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  1. Check all the DLC has been installed.
  2. Stupid question, but this is all played in first person?
  3. This starts off so slowly. I've just finished chapter 4 after 11 hours. I'm currently a bit torn on the turn based combat, I think I'd prefer it to be action based.
  4. Games released on a Tuesday was an American thing. I think originally the idea was that they shipped the games out to stores on the Tuesday, so they'd arrive by the weekend.
  5. With regards to Tony Hawk and demo disks. They put the Warehouse level on a demo disk and I put hours and hours into that one level. I never bought the full game.
  6. I have a huge backlog. I find that with the Xbox (due to the default view showing you all your installed games) limiting the number of games on the hard drive helps. So I never have more than 12 games installed and to be honest most of these are what I regard as pick up and play games (sports; fighting; racing; puzzle games) as opposed to long winded narrative driven experiences. The PS4 is better due to the default view being the ribbon - so you simply see the games you played most recently and thus don't get distracted.
  7. 25th Anniversary of the Western release of the original
  8. Make sure your TV is set to Game mode - or similar that has the least amount of input lag.
  9. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has been out little more than a week and is in the sale!
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