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  1. i love rpg's and i love fps. i hated deux ex 2. it seemed completely disinterested in the user experience. sparsely populated areas, huge loading times with not an alwful lot to do. maybe i just like my rpg's in the zelda mode, but i traded this in after three days. there are only so many hours in the day, and i want some pleasure from gaming, not boredom.
  2. that's exactly what i was getting. i think i've just cum...
  3. Molyneux games are generally shit, in my opinion. i loved populus all those years ago, but it all went down hill fast. powermonger started his decent into medioracy. his games are all too concept based, with very little to hold the package together. i have never understood why EDGE celebrate the guy so much. is he good at sucking dick? that can be the only explaination. fable will be okay, but nowt special (if molyneux has anything to do with it). massive loading times, loads of stats, pre scripted events and huge amounts of nothng especially to do mixed up with a general lack of direction. i think i'll wait until it is in the second hand bins (proberly not a long wait). very underwhelmed by all concepts Molyneux. his games are always big in scope, but lack the goods to deliver. they have no soul.
  4. wow i thought it was just me, this really pisses me off. here we are in the twenty first century, still waiting fro things to load. nintendo are the only company that seem to realise that this one thing (for me atleast) ruins an entire game's presentation. both zelda and particularly metroid prime made sure the loading seemed flawless. the xbox developers just don't seem to get it. could biowear have made the loading screens in KOTOR anymore ugly after obviously making sure the presentation was top notch else where. it's really basic stuff, and makes you wonder if half the people designing games, are really games palyers atall.....
  5. so HALO 2 is in 16:9 - fan-fuckin-tastic! sorry about the avatar thing. i thought that was a commen gallery that we all got to pick from.... whoops!
  6. you do do that. but only some games are displayed in proper widescreen. you can squash the image, but you lose resolution and the correct propotions for everything. for instance. ninja gaiden has the option (team ninja have supported it since DOA 3) and top spin doesn't. must just be me it winds up.....
  7. so it still really surprises me how few XBOX games don't use this option (actually more like fucks me off), considering how many of us console owners have widescreen tv's. why isn't halo in 16:9? and KOTOR? and splinter cell? need i go on.... what's fuckin wrong with people, i ask you? i just hope bungie get it together and make HALO 2 wide this time. does anybody know if they have mentioned it??
  8. just bought this cheap actually. i'm up for a game tonight (26th May), if you are... my tag is: rubberducker..
  9. this is about the only criticism of the PSP i have read(although his self congratualation on seeing the N Gage's failure is pompous). he could have a point. i wanna a PSP, but there is only so much i will pay for it. and a lack of battery life (2.2 hours!?!), might really piss me off. there hasn't been a lot of journalistic criticism of the PSP, why? (not that i have read anyway). this is purely a gaming machine and won't replace my ipod, but if it is expensive, too big and has virtually no battery life - it may tip me into not buying. oh who am i kidding i want ONE!
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