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  1. Went back to this 2day also, had it on 360 but it just feels better on pc. Made me want to get Kanes Wrath, Natasha Henstridge in full cheese FMV should be fab
  2. Me too, Everytime i have a spare forty sheets and I see Unlimited Saga, I am allways tempted - But the poor reviews and such always stop me.
  3. Something else that gets on my nerves is when you go to a shop like Game or Virgin and hand over the game case they never give you a wrapped copy just go into a drawer and get the instructions and the disk out. I much prefer games that are wrapped it's almost a religious experience un-wrapping that band new pristine game - sounds anal but I prefer to think I am the first to have touched the disk rather than some idiot putting their grimey hands all over it. This is why I buy most of my games online, 90% of the time the come wrapped.
  4. I would like to see more games in limited edition packaging, for instance I was kind of swayed into getting Transformers thanks to the nice box the game comes in. Most games on consoles come in boring run of the mill uniform cases that are very bland. I am sure better presentation boxes would improve impulse buying sales and look a lot cooler on my shelf. Obviously the quality of the game comes first but a better looking product would not go a miss. Better artwork also would be welcome on some games, one of the bettter atempts in recent years is Ico on PS2 - a very good game and the limited editon pack is also excellent. Anymore good examples of good game cases?
  5. An Xbox version has been confirmed, but no one knows which version or if it will have Xbox Live options. To me it would be poinless bringing out a Xbox version and not having a online element
  6. I don't mind the control system - although playing with analog is still a bit of a nightmare.
  7. I think an Xbox live element would be excellent. The best element of PES is it's multi-player options and and online mode would improve this a lot. Imagine Co-op 2 V 2 England V Germany *Wets alreadly soiled kegs*
  8. Although I am happy to see a new Pro evolution game on the horizon, two things are now needed to take it to the next level. Online Modes and Better Licences, and onlice aspect is essential for the next intstallment and a decent licence would appeal to the masses.
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