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  1. Winter information
  2. Winter information
  3. Autumn Information
  4. Yeah I'm not really enjoying Hot Wheels so far, it feels like going bowling with the barriers up. There is a constant wall up around the tracks so if you overshoot a corner you don't get penalised the same way as in a regular race. Also the "story" mission with the woman waffling on about Hot Wheels history, jesus, who asked for that? Dull as fuck.
  5. Summer Information
  6. Most cars aren't really worth selling, look up what (hopefully) rare cars are coming up as prizes in the following weeks and if you've already got them, sell those cars. Generally worth looking up what cars are selling for, you may have a car you never use worth £20 million sitting in your inventory, it'll come back as a giveaway car eventually, even if you miss it, that'll tank the auction house price so you can buy it back cheaper if you do want it again in future. Go to the auction house and choose advance search and make the minimum price more than £10million and see which cars show up.
  7. DLC Map if anyone cares, apparently it floats above the regular map so you can see Mexico below you.
  8. The event lab this week is awful again, the real trial each week. You need rewind turned on, but I suppose it makes a change from the usual format of these things, where you have right angle turns galore, going around most of the course in first gear is apparently fun for some reason.
  9. Spring information
  10. Winter information
  11. Autumn Information
  12. Summer Information
  13. Winter information Another stock trial.
  14. I'm pretty sure there is a claim all button on the car pass screen.
  15. Autumn Information The trial is again with stock cars, however there are apparently ways to "upgrade" so it's worth looking for tunes before attempting it. You can add aero to lower the PI so you can add some upgrades.
  16. Summer Information Should be an interesting trial this week, no upgrades allowed.
  17. Spring information
  18. Managed to do this on my second go, already had an S2998 tune on the regular CLK and used that, I did follow the route suggested on the video though. Top of the rllmuk rankings now . Come on forza people, beat my time.
  19. Winter information The Atlantes De Tula speed trap is apparently very difficult, here's a video on how to do it.
  20. Yeah this one was very tricky. Although I found the City Escape Trailblazer harder, must have attempted it 20-30 times until I got it. Seems they've made the trials much easier and the PR stunts much more difficult. I used the 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S Tune - 174 116 819 in the end to do it. Someone posted in the reddit comments.
  21. Autumn Information
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