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  1. Or buy the star fighter controls loot pack.
  2. First time I have played Skyrim (switch version) but third person looks janky as hell. First person all the way for me – much more immersive.
  3. Yes please! (If you still have it!)
  4. Got this on the switch this monring.I have never got past meeting the blacksmith in the first village on any other platform. I always felt too overwhelmed by information and inventories before. But have finally made it to the first dungeon. Really enjoying it now - and finally feel I have a grasp of the menus. Don't understand how to do magic or anything yet - but hopefully someone teaches you that. Been playing docked on my TV and I have to say it looks beautiful and much better than I thought it would on the Switch. Cant wait to get proper stuck in on my 12 hour flight this weekend. Does it get better and better?
  5. Hasn’t everyone got LOTR fatigue? I thought The Hobbit proved that. It wasn’t a terrible trilogy but we had seen it all before. cant help but feel the same way about this. Given how much the rights were, and how much the series will cost to produce - It has massive flop written all over it.
  6. Has DLC 2 been given an official release day yet? I saw a leak that pointed to the 20-something of December. Has that been confirmed?
  7. I have a KS8000 it’s 4k and HDR.. and games do look amazing!
  8. I have a 12 hour flight on the 18th and have never played past the opening cart ride on other systems. Looking forward to being locked away with this and Mario and gin and tonics.
  9. Black flag is the only assassins game I have really connected with. is this upthere with that?
  10. I have s PS4 Pro and now an Xbox One X. In all honesty there isn’t much noticeable difference when you put games like Tombraider next to each other. They both look equally stunning. Microsoft maybe winning the raw specs and geek marketing war, but the reality is these machines are a very close match so far. Gears Of War looks totally beautiful and almost Next Gen in 4k HDR - but no more so than Zero Dawn Horizon. Both look stunning if you have right panel. if you are on a 1080p set i would hold off on both as your visual return will be minimal. But if you have a new screen either of these machines will make your games look incredible.
  11. I have the same thing on my Samsung KS8000. Blacks looked washed out and grey compared to other sources.
  12. When will reviews hit for the Switch version?
  13. Is there any word on how supply contrained these are going to be?
  14. I wasn’t bothered about getting one on Tuesday (got a crazy busy week) but it was just the way it was put that pissed me off. Hopefully get one before Christmas. but like I say, that’s me done with them.
  15. Retail is fine when its done right (e.g.: The Apple Store) But GAME employee low rent, dishonest customer relations (that might have worked 15 years ago - but are dated and short sighted now) and treats customers with contempt. I sympathise the people that work there are properly treated like shit, and have masses of pressure to sell unwanted garbage (like loyalty schemes and extended warranties) - but fucking hell as a customer experience it sucks.
  16. I haven’t been into a GAME Store for about 3 years. And haven’t bought anything from them since the Xbox 360 was at its peek. Today I traded in my Xbox One so I could pre-order an Xbox One X at the Bristol Broadmead Store. My god - that’s the last time they get any of my money. I pre-order and was told it would be a 20 pound deposit. No problem. Then, someone I can only assume in the manager (a wierd looking 30 something dude with psoriasis) whispers in the servers ear - who then tells me it’s fifty quid. Ok why the difference? More whispers and vagueness about recent policy making sure customers turn up. What really pissed me off was the way the manager wouldn't talk to me direct - like customers were beneath him. Any way ok fine. Then I ask to trade in my Xbox One and they tell me they can’t. Why? Because they have a backlog of consoles to be tested (at which point he points to one lone console that had been on and functioning in the background). I tell him it’s fine I’ll wait at which point the manager whispers again and they agree to phone me when they have tested it. Then the clerk informs me that the preorder is for the second wave of consoles. OK great. That could be anytime before Christmas. Oh and it’s too late to refund. As a customer experience it was AWFUL. And I’m done with GAME. So much easier and simpler to deal with Argos, or Amazon or basically any online retailer. This way of doing business is dead - and good riddance.
  17. This is coming out really soon for the switch.. and i have never played it past the opening scene. it always seemed a bit fiddly and menu driven. But I have a 12 hour flight the day after it comes out and really fancy a good RPG to sink some time into... real question is - will this feel dated after zelda?
  18. I was against the weapon durability to start with - but realise it mixes up how I play by never relying on one sort of weapon for too long. I love it as a mechanic now ❤️
  19. everyone is finsihing this super quick. Ive just got to New Donk City. Am I halfway thorugh the game?
  20. I haven’t felt like this about Nintendo since the snes. I can’t believe how amazing the switch actually has turned out - (after the wii which I owned). the best versions of mario, zelda and mario kart in the first nine months. And versions you can play anywhere. Nintendo are firing on all cylinders and long may it continue! ❤️
  21. from those that already have it - STOP playing for a sec and write! We require impressions now goddam it!
  22. Does anyone know when DLC Pack 2 is due to be released?
  23. thanks for starting a topic on it then.
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