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  1. 20/01 - Vostok Inc (PS4) - a clicker crossed with a twin stick shooter. I played this 3-4 years ago on the Xbox One, and it's still as compelling as ever.
  2. The Episode pack - otherwise you won't get the proper ending.
  3. Meh. This is as uninspiring as the acquisition of Bethesda.
  4. What games took advantage of that power? From what I recall most games had better performance on the 360 although this might have been due to developing on two platforms.
  5. On consoles though? Having to own a console in the first place is a barrier. I'd imagine most people who own a console and fit into the category of likely to spend money on Ultimate Team are already more than willing to buy a copy. Might be different on PC. Having said that Ultimate Team made more revenue for EA than all the games they sold last year.
  6. 11/01 - Song of Memories (PS4) - rather odd visual novel combined with RPG elements and rhythm action battles. However, you only get to see the RPG elements if you unlock a characters extended storyline. I didn't and so ended up with the standard group ending, no RPG elements and the grand total of two battles. I spent over an hour trying to correct my choices to unlock an extended ending, failed and can't be bothered to go back. So in a way abandoned but I did see the end credits after the standard ending so counting as complete.
  7. The game feels rushed. I have a feeling they binned an earlier TMNT game and then gave Platinum a short time to get something out. It’s a very mediocre game.
  8. You can do a bare bones remaster and charge a lot more for it.
  9. Xbox Series X. Gives me hand cramp in next to no time.
  10. Found it. It’s the bottom option in the settings menu.
  11. The other day I found the CEX invoice for Persona 4 Arena on the PS3 that I bought two years ago. It cost me £6 and I was suprised as to how cheap it was. Retro game prices have gone up a lot in the past two years.
  12. A disappointing year where I started a lot of games and then got sidetracked and barely completed anything. Hopefully I'll complete more games this year. Full list below: 01. 13/01 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) 02. 01/03 - Phar-Lap: Horse Racing Challenge (Xbox One) 03. 03/04 - 428: Shibuya Scramble (PS4) 04. 13/04 - Catherine: Full Body (PS4) 05. 09/05 - Steins Gate Elite (PS4) 06. 13/05 - Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth (PS4) 07. 12/07 - Katamari Damacy Re-Roll (PS4) 08. 15/07 - Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! (PS4) 09. 18/07 - 11-11 Memories Retold (PS4) 10. 26/07 - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PS4) 11. 06/09 - My Hero One's Justice 2 (PS4) 12. 21/10 - Nascar Heat 4 (PS4) 13. 18/11 - Guardian's of the Galaxy (Xbox Series)
  13. 02/01 - Death Come True (PS4) - Interactive movie written and directed by Kazutaka Kodaka, who is better known as the creator of the Danganronpa series. It's not very long, you will die a lot, and disappointingly there are only two endings. Enjoyable whilst it lasts. 04/01 - Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (PS4) - rhythm action with songs from the entire Kingdom Hearts series. It's pretty good, with a huge story mode and a lot of songs - around 150 which is very generous when it comes to rhythm action games. There are better rhythm action games out there (Hatsune Miku and the Persona Dancing games are much better); but anyone who's a fan of the genre or actually likes Disney or Kingdom Hearts will get a lot of mileage from this.
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