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  1. I dont think anyone thought you paid 7 times. nearly 20 hours watching the same film over a couple of weeks is insane enough
  2. Saw this in the cinema. Its like someone grew up on tarantino but didnt develop any of his writing or directorial flair
  3. Not terrible tbh unless you think people are saying it's much better than goodfellas
  4. How could you be disappointed in it if you are expecting it to be bad?
  5. I was in the middle of a post angrily detailing how bad ouatia is and how baffled I am that anyone would consider it on goodfellas level Then I realized I was thinking of a Bronx tale for some reason. Carry on.
  6. It's a 7. A main character wears a bristol rovers shirt
  7. Terminator 2. Obviously 5 Last new film once upon a time in Hollywood. Also 5
  8. Cinema was 15 years ago! And I watched it recently and loved it. Opinions. Iron man 3 is awful though.
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