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  1. I bet they didn't know what the prize was going to be when the game launched..
  2. I am always spectacularly disappointed with the in-game graphics and sound of GT. They always show the game in replay mode and it looks great with the hi-res cars and frame rate but then I get behind the wheel and it turns into static environments, shit sound, 8-bit colour and cars with chronic understeer unless you tit around in the configuration for 3 days.
  3. Does anyone here want a racing seat that I am thinking of getting rid of? I live in Surrey and it's one of these: http://www.thewayiplay.com/mainforum/index.php?topic=409.0
  4. Yes, now a days you would have a far more forgiving system. If you remember guards used to scratch their chin and go "hmmm" so there was an effort to communicate these things.. Memory was pretty tight in the PS2 days and Hitman 2 was already pretty advanced with full level in memory, all active AI + a full world state save game.
  5. In some ways it worked very well, it definitely added tension (why the meter on the OSD was a tension meter) but was phased out for good reason (consistency).
  6. A quick tip on Hitman 2 AI. There was some fuzzy logic in the AI that was removed after Hitman 2 that meant the AI would have a threshold to odd behaviour which included running, sneaking and getting up close to and facing guards in less than stellar disguises.
  7. The findings of experiment one: (1) We do not know how to make an online game.
  8. You guys might like this: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZoohC7IwIH8
  9. Has anyone here played this game yet? It went into open Beta today: http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/community/news I would be interested to know peoples thoughts.
  10. Is todays game only on ESPN or am I being completely retarded?
  11. I'm a Liverpool fan but after reading that I think Suarez is guilty. I'm not sure there is/was quite enough evidence though to justify such a strong penalty. You also have to question the timing of the release. "A good day to bury bad news" etc
  12. I think the 'take-away' from the different versions is really quite different. The theatrical release pretty much delivers a story of "Senna is a god, was constantly wronged by the system and Prost was a coward". It is nearly impossible to walk away from the extended version with that impression as you actually get to hear from Prost (et al) therefore balancing out the story telling. Yes, the theatrical release is a better cut in terms of time/punch/quality of delivery but the accuracy of it's portrayal of history is biased. When you realise the Senna family had to approve the final release then you can see why it took that shape.
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