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  1. Brilliant - I laughed hard at the Cerebro emoji's and the eggnog consequences.
  2. I've actually used capsules for the Chaos Bag for my Arkham Horror LCG, but hadn't got around to doing the same for the board game. Just typical it would have been the one I was playing when I decided to loose all control of my fingers. Good idea on the printed token, I'll see if I can track down the artwork somewhere.
  3. This is a long shot - don't suppose anyone has any spare tokens from Arkham Horror 3rd Edition that they don't want? I've managed to total one of the main Mythos tokens by dropping it in my cuppa (it was such a fluke butterfingers moment I couldn't do it again, even if I tried my hardest).
  4. As someone who's also newb'ing it up right now, here's my current take (for whatever it's worth). Best tip I can give re: priming is don't use Citadel Primer White from a Spray can. Unless you mix it really well (to the point where your wrists ache like a hormone riddled teen) it will produce a sort of blobby, gritty texture. Something to do with the pigment - other white sprays may or may not have this issue, I've not tried. I'd echo what's been said and stick with Grey (I'm using Citadel Grey Seer because that doesn't do the blobby texture thing), and is apparently a better colour for Contrast paints (if you're even planning on using those). Or use any of the brands of spray primers mentioned above, it's whatever you can get hold of really. Colour wise, people will only use other colour primers like red or green if they're doing large batches of figures that require those colours and want a base quickly with minimal time spent / fuss. As for priming itself, I'll echo what others have said here who are far more knowledgable. Board-game mini's, give them a quick wash in warm soapy water then dry them thoroughly. How I do it is to prime it black (not too thick), then give it a dusting of the grey from above at a roughly 60 to 70 degree angle to highlight it. Couple of light passes will do. Some will tell you to then do another spraying direct from above with white - don't bother, I've found it doesn't make any difference. For me priming isn't so much about the end effect it has on the paint job, but it provides contrast to the model to make all the detail more visible for later painting - otherwise trying to paint something that is all one colour, in that tiny a scale, is too much for my ageing eyes.
  5. Cheers, I think part of my problem is the dread of Kickstarter FOMO - now I've got in on order, if they did tweak it to resolve some issues I'd kick myself for passing it up. I think I'm better off sticking with my order and seeing how it goes - better to have tried it and not liked it than having never tried it at all. On the plus side you could probably sell it straight on for what you paid. I think this is going to be my plan when it turns up - play it no matter what else is on the go and then make a decision from there as to whether I can live with the issues or not.
  6. Ergh! I still don't know what to do about my Etherfields order after hearing the wider feedback. Part of me thinks I should go ahead and judge it for myself but with a massive shedload of unplayed games, it might be some time before I get it to the table. By which time the fan community will probably have am amended it to remove most of the jank (I see that's already started with fixed slumber rules / board layout and someone's creating a narration app and correcting the translation mess ups in the process). Just can't decide if it's worth cancelling and putting the money towards something else that's got known chops (something like Nemesis / Nemesis Lockdown when it reopens) and something else which is getting huge positive buzz (like ISS Vanguard).
  7. I'm quite tempted by Vanguard, I like the theme they're going for. Think I'll wait and see how the Kickstart... er... campaign (!?) progresses and decide closer to the end.
  8. My grandad fought in the war and told me that happened all the time. Winston Churchill was regularly on top of Big Ben taking a swing at the damn things to play his part in keeping the good people of ol'Lundan 'Tawn safe. But Churchill was very clear when he said in his 'fight them on the beaches' speech "One thing I've never seen, is someone blown back into a plane from the force of an explosion, cos that would just be fucking bonkers!!"
  9. That doesn't look too OT...*that bit in the trailer happens*... ah, yeah, I see now I can get behind watching this, looks like brain-in-neutral fun. Think they missed a trick with not making the monster more Lovecraftian though, especially with the name of the film.
  10. Another week, and this time it's Element Games who are in my bad books. Only my second ever order with them, this time for some Citadel paint stuff. It turned up this morning with no attempt at inner packaging and two burst and leaking paint pots as a result. Screaming Skull and Shyish Purple all over the place, leaving two virtually empty pots of paint. I've had Ebay sellers package paints better. On the flip side, massive props to Gameslore and the recommendations here for leading me to them. Not only did they have a Zombicide expansion in stock that was long sold out most places, but they were still selling it for the standard RRP and not charging double / treble like the other places that still had it. Arrived quick as lightning too - definitely using them again.
