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  1. Been away for a week else would have fixed the previous post y'all lost your shit over despite nothing properly plot revealing being in - shit like that, wanting to turn threads into goddamn CIA documents, whining about trivial stuff is why I near enough gave up on this place and the negative reaction to something as innocuous as that post (KALLO SAID SOMETHING FUNNY AT THE END, OH NO DON'T TELL ANYONE!) just affirms that this board is probably no longer for me. Mass Effect Andromeda is sadly flawed in parts but I truly, honestly believe if you have any love for the series, you wi
  2. Can I just add that I really loved that moment on the last mission where all hell's breaking loose in space around the Tempest and Sara on the bridge goes: "KALLO! How close can you get us to the Scourge?" "Um...too close?" It's just the way Kallo's VA and model combine to say it, followed by his ridiculously happy grin after he pulls it off. Going through the screenies folder, and I got one of the Archon with a surprisingly good trollface:
  3. In my defence, I would say there were times I channelled the young and impulsive, devil may care, get stabbed in the back through the frickin' heart Picard instead of smart, thoughtful old man Picard. Re: the other thing - hmmm. Actually, now that you say that, I can see the sense in how it might work: Probably could have been depicted clearer but I think that's probably it.
  4. Re: Ending Chat In short, lots of good work and one little spur of the moment decision made in the arse end of Eos is probably going to bite Sara in the arse so hard, she'll never be able to sit down again.
  5. Reminds me when people would post horror stories about playing the original on Insanity and it sounded like the most miserable, unfun load of bobbins imaginable, pinging away at Geth Primes, or Krogan Battlemasters with near perma immunity on. I find life's too short such nonsense.
  6. Re: The Milky Way That's a real shame, @Oz. Like LeChuck, I have no time or patience for bulletsponge nonsense so just played through on Normal and never really had any issues in combat apart from one encounter on Eos where a seemingly infinite number of Kett spawned to a point even Drack couldn't keep up. Had to dash inside their outpost, finish the quest and leg it in the Nomad with about a hundred of the bastards shooting away at us... Other than that, the bugs I got were mild. Quest/Inventory/Codex not clearing the new item notification, Pelessaria dying on one mi
  7. And that's that. Worst Game of All Time, All Involved Must Suffer A Thousand Torments, etc. Need to digest properly but honestly? The first game has the best story and a finale better than most games in their entirety but plays like a dog, the second has the best cast and overall experience, the third has the best combat/mechanics but - Tuchanka apart - is a largely joyless and disjointed chore. Andromeda just has to make do with being the second best in most areas, which puts it behind ME2 as the best in the series. It's a buggy, unoptimised mess at times, that first act is woeful
  8. Not really, though there was talk of a salarian teammate who was dropped from the final roster. Speaking of salarians, oh man - I am stuck on what can only be described as a peak salarian mission. I'm so confused and conflicted I genuinely have no idea which way to turn. Bloody Tinker, Techie, Soldier, STG shit. This could backfire horribly...yet once again I shall use Cap'n Picard as my guide. Sod it. Then again, what if...arrrrrrg.
  9. Just pootling about on one of the seemingly innocuous sidequests that I don't even recall where I picked up and, er, something rather unexpected happened at the end of it. There is, of course, absolutely no way at all that this will bite either of us on the arse.
  10. Yeah, sniping is harder yet I guess it is more rewarding now when you do head shot some sucker 70m away who's darting across the field like Usain Bolt thinking he's hot shit and then his head explodes and Jaal yells "EXCELLENT SHOT!" and it's time to spill drinks on the Cita- Nexus. Still can't stop taking pictures.
  11. I crafted an M8 Avenger last night. Vintage heat sink, bunch of bonuses, 2 extra mod slots. I don't even care that it's a crappy rifle when it comes down to it, it's not like I'm gonna use it when I've a Black Widow with 60 odd shots to hand. I just wanted one for its sheer iconic status.
  12. Still got to finish off Elaaden, Pelessaria's loyalty mission, and Addison's missing friend (it only took almost the entire game but she delivers a good line: "FUCKING HELL") then it's off to the finale. Alas, I finished the memories quest and now poor Sara's innocence has been shattered somewhat. Anyway, between that and a meeting with Drack in the medbay, last session was something of a downer. I almost get the feeling a follow up game could open with the old man's funeral, all that talk of replacement prosthesis and failing redundant organs didn't sound ver
  13. I will never stop laughing at how Cora is basically this guy. Never. I'm only surprised she didn't get a haircut where her hair sweeps back into a set of tentacle approximations.
  14. Until last night, my thoughts on him were this: i) His intro scene where he's watching Dad Ryder interact with the Remnant interface, trying to copy it and failing, then just silently staring at Ryder with the coldest, most envious and slightly sad glare was actually kind of cool; But then nothing else happened for the longest time so it became more like: ii) Who the fuck is this guy? What does he want? Does he have anything approaching a personality in the slightest? Is he just gonna silently fume the entire game? Are all these dudes just mindless killers?
  15. Wiper gets it. I don't want any more of those things in the Archon's room running around than is absolutely necessary. Speaking of, Drack's attempts to talk it down were proper "awwwww". Generally speaking, the idea of Krogans setting up home in an already inhabited cluster sets off a load of alarm bells because they're one of the ultimate example of a invasive species nightmare in the making. On the other hand, Krogan are typically always awesome and loveable space frog buddies to a point I find it almost impossible to side against them. I could understand it if any Angaran who sp
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