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  1. Thanks Who. The great thing about that video is that it really demonstrates the craft and workmanship that went into making the original film. Its a text book example of the power of editing and juxtaposition in film. This wasn’t just with what was shot - it was also through the many iterations Lucas went through whilst writing the story - editing and editing it down to what became the shooting script. Sadly TLJ is a text book example of something that NEEDED editing. IMO it was self indulgent, heavy handed, and the script should have been where that editing started. I’m kinda of amazed that Disney had such confidence in it as it was clearly a polarising film that could have completely backfired. Long story, short - there are going to be so many fan edits of TLJ that I enjoy more than the film I saw at the cinema.
  2. By far the worst part of this game is hearing some half wit NPC say “brave decision Gary” every ten seconds or so...
  3. If Leia can use the force to survive a massive explosion, not freeze in the vacuum of space, and fly like supergran - then I think he’ll be fine. that scene is the least of the films problems.
  4. Wow, so this art work is real? Looks like the illustrations from one of those Jehovah's Witness Magazines. Only worse.
  5. I can never get much further than the first inn during the witcher 3.. the whole world and main lead leave me a bit cold. Might restart it after this as its now in 4k on the Bone x.
  6. National Anthem is one of my favourite bits of TV ever. i suppose part of me wishes it were real and that fate befall our current PM.
  7. Funk me this game is big. I thought Alexandra was the main chunk of the game then I zoomed out the map ! been playing about 15 hours and only just started it. It’s got me completely hooked. i always find the narrative in these games confusing as hell, and still have no idea what’s really going on - short of murder a few people for murdering my own.
  8. Structurally the film is an uneven mess.
  9. Wish i shared your point of view.
  10. this is a great video about how the original Star Wars was saved from mediocrity by great editing - that really perfected its structure.
  11. This Variety article is excellent and really nails my feelings toward the film.
  12. Its the Samsung KS8000. Has a really lovely image
  13. Not atall. My son is sitting on the floor there - but if you are on a sofa (about 10-12 feet away) it’s basically as simple as looking forward.
  14. My gaming set up pretty much involves this Samsung 65 inch HDR screen, a Switch and my eight year old. (And when he’s gone to bed an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.) every Gen I convince myself I’m going to stay on one console and then end up acquiring them all on launch... :/
  15. I think you might have stolen that from Red Letter Media's TPM review.
  16. *Ignore can’t delete mistake post on my iPhone.
  17. Whatever the quality of the final film imo they should delay until Christmas 2018 - as May just feels too soon for another SW movie. Especially one that is going to “promotionally” come out of nowhere.
  18. It's not prequel level bad. There are some great things in this film, and some really poor ones. That's whats so frustrating about it for me.
  19. I think this whole positioning of people not liking TLJ to the gamersgate/ghostbusters remake/me-too stuff - is a real low from the defenders of this film. i didn’t really like TLJ as I thought it was uneven, unnecessary and narratively messy. Not because I don’t love Rey as a lead.
  20. K and Kerraig are right but the thought of Howard at the helm of a han solo film:
  21. Howard is a “safe pair of hands”. Known for creating safe, predictable and deeply average films - which I find more of a cinematic crime that making bad ones (considering the resources he has access to).
  22. This might be the first SW live action movie to totally bomb.
  23. Just as a reminder. This is going to be a “Ron Howard” film. Set your expectations real low.
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