  11. Cool, that vid seems like a shorter version of the same principles behind Sorastro's video - it was that which tipped me over into thinking of painting it up. Part of me keeps wanting to chicken out and just do a Black / Grey Zenethal highlight on them. But I know that'll only keep me happy in the short term, and at some point I'll just want to paint them fully. So, if I'm doing it fully, would it be overkill to Zenethal highlight the zombies as a base? When I'd looked into starting painting the beginning of this year I'd convinced myself that a Zenethal highlight and contrast paints would give me a pretty good result with minimal skill, but now I'm not so sure after seeing the videos (the hero models might be different though as it might make general shading easier). If I prime the mini's something light (maybe not Corax White but Wraith Bone or Grey Seer), use basic colours and then use Agrax Earthshade (like the vid really), it seems like it will get me a pretty decent result without having to resort to Contrast paints. If I'm doing that, does it really matter what colour I prime them? I get that black would be a bad choice, but I've seen multiple videos saying Army Painter Necrotic Flesh is the best way forward for these. I can't tell if this is because they're using it to save time on the skin, or it gives a decent, much needed effect on the layers above. Someone else used glaze of green before painting over it with the base colours. Are these all variations on a theme - am I overthinking this stage a bit too much? Curious how others would do it and the reasoning really.
  12. I've gone and bought myself Zombicide Black Plague, partly cos I wanted the game and partly because it gives you a shitload of mini's that I can get stuck into trying to paint. Plus I hear zombies are quite forgiving to start on, so if you can't get that from a Zombicide game then where can you? I have many questions before I start - is there a thread for that sort of thing rather than me gacking up this one?
  13. Awesome, thanks for posting a heads up on the orders being back open, just myself grabbed a copy.
  14. Really not impressed with Wayland Games at the moment - first time using them and now wishing I'd remembered this thread before ordering something today. Order of three items, each one showing in stock. Just checked my account to find one item is mysteriously out of stock and so holding up my order. Might just be my luck at the moment though as had the same thing with Firestorm this week too - three copies of an Arkahm Horror Mythos pack in stock so put an order in for one. Received a 'your item is packed and ready to go' email but no dispatch email. Four days later I get a canned email telling me they don't have them item at all. How was it packed and ready to go if you didn't have it? /angry old man noises edit: Firestorm came through with the refund and the rest of the order, so fair play to them for that. On the other hand Wayland Games gave me a response of `We'll check with the appropriate representative and see what happened`. So somehow they can't give me a straight answer from within their own company about their stock levels. 48 hours later (not including the weekend) and nothing. Order cancelled, shocking first impression combined with everything posted here means I'm never using them again.
  15. For someone who was thinking of getting into Descent and then held off because there was a new one coming, it looks quit interesting.... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/10/22/descent-legends-of-the-dark/ ... £135??!!! That's Gloomhaven territory for what feels like some 3D tiered terrain mechanic. Given FF's penchant for expansions (which the blurb already says is coming) it feels like it should be priced much lower as an entry way in the way Mansions or the other Descent was.
  16. I'd read they only open it back up to people who've already pledged, so the only way to join in after is piggybacking on someone like yourselves who already has backed it and can order additional items - I haven't followed how Awaken Realm's tends to run these sort of things so unsure if that's correct? Also didn't realise their `Sundrop` figures I was fawning over above are just a mass produced Zenithal highlight with some shading. Probably easy enough to replicate if you have the time and a shed load of Agrax Earthshade.
  17. Me and Kickstarter don't hang, but I do wish I'd gotten on board with Awaken Realm's Etherium. Especially now the final product is starting to hit and the impressions are very positive. Looks like a nice Dreamlands cosmic horror vibe to it, and there's a metric f'tonne of content. The models look crazy detailed but really good unpainted with that light patina style (although not sure they all come like that). I'm reeeeeally hoping it gets a retail release, or is at least more generally available from retailers like they did with Nemesis.
  18. Yeah, but it was Zavvi anyway. Even if you'd ordered it there's a very real chance you'd have still never got it. By which I also mean... it looks like it's back up for Pre-order with them. I've just splashes a fortune out on Eldritch Horror and expansions. If I pre-order this as well I might as well empty my bank account into the street.
