the Switch this year than for the duration of owning both the Xbox One and PS4 combined. It nails everything for me as a gamer - from its portability to its power. I love the little thing in a way I never have previous consoles.. And my kids love it too... Question for Rllmuk..... I didn't bother with "Arms" as I found the free demo laggy and a bit uncontrollable .... should I?
  6. Noob question..Don't really get what a splatfest is....? where do you find it in the main square?..
  7. i have binged this after stumbling across it on netflix. its the funniest thing i have seen in a long time. really really great and all this its david brent criticism sounds so jaded.
  8. Will a US Amazon.com Switch download code work in the UK? I have a $150 of gift voucher on the US store, that I can't use on the Amazon uk.... advise appreciated
  9. Spielberg is completely the wrong director for this. Shoulda been someone younger and edgier. Shame me as the book is basically a screenplay.
  10. The prequels were awful, sorry. Nothing makes them good - and they are the ULTIMATE missed opportunity for a lot of people. Having said that (and as someone who enjoyed the hell out of TFA) I feel strangely flat seeing the trailer and behind the scenes for The Last Jedi. I'm not sure why - everything just seems very tonally dull and subdued so far - and part of me is geared up for this one to be super disappointing... *I will be very happy to be wrong.
  11. This is obviously a very dumb question. But hard mode aside, how do I find the new quests etc in the DLC. Nothing that seems very new in my game..,
  12. It it would make MUCH more sense if the DLC was a prequel set with the Link 100 years before the events of BOTW.
  13. Really surprised more publishers aren't porting meaty single player games on the switch. I'm desperate for something after Zelda that I can take anywhere. i think id buy most multi-format stuff on the Switch over and above the bone and ps4 - just because the added portability factor makes those kind of games much easier to play.
  14. rubberducker

    PS4 Pro

    You would have to be much much blind, not to see the difference between STandard and HDR. Its a pretty dramatic difference that you can only see on an HDR set. I wasn't sure if I had it on at first, then discovered I didn't. And as soon as it was on everything looked so much more detailed and impressive. Well that's my experience anyway.
  15. rubberducker

    PS4 Pro

    I didnt notice much much or any difference on my standard 1080p TV. then I got a 4K HDR and it was night and day. I'm masssivemy impressed at the difference, almost a generational leap for me playing Horizon or R & C. Both look stunning...
  16. Lord and Miller were shooting and covering all the scripted stuff (according to Hollywood Reporter) and then improv-ing after that. It sounds to me like the issue is how long that was adding to the schedule - i.e. this is a factory line - get it done, we have GFX shots waiting to be composited. The irony is that ANH's set was chaos. The crew hated Lucas, openly mocking what he was trying to make - and it went completely over its modest budget. The only reason the studio didn't close him down is, that it was the 70's, and he was on the other side of the Atlantic. Then along came ESB and Lucas himself went mental throughout the filming that Kershner was taking too long on the drama scenes - and improv'ing stuff (lucas famously hated the i love you scene) too much to make it more of a character piece. Which Lucas thought was a waste of time. My view is that either Han Solo was a complete creative disaster - or that Disney are taking no creative chances with the SW formula. If its the latter, then its a real shame as it goes against the reasons Lucas set up Lucasfilm in the first place. To defy the studio system.
  17. I dont think you understand what improv is. "When it just happens" and is "shot loads of times" is called improv. Anything that isn't (or rifts) on the written word of the script is defined as improv. It's a whole acting style that defined 70s cinema, and can create magical results.
  18. Sorry, but thats a pretty ignorant statement. improv is when a huge amount of the magic happens. spontaneously. "I love you". "I know." was not in Kasdan's ESB script. That shooting the sword juggler scene in Raiders. Improvised. "Here's Johnny" From The Shinning. "Are you talking to me?" from Taxi Driver. I could go on and on.
  19. Nah, I don't buy the Ace Ventura thing either. Their style isn't like that in their other movies. they do seem like they get results with a kind of laid back, "let's just let the actors talk shit and see what happens" vibe. And it creates a certain energy. kasdan has never seemed like he had much of a sense of humour and proberly resented these kids directing his script in the way they were. Now Disney have rolled out a supporting statement from Ehrenreich they are clearly want the fuss to go away. having a director's cut of lord and millers version would be super interesting though.
  20. Its the Samsung KS 8000 65
  21. I found a PS4 Pro on my local Gumtree for £225, so decided to go for it. Plugged into my 1080p screen they was no real discernible difference between this and my standard PS 4. No real frame rate improvements or anything else much I could see. Certainly no reason to upgrade. However I bought a 65 inch 4K Samsung HDR screen this week and the difference is mind blowing. Its almost a generational leap it looks so pretty. No jaggies anywhere and silky smooth high res beautiful graphics on the 4K screen. And to me looks much better than anything I have seen from the GTX 980 in my PC.
  22. I have seen the latter and its an awful, bad cgi shitfest. I give you rush.. but that's the exception rather than the rule. if you like blandness. Ron Howard is your man.
  23. Its totally beautiful. And the PS4 pro in 4K HDR does feel like a huge leap. No more jaggies and the image look soooo rich. Wasn't expecting night and day difference but that's what it is. Not wall mounted yet... and kids playing ratchet and clank.... but the picture is gorgeous ❤️
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