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  1. Simbo

    Oculus Quest

    A family friend has just bought a quest 2 and wants to link it to their pc. I got the original cable from Oculus but couldn't recommend it given the price. Is there anything specific I need to look for when buying/ recommending a 3rd party cable?
  2. Simbo

    F1 22

    Love this track. Nice that it's a free add-on https://twitter.com/Formula1game/status/1554119771179950080
  3. Only just found out that the quest 2 is now more expensive ... They've put the price up. $299 to $399!
  4. I'm interested to see the next iteration of hardware and it's impact on gaming. Particularly eye tracking and foveated rendering. More the performance angle than the social aspect (ie avatars actually mimic my real eye movement) Once that is cracked it'll be interesting to see how that translates into a perceived uplift in GPU quality especially for standalone headsets. Naturally the stand alone headsets will still be limited especially on storage but I could imagine more high fidelity games/experiences would be possible. Hopefully even more vr ports of "older" classics will be possible
  5. Simbo

    F1 22

    New patch out https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-22/news/f1-22-patch-106-notes With extra notes on handling and force feedback https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-22/news/f1-22-patch-106-handling-force-feedback (Sorry, can't get copy and paste working on mobile this morning so posting links instead)
  6. I enjoyed fast n loud. But could see the wheels are coming off (boom, boom) Not entirely surprised it was cancelled. Misfit garage was good to watch too. Especially given how they funded projects as a partnership. Another great series i enjoyed was Mark Evans "a car is born" and his other "is born" projects. Was good to see other stuff being built... A plane and a helecopter. I think it's because I work in IT and everything is digital ie "not real" that I really enjoy watching people build physical things.
  7. Simbo

    Oculus Quest

    I would only buy the Vader series if it was on a decent sale. It's ok but not worth full price.
  8. Simbo

    F1 22

    VR support, finally! Really hyped for this. Interested to see what the supercars driving looks like too. I fancy the sound of that if it's done well enough. Wonder if the SMS acquisition has pulled over elements/assets from project cars? Can't wait. Game will be launched just as I return from my summer hols too, perfect timing! Something to look forward to* * Usual caveats apply regarding launch day issues/bugs/performance
  9. I loved watching Dirty Sexy Money. Great show and amazing cast. Caught it when it came out on channel 4. I'll need to rewatch it.
  10. Simbo

    Oculus Quest

    Brilliant! I checked out and only then got the cover for free. Thank you for confirming
  11. On interdimensional cable you'll find it
  12. Simbo

    Babylon 5

    Interesting story behind the haircut. https://amp.reddit.com/r/babylon5/comments/f50ja1/til_centauri_hair_was_never_planned_to_be_like_it/
  13. Saw an update come through in the past hour on Quake 2 RTX and remembered you asking me about this. Quake 2 RTX now works with AMD because its been aligned with the vulkan ray tracing extensions. I gave it a go and it worked. Needed to update my drivers to get the new vulkan extensions which was easy enough.
  14. @JPL Sorry JPL, now that everything is working, it's became my preciousssss and I wants it
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