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    Bad Meals

    Wow, I've been a couple of times. Not my favourite but I can't understand how you would ever call it flavourless. Nor was it was that expensive. Similar price to a nandos.
  2. Next time you go to duty free, get some Ron Zapaca, it's as god a rum as i've ever had. Amazingly smooth and full but delicate flavour. It is really sweet though so if you don't like them like that then it's probably not for you.
  3. I just posted about this in the steak thread. So good. We had amazing ribs. I just posted about this in the steak thread. So good. We had amazing ribs.
  4. will


    Cornflake milkshake is amazing! I went to the new restaurant of theirs, foxlow, this week. It was great not as expensive as Hawksmoor, though the steaks are probably the same price. We had some brilliant bacon and beef ribs and some very calorific sundaes.
  5. Kimchi burger is amazing. I could eat three.
  6. I felt old at Leeds when I was 18. I think end of the road and green man are pretty old person friendly. When I went to ATP a few years ago i was pretty much the youngest there at 25 - and you get a proper bed. Admittedly it was Pavement curating so it was always going to attract the older crowd.
  7. Old rosie tastes like sick... In a good way.
  8. I did end that book wanting to eat some chickienobs, not the desired intention.
  9. I had one of these a while ago. It was nice, but didn't quite live up to the concept. The pork was a bit dry. Perhaps another one of these burgers where more was actually less. Still, motherflipper have a stall at brockely market about 7 minutes walk from my house on saturdays. There's also really good fried chicken as well. Perfect for hungover brunch.
  10. Had one of these from Brockley market last Saturday. It was delicious, the meat was so tasty.
  11. will


    Exactly, if I was stoned I could have eaten seven.
  12. will


    I've been the the one on old street plenty of times, just what you need on a night out...unless you've taken drugs in which case the eyes say yes but the stomach says no . My friend bought one once when I was under the the influence. She didn't like it (madness) and gave it to me. I had a bite but couldn't manage it, it was heartbreaking to put something so nice in the bin.
  13. will


    I don't think corned beef is a regional thing, you get ready meal versions of it everywhere.
  14. go for chicken livers first, they're reasonably mild and really tender if you cook them quickly.
  15. Does carrot cake even tase of carrot? It mostly tastes like cake to me.
  16. I think you've forgotten what 15 year olds like, 15 year olds look pretty much like children. She's in her mid 20s and looks reasonably young for her age but nowhere near 15.
  17. Yeah, but doe eyed means innocence and naivity, it's not necerssarily a sexual thing. I suppose you could literally say that Clara/Oswin has big attractive eyes but her character doesn't seem to be on the helpless end of the companion spectrum. All of the Doctors companions have their qualities, but she seems more innately competant than most.
  18. From the evidence of the past few episodes, Clara/Oswin isn't particularly doe eyed.
  19. I loved seeing the excerpt before the hobbit. It was long, and It will mean that i've seen some of it before it comes out but it did make me incredibly excited and seeing a non plot critical excerpt is much better than the current trend for trailers that paraphrase the entire film. Despite seeing 9 minutes, I still have no real idea about the plot other than Benedict Cumberbatch is exceptionally evil and that shit gets exceptionally real.
  20. Yes, more strax. Mogster is right that the plot was fairly standard mumbo jumbo, but the whole thing was so full of fun character stuff that I barely noticed the actual plot. I loved all of the doctor and Clara scenes, so nice for him to have someone that doesn't worship him or act or constantly provide the exposition by playing dumb. If modern Clara is as evenly matched with the Doctor as Oswin and Victorian Clara then the rest of the series should be fun.
  21. I find Barry Scott pretty funny, it's a rare example of an advert satirising the product its advertising and getting away with it.
  22. Alternatively it could be that people don't post in here because they're sick of the relentless tide of negativity. After thoroughly enjoying the episode this morning I almost didn't open this thread because I didn't want to have my pleasure disected by the normal (sometimes justified) moans. Whether the criticisms are right or whether they're not, this thread is like a joyless stuck record.
  23. Carbonite is fine, just burn the shit out of anything you bake.
  24. will


    I love sushi and appreciate good sashimi but what keeps me coming back is the vinegary rice rather than the fish. There are plenty of nice vegetarian fillings.
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