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  1. WFH on that day. Alternatively get in early so you’re at your computer by 8 and can refresh multiple tabs with different retailers in the hope you can buy one. Or take a very early lunch.
  2. I found it really uncomfortable to hold and the screen too reflective. It won’t be missed. It’s better to play DS games on a DSi.
  3. Has the £70 price been confirmed? Or are people just assuming based on the EUR and USD prices. My guess is £64.99 but this is solely based on the price that 2K and Activision have the Xbox Series X versions of NBA 2K and Call of Duty up for pre-order. Publishers do however sometimes charge different prices for PlayStation and Xbox versions of the same game. Edit: £64.99 for a game is still a ridiculous price.
  4. Games might be better optimised for the S. I played through the Avengers which is a cross-gen game and One X performance (frame rates - it did look stunning) was woeful. I hope that's not due to not bothering with optimising for the One X.
  5. DJ Kool Herc’s Adventures
  6. Agreed. I’ve pre-ordered Yakuza 7 by buying it off the Mexican store for the equivalent of £27. Bargain!
  7. I don’t see why they couldn’t put a link to a discounted copy in the Microsoft store accessible from the main menu of the game? PES has had this for the past couple of years and there’s a similar thing if you want to buy the Mafia Trilogy as an existing owner of Mafia III.
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