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  1. That’s a really well put together video. And I agree with alot of its points. As good as the Kylo Rey stuff is.. the rose/fin/holdo/poe stories ruin the film for me.. to the point I have no desire to watch it ever again.
  2. There seemed like a few hints of lord and miller humour poking through... the shower scene, lando’s innuendo with the droid etc. Infact, I wish it had been funnier..I sure would love to see their cut. It may not be as Star warzy, but would be sooo interesting to see how it differed.
  3. My god the score is criminally bland on this one. I know Williams is 108 and gets a free pass - but enough is enough (he only contributed the Han music and the other guy’s stuff sounds like lift music). His score was one of the only good things about the prequels, so it’s disappointing all his work on these new films sound like someone doing a bland, uninspired knock off of John Williams.
  4. I liked Origins, but Odessey is just going to be more of the same - just with a new helmet and Socrates crammed into a side quest.
  5. I’m really struggling to understand why Disney are going ahead with this based on Solo. Are there really any Boba Fett fans out there? If there are, they are going to be a really niche audience.
  6. The theatrical cut is by far the best. There is an innocence to the child like relationship Maltida and he share - that the directors cut taints (for me anyway).
  7. I have always been amazed that Besson got Leon financed. It’s one of my favourite films of all time - but the directors cut categorically makes Leon a pedo (and basically ruins the film for me). i mean wtf? How on earth did he pitch that one to the suits in Hollywood... always made me wonder.. https://medium.com/@nerdypoc/should-director-luc-bessons-pedophilia-really-be-forgotten-5471a2c7c9d5 .
  8. It’s totally speilberg’s fault. The source material is bubblegum but had a lot of potential with the right director attached. Speilberg’s take was utterly banal and lacklustre. The score illustrates his lack of connection to the story... as it’s like meant for some grandiose period war drama. i adore his past work but speilberg’s should retire from this kind of movie. It’s a massive missed opportunity imo, as under the right direction this could have been something really special..
  9. i though this was great. Really well directed and written. Very, very tense for alot of it.
  10. hmmmmmm.... Id say that is pretty much spot on. Now the Kinect is dead what else is their for Rare to do?
  11. I paid full price for it. I knew next to nothing about it and fancied buying a new xbox game on what happened to be launch day. This seemed like a good shout as the youtube videos looks good and the world seemed beautiful. I also have a soft spot for pirates. In this world of Zeldas and Assasins Creeds I expected a game world full of stuff to do (either on your own or in a crew). Taking on Merchant Ships, Trading, Raids on forts - epic sea battles against the British etc etc. But what I exprienced on my first successful log on (it took me about half day a get that far) was some text instructions - and being dropped onto an island with some other players that were nowhere to be seen. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. After a couple more games I experienced getting locked in the brig multiple times by the other players (for reasons i dont quite understand) and endless wondering about the exquistit lookimg scenary with very little to do. I think the disconnect for me comes from my expectations of a modern AA video game. This one has been entirely misrepresented. Its more like an indy game by a small team of developers. I've had one or two games that have been great (when everyone is working as a team) but they are few and far between (with randoms anyway). Im amazed MS felt this was good enough to release as it is. Because it really isnt up to scratch for a big release. Its more like an experiment. The good news is I bought an digital code from Amazon - and when I requested a refund based on the fact it never connected online they refunded me. Without some sort of rapid and MAJOR content updates I think this game is DOA. As J Pickford said earlier in the thread this really feels like Rare's last game.
  12. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Lucasfilm right now.
  13. True colours? You total muppet. He was stopped from adventuring, and turned into a masochist arse by Ryan Johnson, for pretty poor plot reasons. And not liking badly written characters is completely different, to not liking female characters. Unless you are a simpleton.
  14. For Rose? She’s basically TLJ’s Jar Jar Binks.
  15. Rose is like that vegetarian, christian girl at school that always puts her hand up first, and imposes her views on you - weather you want to listen or not. Poor Finn. No wonder he tried to kill himself. And watching Poe go through the movie being neutered and treated like an imbecile - is about as exciting as watching Han sit through a twelve step - gamblers anonymous lecture - for 2 and a half hours. Only less fun.
  16. Saw this a week or so ago. Its amazing. In my top 3 of the the last twelve months. I knew literally nothing about the story, which made it all the more entertaining. Loved it/10.
  17. There were teaser trailers months in advance and behind the scenes making of videos. Also I’m pretty sure one sheet posters (?). And much more sense in the general consciousness that a new Star Wars was coming. Same with Rogue One (we’d had two trailers by this point). It’s wierd that Disney aren’t delaying a troubled production, which might mean they have some confidence in it. It might surprise us all as the Kasdans seem quite a talented family (Larry’s other son directed Jumanji - which was way better than it had any right to be). But that synopsis sounds like fanwank (but then they all do) and , well, Ron Howard. He’s sure to add his own flavour of cheese. But who knows maybe it will be better than we think. Who actually has high expectations of this property?
  18. George Lucas should just accept someone else is making SW these days.
  19. Been playing on the Xbox One X since Christmas. Didn’t expect much but it has completely absorbed me.. like no other game since Zelda (wish it was on the switch!!). as a game it’s really beautifully designed and a high point of the series. Only low point is the story is really poorly structured - and I have no real idea what’s going on. It’s completely disconnected. And Ubi really need to work on this. Doesnt effect the gameplay though so I’m fine with it here.
  20. That Jedi video is excellent - and makes you wonder how badly Marcia Lucas (leaving George for his architect) fucked up his head. The heart breaking thing is how much potential there was with the prequels, and how unable Lucas was to do his own idea justice.
  21. For people interested in Box Office Numbers - Grace Randolph's videos are pretty good. She has done a few on TLJ which are well worth a look if you are interested (she's a fan of the film btw).
  22. I accept its not the fault of TLJ - but it is a fault of this new series of films - and is basically poor storytelling. These films are chapter Seven and Eight. Not chapters One and Two - and in the sequence of the story - the character of Snoke has come out of nowhere to completely change the result of the previous chapter.. ROTJ. That NEEDS explanation. And it should have been in the main series of films - not in some video game or book spin off.
  23. I think its likely a cluster fuck behind the scenes. Can you imagine the sheer scale of the marketing plan for a film like this? Then you go and sack your directors in the last few weeks of production - on a timeframe that was on a knife edge anyway. Its comes out in a few months, so it’s no surprise that this stuff is leaking.
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