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  1. Didn’t you find that completely annoying? Same thing happened to me on Ratchet & Clank on the PS2. Difficulty spike for the last boss. I gave up. It’s left a bitter taste for years.
  2. I can’t shake the idea that Toshihiro Nagoshi has basically just put himself with longer hair in the game by creating Takayuki Yagami.
  3. I think it's the main protagonists. Kazzy and Majima are far stronger characters than any of the people in this.
  4. I thought Fist of the North Star was brilliant. The best Yakuza since Zero. I’m struggling to get into Judgment.
  5. If you were a collector why would you keep anything in a wallet? The disks get scratched.
  6. There's a different ending on the xbox disk
  7. That reminds me, at the end of the Dreamcast's life there was a video game TV channel hidden away on Sky (Gamer Network?). They were selling a selection of 10 new Dreamcast games (you got to pick from a list of about 80 games) for EUR 80 which at the time was ~£50. They didn't have any Sega published games, but did from a few third parties such as Eidos, Acclaim and Virgin. Psychic Force was one of the games (which I didn't buy). If I recall correctly I ended up with Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III: Double Impact; Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike; Power Stone; Power Stone 2; Gunbird 2; Giga Wing; Mr Driller; Dead or Alive 2 and uh, Kao the Kangaroo. All for ~£50. Good times
  8. At the end of any console's lifespan you can pick up what with time turn out to be bargains. At the end of the PS1's life, I picked up new copies of Castlevania Chronicles; Megaman X6, Parasite Eve 2 and Metal Slug X for £5 each from GAME for example. Great games, rubbish PAL conversions notwithstanding. However at the time I wouldn't have regarded any of those purchases as being total bargains, it's only when you see how much they sell for now.
  9. That’s completely pointless. At least with Bloodstained they’ve delayed the physical PC release so that it will contain everything on disk including I think all the DLC and they then handed out Steam keys at launch so you could just play through it.
  10. Digital was half the price of physical back then! How the world has changed.
  11. A couple screens from that fight you’ll get a pair of fighting boots. Try using them.
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