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  1. I generally avoid tat editions. They take up loads of space and the additional cost is usually astronomical for what you get. However I did make an exception and bought the Yakuza 6 After Hours Premium Edition. You got some nice drinking glasses; coasters; drink stones and a hardcover artbook. In addition at the time it was the only way to get a copy of the game in a standard PS4 case. For an extra 30 pounds it was worth it.
  2. Yangus would be even nicer
  3. It's still very vague seeing as we're fairly close to the console's release. If I knew everything would play perfectly on day 1 then I'd be more likely to get a PS5, but as it is, the lack of information doesn't fill me with confidence.
  4. What happens if half those games aren't backward compatible? Sony have been quite vague with their BC announcements - the last I heard was that the 100 best selling games should all be BC. Until there's more clarity I'm veering towards a Series X.
  5. I assume they're going for images similar to those seen on trading cards/stickers, which ties in nicely with all the in app purchasing they expect you to do.
  6. Isn’t that stating the resolution and frame rate will be bumped up to match the original PS4 release?
  7. This is up for pre-order on PSN. Out 13 November. English dub and there’s a PS5 version too. More info here https://www.ign.com/articles/yakuza-like-a-dragon-ps5-series-x-english-dub-george-takei-release-date
  8. Yeah t's not clear and I had to resort to Google. Follow the fox who will lead you to a shrine.
  9. Am I missing something or can you not lock onto an enemy?
  10. The Xbox 360 version of Foza Horizon 2? No - there's an Xbox One version. The first game is BC.
  11. You’ll probably need to use a VPN, but should work.
  12. You should like the more recent entries. The combat should suit you; and if you like colouring in the map in Metroidvania’s noting areas you can’t access until you have a certain ability then you’ll like exploration.
  13. What have you been doing? It took me half that and I saved everyone and coloured in all the map. I’m intrigued in what you’ve been doing to prolong it so?
  14. One thing to consider with bundles of common/low value games is that quite often once you factor in eBay; postage; paypal and packing costs you'd have got a similar amount in cash from CEX with none of the hassle. If I were you I'd audit the collection so I actually knew what I had; then worked out based on eBay completed listings roughly what everything was worth. Anything that sells for at least £20 (set this higher if needed) I'd list individually. Everything else I'd either sell in a bundle or take down to CEX.
  15. 27/06 - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS4) - even more Hatsune Miku and if you've played one you'll know what to expect - an awesome rhythm action game. However this time they added a story mode, which to put it mildly is strange and in places creepy. Hatsune Miku and her friends decide to sing some songs to revive the power of some crystals. So you sing various songs, which unlock new modules and accessories for you to dress up the characters. Each time you complete a song you'll get points which power up the crystals. Fully charge up a crystal and you get a separate request from one of the characters - which is essentially a challenge to play a certain song. All fine. The weird part is that they live in a room where other than to sing they seemingly can never leave. They talk directly to you and clearly adore you. It's all very Stockholm Syndrome and weird. Anyhow the underlying rhythm game is as good as ever and there's a massive amount of unlockables to keep you playing, just be warned it has it's moments. 30/06 - One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (Xbox One) - in all honesty this is a pretty mediocre One Punch Man cash in. It's a mission based brawler that at least early on gave a budget Yakuza vibe - you run around a small compact city, running errands for strangers and occasionally getting into random fights with thugs. However it quickly turns into working your way through largely identikit missions from a list so that you can earn enough experience to unlock story missions. All the missions revolve around fighting 1 to 3 foes one on one with occasional help from another hero - you have to wait for them to turn up - who you can then tag in. Boss battles require surviving just long enough so that Saitama (the One Punch Man) turns up to help so you can then knock them out with you guessed it one punch. It's thankfully not too long but I was fed up with this a good few hours before the end. Previously:
  16. I’m wondering the same thing. Are you supposed to use mod pods? Or is there a character unlocked later on which suddenly makes the ring challenges doable?
  17. The default is waggle, thankfully you can switch this off.
  18. It’s still available to buy digitally and is also BC on Xbox One.
  19. It is a mess in a single player. Not that it’s a bad game, there’s just no real structure and the game world whilst massive isn’t that interesting. It’s definitely worth playing if you have Game Pass, but it is hugely disappointing compared to it’s prequels. From a single player perspective the two DLC expansions addressed my main issues by adding structure and being set in smaller but far more interesting worlds and as such are a big improvement.
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