  19. Of all the companies to be involved Hasbro was the literally the worst outcome IMO. They treat the UK market with contempt when it comes to their Action Figure brands so wouldn't be surprised if this was the same. Couple that with Zavvi of all companies and I'd say there's not much chance of seeing this here.
  20. Interesting that it's a straight up remake, expansions and all. I wonder if the plans is to launch it and then bring out all new expansions?
  21. This has thrown me for a loop - I was all set to bypass the Xbox, upgrade my PC and pick up a PS5. Really tempted to ditch the PC upgrade now and just get the Xbox (with all the PC changes I need to make it works out cheaper by quite a lot).
  22. Glad it wasn't just me - there was definitely something going past the window but it was a blur and hard to see. Wondering if it's just an oddity they put in there, or something that becomes relevant later on.
  23. Am I missing something with Episode 3? The scene where Hippolyta was talking to Montrose in the shop - there's a clear noise like 'something' happened. All I could see was it looked like the outside was slightly reversed?
  24. Mostly every single issue of anything to do with Black Panther is free on Comixology right now - not sure for how long. I stole the links from Reddit, but changing the .com parts to .co.uk should take you to the UK site. 2018 to now: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2018/comics-series/115301 1977 - 1979: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1977-1979/comics-series/64172 1988: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1988/comics-series/128401 1998 to 2003: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1998-2003/comics-series/9901 2005 to 2008: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2005-2008/comics-series/839 2008 to 2010: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2008-2010/comics-series/8999 2010 to 2012: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-The-Man-Without-Fear-2010-2012/comics-series/6245 2016 to 2018: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2016-2018/comics-series/69142 Agents of Wakanda (2019 - current ): https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-And-The-Agents-Of-Wakanda-2019/comics-series/133561 Flags of our Father mini: https://www.comixology.com/Captain-America-Black-Panther-Flags-Of-Our-Fathers-2010/comics-series/4076 Vs Deadpool (2018): https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-vs-Deadpool-2018-2019/comics-series/122024 Long Live the King (2017 - 2018): https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-Long-Live-The-King-2017-2018/comics-series/107606 Sound and Fury one shot (2018): https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-The-Sound-And-The-Fury-2018/comics-series/111031 BP and the Crew (2017): https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-And-The-Crew-2017/comics-series/89688 World of Wakanda (2016-2017): https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-World-of-Wakanda-2016-2017/comics-series/81070 Rise of BP (2018): https://www.comixology.com/Rise-of-the-Black-Panther-2018/comics-series/109611 Marvel Action Black Panther: https://www.comixology.com/search/items?search=marvel+action+black+panther&subType=SINGLE_ISSUES Marvel's Black Panther Prelude: https://www.comixology.com/Marvels-Black-Panther-Prelude-2017/comics-series/104016?ref=c2VhcmNoL2RldGFpbC9kZXNrdG9wL2xpc3Qvc2VyaWVzU2VhcmNoRGV0YWlsTGlzdA Black Panther 2099: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2099-2004/comics-series/107945?ref=c2VhcmNoL2RldGFpbC9kZXNrdG9wL2xpc3Qvc2VyaWVzU2VhcmNoRGV0YWlsTGlzdA Shuri https://www.comixology.com/Shuri-2018-2019/comics-series/121842?ref=c2VhcmNoL2luZGV4L2Rlc2t0b3Avc2xpZGVyTGlzdC9zZXJpZXNTbGlkZXI Killmonger https://www.comixology.com/Killmonger-2018-2019/comics-series/124018 Doomwar https://www.comixology.com/Doomwar-Vol-1/comics-series/3917 X-Men crossover issues https://www.comixology.com/X-Men-2004-2007-175/digital-comic/1146 https://www.comixology.com/X-Men-2004-2007-176/digital-comic/1147 Wakanda Forever Titles: https://www.comixology.com/Avengers-Wakanda-Forever-2018/comics-series/119511 https://www.comixology.com/X-Men-Wakanda-Forever-2018/comics-series/118001 https://www.comixology.com/Amazing-Spider-Man-Wakanda-Forever-2018/comics-series/116846
  25. I'm in charge of a huge f'off mechanised suit of armour... time to leave my scantily clad body hanging out the front of it
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