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  1. heavy legs

    PES 2020

    Interesting that Juventus has been confirmed for PES as an official licensed team, meaning ‘Piemonte Calcio’ will be in FIFA20 instead. I’ve not played FIFA for years, has that happened with a major team before?
  2. It’s fine. I’m assuming that Roofe is going to Rangers and we’ll take Maupay for £5.49m in exchange
  3. Each fence can be literally one-shot at the base. They don’t have the bonus surprise that Caustic’s traps do. At the moment I can only see the benefit it active firefight/exchange situations.
  4. heavy legs

    PES 2020

    I'm the other side of this coin; the person who is compelled to play 1,500 games a year online, despite being completely frustrated 80% of the time that I play it. The game is now a bloated mess and two things stand out as examples for me. Firstly, licenses. I thought it was a bit of masterstroke this year when they added the Scottish, Portugese and Turkish leagues as a way to pick up some sales across various countries. Less so the Thai, Chilean and Swiss leagues, but whatever. Unfortunately, Konami also decided to add in 'Player of The Week' cards to MyClub. These were players who performed well and had a stats boost, available for one week only. You could pay for three shots at each weekly pot or you could probably afford one per week if you collected the log in bonuses each day. The impact this has was to make most of the new leagues completely redundant in MyClub. The first pot had a 96 rated Neymar, a 96 rated Ziyech and a 93 rated Simeone, amongst others. This continued every week, meaning that you never see any of the players that were added to the game as part of the league licenses. It also means that every one is fielding hyper strength teams, with no nuance or difference. Second issue is the controls and the way the game plays. Forget the fact that Konami can't balance the game at all. Each yearly iteration now swings from one extreme to the other. The actual core game is simply confused and confusing. Take passing, if I want to pass from one player to another, here's what I need to consider: - my own pass assist rating (1-3 or manual) - the pass stats of my player - the play style of my player (orchestrator, classic no. 10 etc) - the pass cards of my player (weighted pass, no look pass, low lofted pass, first time pass, outside curler) - the cards of the defender (interception, malicia) - the attacking stats of my manager (pass support range, compactness) - the defensive stats of the opposing manager (compactness, pressure, defensive line) - how my opponent plays - quality of the connection It is simply impossible to determine what are the success factors in any move and none of it is explained by Konami in any depth, anywhere. The only element that seems to guarantee success, is when the opponent pressures and space opens up. When you add to this the random elements of the game (Tackles, runs, CPU fouls etc) that play in, it just becomes rage inducing. There are many, many other issues; the lack of a decent training mode, the fact that they haven't fixed bugs that have been in the game since October. I worry now that people spend so much on MyClub that it makes enough money for them to just carry on like this. Inevitably I'll download the demo, this version will be an iteration on 2019; the only chance of change will be in the 2021 version, as developments to the engine only seem to happen every two years. I'll not hold my breath.
  5. heavy legs

    PES 2018

    The number of trainers doesn’t impact the multiplier/uplift. It’s completely random, iirc. The more alike the higher the chance, I believe.
  6. heavy legs

    PES 2018

    there’s a 2018 database linked somewhere, from that page (or at least the home page). As an aside, the 2019 lite mode is available for free, I think. Players can be on or off form; when the season’s in full flow, you also get weekly updates which impact their form rating. This is determined by what happens in league matches between Friday and Sunday. An ‘8’ form player who is weekly rated ‘A’ will almost always be on top form, whilst a ‘4’ form player weekly rated ‘D’ will likely be on poor form and have a stat decrease. I think the swing on stats is from +6/-6 so it can have a material impact on how your players play. When the season ends, everyone reverts to C Form. So you want to have a high form rating in your player’s stats, to give yourself every advantage.
  7. heavy legs

    PES 2018

    Always turn the lower rated one in to a trainer. I’ve tried the reverse a few times and, unless you get a random boost, you sometimes won’t reach the base level of the higher rated dupe. Duplicates get a circa-3x trainer bonus if you use them on the same player, before you factor in any random boost. Younger players have smaller gaps between levels, so the difference in levelling between, say, Vinicius Junior and Buffon’s levelling up will be marked. Contracts do get more expensive, but the way the in game economy is geared, it’s really not that worth it (IMO). You may may already be factoring this in, but I’d have one eye on 8 or 7 form players from both agents and scouts, given we are approaching the end of the season. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?form=7-8&sort=form I’ll be interested to see how long they carry on with live updates for the Brazilian and Chinese leagues, given they are picking back up now.
  8. heavy legs

    The Bookies

    Ah, the gambler’s fallacy
  9. heavy legs

    The Bookies

    Just a thought, Barcelona look good odds to beat Huesca with a handicap today. I know that they’ll probably rest Messi and a couple of others, but they hammered them 8-2 earlier in the season and they’ve not won a game in five, conceding 13 in the process. I’ve doubled them with Spurs.
  10. I had this for the first few weeks, so tried a new pad and it’s made the world of difference. I thought it was me, but it was just down to the R3 bing knacked.
  11. Next year this needs a sticky in OT as the sample size has waned for years 01 - Grouper - Grid of Points 02 - Daughters - You Won’t Get What You Want 03 - Snail Mail - Lush 04 - Breathe Panel - Breathe Panel 05 - Mildlife - Phase 06 - Pusha T - Daytona 07 - Hovvdy - Cranberry 08 - Maxo Kream - Punken 09 - Yves Tumour - Safe In The Hands of Love 10 - Ghetts - Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament
  12. heavy legs

    The Bookies

    Better... as an aside Samp are 5/1 against AC Milan tomorrow. Does anyone know why?
  13. heavy legs

    The Bookies

    Will probably still find a way to lose this, I’m sure.
  14. heavy legs

    PES 2019

    Might be obvious for those playing MyClub, but younger players level up faster than those who are older. The best ones to pick are those with high form ratings from random clubs. I’ve picked up Mason Mount, Kai Havertz (average form tbf) and Giorgian De Arrascaeta (bit older but has a form of 8 - there’s only 11 non-classic players who are gold or black with an 8). Keen for Neves and Sessegnon too but their agents are too expensive at the moment.
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