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  1. It is a mess in a single player. Not that it’s a bad game, there’s just no real structure and the game world whilst massive isn’t that interesting. It’s definitely worth playing if you have Game Pass, but it is hugely disappointing compared to it’s prequels. From a single player perspective the two DLC expansions addressed my main issues by adding structure and being set in smaller but far more interesting worlds and as such are a big improvement.
  2. I played it on release and really wasn't feeling it, however it seems to have received several updates since then and having recently repurchased it I'm enjoying it - there's a lot of single player content and the fighting feels good. Loading times are still bad.
  3. I hate stealth, it’s tedious. Stealth sections randomly tacked onto games not built around the concept are the absolute worst.
  4. Once I'm aware a game will take a minimum of 40 hours if not far longer to play through then I do become averse to starting them. The longer the game the bigger the fear. It's irrational but the thought of spending the next month or more playing the only one game scares me. I currently have Persona 5 Royal; Trails of Cold Steel; Yakuza 5; Dragon Quest XI; and Fire Emblem Three Houses sat there either on my shelf still in their shrink wrap or on the hard drive not started because they'll all take a ridiculous amount of time to play through.
  5. Someone on youtube did a video? Retro prices rarely make much sense to me. Having said that I would argue that an arcade stick is a must if you own a Dreamcast.
  6. US prices don’t include VAT (sales tax varies from state to state so easier to price without). Once you factor in that the U.K. price includes 20% VAT there’s not much in it given that GBPUSD is currently at 1.25.
  7. Series X will be £399; PS5 £449 for the disk version; £349 for the all digital.
  8. Desperados III, Hard West, Colt Canyon and West of Dead were all released earlier this month.
  9. @Gabeif it was so bad, why didn’t you abandon it?
  10. It’s an amazing game. The original Suikoden (not quite as good but still awesome) was the first NTSC game I bought, simply because it was cheaper to buy the American version, a boot disk and an RGB cable (so it wouldn’t be in black and white on my TV) than it was to buy the PAL version which was crazy expensive even 20 years ago.
  11. Suikoden 2 wasn’t released in the US until 1999 and not in Europe until 2000.
  12. I liked the sewer levels. Reminded me of the Resident Evil remakes, just without the scares. The tunnel with the robot arm puzzles on the other hand was awful.
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