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  1. Dragon Quest VII. It’s a good five hours or so before you get into a fight.
  2. 02/11 - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered (PS4) - this is a graphically updated remaster of the first collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Level 5. This starts off incredibly slowly, with the first quarter in all honesty being a slog that's only really held together by the charm of Drippy, but if you do persevere the game rewards you in spades. It's very polished, with a most enjoyable storyline, strong characters and plenty to see and do. Very good. Previously:
  3. Doesn’t the US version run at 60FPS?
  4. I see PAL PS1 games hidden away. Yuck!
  5. I’d love to have visited the Kowloon Walled City (as featured in Shenmue II) before it was torn down.
  6. I'd want to retire to live on John Marsden's farm.
  7. The sailing was a common complaint. I thought that was the best part of the game. My issue is that to pad it out they made you go on a ridiculous fetch quest near the end. That sort of thing should always be optional not compulsory.
  8. Such pull outs weren’t common in PAL releases. Generally it would be included as a separate insert. It’s one of those American things, along with having an advert for an unrelated game on the back of the manual.
  9. gossi the dog


    I don’t really get most of Ubisoft’s games and they seem to have stopped making entries for the few games of theirs I thought were great. I’d really like a new Driver and a new 3D Rayman.
  10. 19/10 - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) - I don't really like Zelda as a game series; I like exploring the overworld (I was in the minority that thought the sailing in the Wind Waker was the best thing about the game) but invariably find the dungeons unsatisfying. I made an exception due to having a soft spot for the Game Boy original. They've added a lot of content over the original and graphically it's stunning even if there is some occasional stuttering when loading areas. However, the bigger, expanded dungeons were by the end a slog. It's very good, but overstayed it's welcome and I was glad when it was over. Previously:
  11. GAME never really understood pre-owned (I still don’t think they do) and that second hand games could increase in resale value. Their trade in prices just seem to drop as games get older. When they sold DS games they offered £4 as trade in for Dragon Quest V for years. I remember buying Cave Story 3D second hand from there, for around £15. CEX were selling it for £45 or so at the time. The person who served me helpfully told me if I didn’t like it CEX would buy it off me for £25.
  12. They still do them for hardware launches and big releases such as FIFA. I got invited to an Xbox One X midnight launch. Needless to say i didn’t take them up on the offer.
  13. Current generation I have 12 games for the PS4, 3 for the Switch and 1 for the Xbox. Xbox I've mainly gone digital, but am still physical for the other two. I just trade in most games once done to keep my expenditure down. I do have around 300 games in total across most of the formats released over the last quarter century. The cupboard of doom before I moved a couple months ago.
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