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  1. I think their approach when it comes to retro is a lot more gradual. Slowly raise the price, until they reach an equilibrium. Short term spikes on eBay are ignored.
  2. CEX set their prices based on supply and demand. Generally speaking the PS3 is more desirable than the 360 from a collector perspective, so the PS3 versions of most desirable/hard to find games are more expensive than the 360 equivalents.
  3. Do you need to buy some extra cards to go with that?
  4. The Xbox One version of the Devil May Cry HD collection is the Xbox 360 version running in BC mode.
  5. My nephew who’s 6, has gotten into Pokemon. If I bought him as a Christmas present one of the Elite Trainer boxes would that be sufficient to play the actual game? Also is the game any good? I think he’d just like having the cards to be honest, but I’m a bit unsure and these things aren’t exactly cheap.
  6. Bought this earlier. Classics version in a generic case, but it’s DoA. €2.50 from CEX. Bargain.
  7. I din't like Persona 5 Strikers. I like Warriors games, but they added stealth - so instead of beating up absolutely everyone, you're supposed to avoid confrontation, which just seemed very wrong to me.
  8. Canada, the US and Mexico. You’ll also need to leave the console store region set to one of the above for the game to work.
  9. Were never released outside Japan. Probably great.
  10. Depends on the publisher and how bothered they are. The biggest franchises tend to have solely Dutch packaging. The likes of Sony, Nintendo and EA tend to release games with Dutch packaging only. Square Enix seem to bother with Dutch for their biggest franchises (Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy) whilst most of their other releases have French and English packaging - always giving priority to French. Sega - it comes down to the game, with Sonic being in Dutch; most other games having English, French and German; with the odd game only having English. Namco Bandai and Koei Tecmo seem to release everything with English packaging only.
  11. Has this been delayed? Simplygames have it down as being released on the 2nd December. I thought it was out this month?
  12. I'd assume it depends if you start with a made up player or with an established international cricketer. The previous games gave you additional points to spend upping the stats of your career mode player, which was somewhat pointless if you'd already started with David Warner like I had.
  13. I thought you bought it digitally?
  14. Daytona is licensing. JSR is strange as that's still up on PSN for the PS3/Vita.
  15. They're not region locked anymore with the caveat that your console needs to be set to a region where the game is available.
  16. It's all unified on Xbox. Same email for every account. Failed verification - although at the time there was no RR6 page on the UK store - so I'm assuming this is why it failed. I've bought BC games from other stores and they've all played fine with my console set to the UK.
  17. RR6 (digital version bought off the Mexico store) wouldn't play with my console set to the UK last night (worked fine set to Mexico). Might have been a timing issue. Will confirm this evening.
  18. Probably timing. They'll need a store page or they fail the verification. Unless you mean they're on the store but can't be purchased.
  19. You won't need a VPN but you will either need a US bank card or some US store credit. The game isn't up on the UK store, so you can't currently switch the region of your console back to the UK and play the game (verification fails) but will play fine as long as your console location is set to a country where it's available.
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