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  1. I've been tempted as it looks great (like I don't have enough to play already?). But it sounds like it'll be a mad scramble on Saturday with limited availability (at least for now). Not paid much attention in the past but is this the norm for GW launches? Was it the same with Blackstone Fortress?
  2. I'll be there - with all the rope related antics last week we handled those rats quite well, so I'm hoping it's nothing but rats inside
  3. Quick March update for me; March: Arkham Horror - Into the Maelstrom Mythos Pack £14.28 March total: £14.28 Year total: £255.57 And with that last Mythos pack hopefully my spending's going to slow down a bit for the next few months. Until they release the next Arkham Return To box in June. And the next cycle the end of the year. And whatever new stand-alone investigators they decided to release. And the stand alone campaign.
  4. Definitely - in hindsight my trying to be a smart ass came back to bite me (or rather claw me) with trying to use Detect Good or Evil. I was convinced that was someone hiding from those things and not another monster, so didn't want to just stick a cross bow bolt in it. But I'd forgotten I can only cast two spells per long rest, when there was a lot of other spells to hand that would have been more useful with what came next
  5. I can safely say I've gained a new found respect for cornfields after last night.
  6. For what it's worth you sound like you're in the same boat as me, so you wouldn't be the only one if you can make it. Embrace the n00bness!
  7. Helpful stuff thank you, especially the reassurance on the domains. I'd done a bit of Youtube skimming yesterday and gotten a bit lost in `this Cleric domain is S rank, but this one is just a crappy D rank` nonsense. Knowledge got a bashing, but there was also plenty of people elsewhere saying how much they love it. I guess that's the thing - it's horses for courses and if you've created your character and know what you're trying to achieve with it, then it's hard to go truly wrong (in my case, someone who likes to poke around, but also wants to be able to smash something in the head if it gets too close).
  8. Yep, got a copy of the Handbook here (no more putting off reading it anymore!). My next question was about what Gods were in play, so I'll see what kind of character I can cock cook up this evening.
  9. With my n00bness I'm thinking of something like a Cleric (so not just a full on fighter but a bit magic'y and a support function) and I'm tempted by Knowledge Domain but depends on if the scenario lends itself to something more investigation / lore based. If not I may go something more like Light.
  10. Not sure how many you were looking to take part but I'd be interested in joining - I haven't played D&D for so long I've forgotten when it last was, so I'm best classed as n00b status. I'm flexible on times so would be able to fit in it whenever.
  11. It's still in my massive pile of non-played shame, but I'm hideously tempted to late pledge the Kickstarter for the 3 expansions due later this year.
  12. I was really disappointed to Google this and find he didn't exist.
  13. Don't worry I got where you were coming from It was more musing round the point on my part really.
  14. I'm going to regret this by year end, I just know it. Here goes; January: Elder Sign: Omens of Ice - £42.30 (ouch, coming in late when stuff is out of print sucks!) Arkham Horror: Horror in High Gear Mythos Pack - £13.49 Total: £55.79 February: Arkham Horror: Light in the Fog Mythos Pack £13.49 Arkham Horror: Lair of Dagon Mythos Pack £13.60 Arcana Machina 3rd Edition Kickstarter - £184.91 Arkham Horror: Ire of the Void (for the character cards) £13.60 Arkham Horror: Dark Revelations (again pretty much for the character cards - what the hell am I doing??!!) - £15.69 Total: £241.29
  15. Think it was the end of 2019 - of course it's a terrible thing to happen and grief makes people do all sorts of silly things, but I'm not sure you can see this in the context of someone having an emotional episode and trying to process the death of a young child. If it was a one off, maybe at a stretch, but as Yakumo and Mr. Gerbik both pointed out he's got a prior history of being a raging dick.
  16. The soundtrack's being produced by knockoff musician, Brian Uno
  17. Have to admit it was lost on me until I read the full explanation. But once you see it, wow is it blatant. Marvel dragged their feet with the Ardian Syaf issue and you'd think they would have learnt a lesson there about acting quicker.
  18. Big fan here of Thousand Year Old Vampire. I really need to get back to my 19th century aspiring artist turned Vampire, who was chased from Vienna to Budapest and eventually on to Russia (due to being reckless when feeding and a tide of revolution). He's so addled by the passage of time that he no longer remembers why he has hideously deformed hands (it's the cruel result of his curse which robbed him being able to accurately hold anything, and so he could no longer paint). Nor does he remember why he is host to thousands of burrowing worm parasites that regularly leave through the open, weeping holes in his hands to feed on anything living near by
  19. I almost got into Blackstone Fortress last minutes but ended up coming to it too late in the day (stuff starting to go out of print and so rocketing prices because of the pandemic and people trying to cash in). I'll be keeping an eye on that new Quest game though, I fancy a bit of grim dark fantasy.
  20. Ever been so angry happy you wanted to punch a green space Dino-dog? Other terrible Marvel ideas here; https://www.gamesradar.com/marvel-heroes-reborn-character-mashups/ I mean I just can't stop laughing at this
  21. The Elder Sign expansion saga from Amazon.de continues. Fair play the seller's been keeping me up to date and has just messaged to say they still can't resend it through Amazon's marketplace, as it forces them to use DHL or DPD. There's no alerts or issues shown for UK deliveries, or info available from any party on resolving it, they just can't dispatch it. So sounds like either DHL / DPD are giving Amazon the finger, or the other way around, and everyone is just sitting on their hands and staring wistfully into the distance. I'm going to wait it out as the chances of me getting the expansion anywhere else for a decent price are virtually impossible, but what a royal pain in the fundament this is. Anyone who voted for this shit deserves to lose all their sanity and have their Doom tracker filled to bursting. Followed immediately by a unspeakably painful visit from an enraged Ancient One that turns them inside out.
  22. Didn't know this was getting a second series, but I'm really happy it is. I thoroughly enjoyed the first when it was on TV, one of those few shows that felt quite dark and melancholic but it was heart warming and funny at the same time.
  23. Was my first though, but if you look at DPD's site they say there's no issues. Various news outlets are reporting issues with DPD halting road deliveries from the UK into Europe rather than the other way around. The Amazon seller says they've not been notified of any issues or returns and they'll look in to it (fair play they got back to me very quick).
  24. As I'd gone Elder Sign mad over Xmas, I put an order in for the lesser spotted Omens of Ice expansion via Amazon Germany. Just looked at the tracking to find it's been marked as undeliverable and returned straight to the sender. DPD were supposed to be delivering it but looks like it never left Germany.
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