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  1. Sounds plausible https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/xba_console/xbox-series-x-from-poland/119eea6e-cc52-47da-a80e-5f3d9e5764ab
  2. I maintain that he based the main protagonist in Judgement on himself
  3. Resident Evil 5 (Xbox One) I can't get my head around the controls. I died six times in a row against some huge executioner fellow, whilst Chris Redfield didn't do what I wanted him to do. Sonic Adventure (Xbox 360) The Adventure bits take up a fair chunk of the game and just get in the way. Made worse by horrible camera controls and absolutely no hand holding as to where to go or what to do to progress. Games have thankfully moved on. The actual game levels that I played aren't as good as I remember. Will pretend this never happened, and I will live with the happy memor
  4. Why would they do that, when they can sell you the exact same game again?
  5. I think all of them are. They all have their quirks, but all are good. Rivals is essentially a follow up to Hot Pursuit, which isn't as good. They tweaked the formula so you have to get to a safe house after a race or risk losing some progress which is occasionally tense and exciting but usually serves to frustrate. Need for Speed, has a focus on night time underground street races, along with hilariously bad FMV. The police seem to be an after thought and as such it doesn't feel like much of a Need for Speed game. It looks great if you have a fancy TV that can do dark colours properly. Payba
  6. See above. I'd imagine it will get added by the Summer to EA Access. So depends how desperate you are to play it.
  7. That list also seems to contain games that were only released on Xbox Live. Virtua Striker being one.
  8. Did the original Hyrule Warriors run at 60 FPS?
  9. Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) It would probably help if I was a fan of Disney, which I'm not. I think the last Disney movie I watched was the Lion King, so I didn't really know much about the worlds and the characters within. I really tried to get into this but after 10 hours the unsatisfying combat and having no affinity to the source content just made it dull. Super Street: The Game (Xbox One) Budget racing game with incredibly shonky handling. Rubbish. Absolute Drift (Xbox One) Isometric drift racing with a nice minimalist style. Far too difficult for me.
  10. Dirt 5 is a rally version of Forza Horizon with none of the open world.
  11. This assumes they’d bother translating into Portuguese. It wasn’t a thing for years. They’d usually get the English release (full English packaging) which makes Portugal a good place to look for retro games (where there’s strangely a premium for games with English packaging).
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