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  1. What? So the prequels don't exist i get that. But fucking solo counts? Worse than the phantom menace.
  2. I cant believe she tried to sell that to alan " started selling tv ariels" sugar!
  3. Tried loads of zelda games. Never enjoyed any, Told a workmate this once and he angrily showed me his giant link tattoo on his calf
  4. You just explained that they do!
  5. "It's how I was brought up" It DOESN'T excuse racism and OR this
  6. Absolutley. Ive been watching this thread like a hawk for your annual wrongness!
  7. Cook the beans properly and you wont find much pollution.
  8. Hi Davros. I have never once in my life heard of the concept of pigs in blankets at breakfast. Apart from you in this thread down the years. Bacon and sausages are not purely for breakfast as you very well know. Bangers and mash. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Come on man!
  9. Im still furious that everyones accepted that Thomas "had the price sold" before the other guy low balled him. He didnt. She wasnt remotely imterested
  10. I'm.not gonna argue . I'd never call a pizza a pie obviously. But those Americans do. Just trying to clear up your confusion.
  11. Im not sure but I THINK the value may have gone up a bit in the last decade. Maybe.
  12. No. I mentioned it because it showed that men are generally a world apart from women athleticly
  13. I mean sure allow women to play in men's league but not at the expense of a dedicated structure for women's football. So a giant strong defender might be able to overpower David Silva but the female David Silvas would not stand a chance.
  14. Comparitivly speaking all men are stronger than all women.
  15. Your asking as if I had indicated that I did think this
  16. So the decimation I watched was considered "not gaining enough of a lead"? Interesting.
  17. "In 2019" as in after ten years and 22 films. Endgame was clearly different.
  18. the one with the triplets was on the other day. Absolute masterpiece.
  19. Its also the greatest show ever made.
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